Issue#1047: Android - Blackberry PRIV Battery Outpaces the Competition

  • The folks at BGR put together a solid article regarding the battery life on the Blackberry PRIV. It's definitely worth a read: BGR

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  • Issue#49959: Blackberry - Priv battery and heating issue solved for T-Mobile users

    After scouring the internet and opening tickets with Blackberry I can confirm 100% that the battery drainage and heat issue with the Blackberry Priv for T-Mobile users is due to: The My T-Mobile app.  When you go online you read lots of replies and gets lot of people offering advice (turn your display down, turn off your location, turn off sync, etc, etc). I tried them all.Once I disabled and uninstalled the my tmobile app (I actually deleted all t-mobile apps) the problem was solved. It was like I had a new phone. I highly recommend this for T-Mobile users. Good luck!

  • Issue#54636: Blackberry - PRIV battery heat issue solved

     I spent the better part of 2 hours with bb level 2 tech support. Read this through before you start NetworkTMOBILE OK we had to reset the entire phone Then we updated the standard apps / using playstoreThen updated the OSOS / using TM Then loaded the apps I was using Then updated these /using playstore  We backed up the phone .. Using Super Backup Took some time .. Battery life now awesome including surfing web.. All day plenty battery to go.  I did turn off a lot of the unnecessary features on the MyTmobile app. Shut off all the advertising push ****bleep** * as well and the continuous TM usage notifications. I did leave the security and health monitoring set to 24hrs operational.  I did change the network setting to LTE 4g3g no 2g  I dis turn off the auto connect for wi-fi .. But that's  just me making my phone more secure. I want to control.  This is one way to fix the two issues. Go

  • Issue#956682: Blackberry - Battery issue can't charge my Priv

    Started from yesterday my phone stopped charging with the BlackBerry charger or any 2 Amp. I first thought the problem from the cable and charger but found out that my phone only charge now with 1 Amp only nothing else. Can someone help me?

  • Issue#1025302: BBM drains battery during night on Android BlackBerry Priv

    Hello,I have isue with my BlackBerry Priv during night. When I leave my phone before the night it had around 95-100 % of battery. Waking up in the morning and finding out battery only with 50 % really disappoints me. What I found that BBM drains around 20% of battery life, that what says battery app of android. Any ideas how to fix it?

  • Issue#7138: Blackberry - Priv + Android Auto. Is Android Auto supported? Unable to connect.

    Hi, I am unable to get my Priv and Android Auto to work on my 2016 Honda Accord.  When I connect my Priv to the car I receive a notification for a "USB Computer Connection." By default it is connected as a Media device (MTP). The car recognizes my phone via Bluetooth and as a phone but not a smartphone. Under the car's Android Auto options my phone is not recognized.  Troubleshooting:Tried 2 USB cables including the BlackBerry Z10 data/charging cableUninstalled/reinstalled the Android Auto applicationTried connecting the phone with the app open and again with the app closedTried with and without Bluetooth on I do have a micro SD memory card with the exFat driver installed if that helps. My Priv also has the latest updates.  Question: Does the Priv support Android Auto? Looking at Google's support it is basically most Android devices running Lollipop/5.0+. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this was one of the factors that made m

  • Issue#7982: Blackberry - Android 6.0 update for the Priv?

    How long now until the 6.0 update is released for the Priv? I remember reading before I purchased the phone that it would be towards the start of Q1 - seