Issue#1034: Skype - Skype not Working for Windows 8

  • Skype used  to be so easy to download but then here comes Windows 8 and its SO not letting me download SKYPE and driving me crazy. I need this badly. HELP.


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  • Issue#1110343: Skype - skype issue; A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the

    Every time I login to skype it works for less than a minute then I get the following message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone have a solution. Already tried reinstallation and still having the issue.

  • Issue#11764: Logitech - H800 Wireless Headset - on Windows 10 - not working with Skype but working fine otherwise

    Have just purchased Logitech H800 Wireless Headset. Install on my Asus N60J Note Book with OS Windows 10. Is working fine on everthing except Skype. On skype neither the audio or microphone work at all. It seems to be someing with Skype and Windows 10.  I have reinstalled drivers, downloaded and installed the latest Skype, but still have a problem. I previous had a Logitech headset with a hard wired USB connection. This was also on Windows 10. It worked occasionally going on and off. Not getting a continuous signal.  On that basis my retailed allowed me to change headsets to the H800. One ot the reasons was that it specifically mentioned Skype compatible on the packaging. As I have mentioned above this one does not work at all with Skype. I hope you can help me. Regards Jeremy Hooper (Perth Australia)

  • Issue#79868: Skype - Skype not working on Windows Phone 8.1 - Lumia 920

    Can you please help me out ...I have a laptop windows 8.1 - an android Tablet and a Nokia lumia 830 with windows 8.1. I installed Skype on all of them and they have the same account. Between the laptop and the android tablet, everything is ok, I can read the messages on both of them...but nothing is working with the windows phone... my messages are not going to the recipient and are not arriving to the laptop and not to the android tablet.... A while ago, everything worked properly...Annoying because I go abroad and take the Nokia with me to skype...Thanks for your help.

  • Issue#87599: Skype - Skype is not working properly in Windows 10

    I need some help regarding skype video. My skype version is in my Dell Inspiron 5000 Series laptop running Windows 10. After running for 10 to 15 min , the video gets stuck , slow move or sometimes coloured lines filled in the video screen. My counterpart can see me clearly but I cannot. If I do skype from my Android phone over Wifi its working fine. So I cannot consider it as Net speed issue. I tried it from my Android to my laptop . at phone no issue , but same at Laptop.I tested my webcam through online webcam tester . It says good. I thought may be I need to upgrade the Skype version . I did that too , but the issue still persists.

  • Issue#100393: Skype - my microphone not picked up or working in windows 10

    i have tried every setting for the microphone , its not muted and it doesnt pick up my voice in windows 10 , worked fine in windows 7 ,  can you tell me how to get it to work? your advice on the skype site does nothing since the blue icon to check my mic setting is not there anymore. very FRUSTRATING!!

  • Issue#102586: Skype - 2_Step verification not working on Windows 10 or XP

    verification request gets to android phone app and I immediately approve it. Skype does not receive the respons code. If I supply a manual code that works fine. It is the auto response that does not work. Auto-verification always works on my MS Live account.

  • Issue#153773: Skype - Skype Screen Sharing on windows 10 issue Black screen for other user

    Im having trouble streaming videos on skype screen sharing. There is a black screen for the video im trying to stream for the other user on skype to watch on my computer. Youtube works but netflix and movies and tv wont show the display of the video for the other person. They can hear the video but not see it. Please Help me.  Please and thank you.

  • Issue#161944: Skype - microphone not working in windows 10

    Hello, I was able to connect on Skype, and I can hear and see the other person.  They were no able to hear me, but they could see me

  • Issue#175803: Skype - Help Windows 10 - Microphone not working

    can here people but they can not here mei use windows10

  • Issue#197000: Skype - Windows 10 Skype | APP/Roaming Issue

    Hi Guys, Need help, after i installed Skype Ver i cant donwload and cant open the pictures  from message box. Error "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the defualt programs control panel. FYI, SKYPE is working only when someone send some snapshots i can see the mini image but i cant open and donwload the file. Hope for your soonest reply guys. Thanks

  • Issue#202327: Skype - microphone not working windows 7

    the other side cant hear me,,hav edone sound test,,but cant hear my recording,,please advise.

  • Issue#224467: Skype - Add contact on windows 10 is not working

    Hi, I'm having some problem when adding contact and when I click the add contact there is no search available and what's worse is that I try to type my friend's skype name and it did not work at all.

  • Issue#227587: Skype - Web cam not working since new windows 10 update

    Hi ive just done the new mega long Window 10 update and now my video isnt working when i mkae a call. it was fine before the update. cam is working fine but not through Skype Web. any ideas? 

  • Issue#250509: Skype - Skype has stop working error Windows 10.

    Hello, A few days ago skype started crashing. I tried to unistall and install again but unfortunately no progress. The event log prints the following: Log Name: ApplicationSource: Application ErrorDate: 3/9/2016 15:12:40Event ID: 1000Task Category: (100)Level: ErrorKeywords: ClassicUser: N/AComputer: DESKTOP-H73JIP3Description:Faulting application name: Skype.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56bb5065Faulting module name: jscript9.dll, version: 11.0.10586.122, time stamp: 0x56cbfdebException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x0020cb7aFaulting process id: 0x15ecFaulting application start time: 0x01d17a161bc72898Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exeFaulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\jscript9.dllReport Id: 38634250-32e1-4a64-b4e9-bc7d9690f68cAny ideas on what may cause this problem? Thanks in advance!

  • Issue#250921: Skype - skype has stopped working - Windows 7

    plasea help me?  Problem signature:Problem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: Skype.exeApplication Version: Timestamp: 56bb5065Fault Module Name: mshtml.dllFault Module Version: 8.0.7601.17514Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7b8f3Exception Code: c0000005Exception Offset: 000d5b8eOS Version: 6.1.7601. ID: 1033Additional Information 1: 63cdAdditional Information 2: 63cde2bcd9f1797f31da9186968e8965Additional Information 3: 37f0Additional Information 4: 37f0682b3b81bf834fa591edae5b3239Read our privacy statement online: the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt file: erofflps.txtThe reporting service collects information that is useful for diagnosing and solving the problem that has occurred, such as:* Where the problem happened in the software or hardware* The type or severity of the pr

  • Issue#259688: Skype - Skype not working properly - after upgrading to Windows 10

    I am getting really angry with this program. I have been using skype for years now and never had a single problem. But since a few weeks me and a friend have increasingly more problems. It started off as not receiving an "incoming message sound", which then went on to not even visually seeing that a message was received until the chat window itself was opened. Then we reached a point where from time to time when calling each other either one of us could not hear the other. And now since a few hours I am unable to hear him at all.    We both have not changed our recording and playback equipment for at least a year, whereas the problems only showed up 1 or 2 months ago. The only thing that has changed on my part is Windows 7 forcefully without asking for permission upgrading to Windows 10 about a day ago.    If this continues to be a problem I do not see any other option than to leave skype and use a different method of communication, since I need to communicate

  • Issue#263582: Skype - Skype not working on Windows 10

    Hi, today my Skype stop working. It displays only "loading" screen.Skype version: Windows 10Device: PC  

  • Issue#277151: Skype - Skype message notifications doesn't working on windows 7 64 bit

    Hi skype, I am current meet the errors with the skype on windows 7 64 bit I have installed the skype version and notifications doesn't working show on the taskbar windows 7. I had tried uninstall by your uninstaller pro 7, delete folder skype on %appdata%\skype then install the oldest skype but still not working. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you so much for help  

  • Issue#279058: Skype - Microphone not working Windows 10

    Hi,I have exact problem with my ASUS laptop. It started when I upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1. Every person that I'm talking on Skype to is complaining that they don't hear me, that my voice is very very quiet. I've tried reinstalling realtek drivers, tried all Windows settings, Skype settings with no difference. This problem is appearing only in Skype. I've tried it with Audio Recording software, Hangouts and they all work perfect. I need Skype at work and this is dryving me crazy!Thank you Skype team! 

  • Issue#281725: Skype - Group Video not working between Windows 7 and Iphone

    Hello,I have updated my Skype on 2 Windows 7 64 bit machine and on an Iphone 5 ( iOS 9.2.1). I tried a Skype group call between 2 Windows 7 machines and the IPHONE and instead of video for the iphone feed I received a small yellow triangle with and exclamation point with a mouseover message reading "Some people need to come online or update Skype before they can join this call."  I have tried initiating the call from the iphone as well, this did not work either. The iphone Skype version is and the Windows version is, (the latest version of Skype for these devices).  Any help/ideas to help resolve this is sincerely appreciated.  -Patrick

  • Issue#336533: Skype - Skype audio output to speakers not working after windows 10 update

    Hello. I have been running skype under windows 10 since before Christmas 2015. Today, windows applied a very large update after which my skype audio output is so quiet I can hardly hear it. The mic input works fine - callers can hear me. But the output does not. I can't manually adjust the volume. I also observe that if I test the different sounds, they start with a split second loud bit at reasonable volume then become the quiet versions I can hardly hear a split second after starting to play. Skype version is version is 10.0.10586 System info output:Host Name:                 ********OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 10 ProOS Version:                10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586OS Manufacturer: &nb

  • Issue#361562: Skype - Skype 7.21 instantly 'Skype has stopped working' - Windows 7

    I tried everything Installing different versions of skypeRename the Skype folder to Skype.old in %AppData%Deleting the %temp%\skype folderSetting the "New rule" in firewall for Skype thing tooUnplugging headsetAnd many moreAll those step after a new fresh reinstall of latest, and older versions of Skype.I've looked for hours after a solution, and none of those are working.And I don't know what i did to cause this, because it worked fine and then all of the sudden it didn't wanted to work anymore ------ Event viewer saidFaulting application name: Skype.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56d5f4c5Faulting module name: mshtml.dll, version: 11.0.9600.17420, time stamp: 0x545ae63cException code: 0x4000001fFault offset: 0x00dc7a08Faulting process id: 0x1a80Faulting application start time: 0x01d188ddf9ceb25aFaulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exeFaulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshtml.dllReport Id: 3a89d0d8-f4d1-11e5-aa93-50e549

  • Issue#400660: Skype - Webcam not working with Windows 10; just downloaded skype

    Our web cam is no working with Windows 10 and skype.  I've done a DxDiag, but can't figure out how to attached the file.... Arghhh. Tammy

  • Issue#454156: Skype - Skype not working on Windows 10. Jams camera.

    I've upgraded my windows phone Lumia 535 to windows 10 and it's awesome but Skype just won't work. I open the app and it says "No camera preview. You either don't have a camera or it's not available" and it jams my camera app. I have to restart my phone to get the camera working but if I dare enter Skype again, I have to restart my phone. My friend has the Lumia 640 and to works fine on that. Please help.

  • Issue#470568: Skype - Skype not working on Windows 8.1 64 bit.

    Recently installed an OS update, not sure if that is related, but ever since, Skype will not log in. Enter the log in name and password and then it thinks for a long time and then says "Skype can't connect".  If I click "check for updates", it says it can't check for updates right now.  I have tried deleting the share file, deleting temp files in IE, uninstalling Skype, no luck. I tried logging in with a different account and same thing happens.  Skype works fine on my phone and on my other computer, and Skype works fine on the Beta web version.IE11 version 11.0.30Skype version 7.22

  • Issue#473970: Skype - Skype Video not working on Windows 10

    Windows 10 Skype video not working. Tried everything on the web. Video works on I can see the person that In am skypeing, but they cannot see me.

  • Issue#490217: Skype - Skype Stops working windows 10

    I will be in a call and after 10 minutes of opening skype it stops working.Please help me.

  • Issue#576936: Skype - Skype stopped working (Microsoft 640, Windows 10)

    I have had a Microsoft 640 phone for just over a month now, and Skype was working fine even when I upgraded to Windows 10 recently.  I use Skype mainly to make phone calls from abroad over the WiFi. A few days ago Skype has stoped working. If I click on the icon nothing happens, the app won't even attempt to stat up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still nothing. Also noted that now I have another app called Skype Video and that works just fine.  I need the normal Skype to work tho to make phone calls.  Any idea? I have the latest upgrade from Windows phone and the newest version of Skype.

  • Issue#622528: Logitech H340 headset not working with Skype/ Windows 10

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I bought Logitech headset H340 to use with Skype/ Windows 10/ Lenovo Yoga laptop. They worked fine for 2 days, but now although the mic works, the earpiece does not. Also doesn't work with Windows music player etc. Apparently there are no drivers required for this headset, but I've noticed that my laptop thinks that the headset is 'speakers (USB audio) rather than headphones. Interestingly on Skype when I check the advanced options for audio settings, Logitech H340' is listed, but greyed out and I cannot select it - so at some point my machine realised what device I am using, but now does not. Hope that makes sense.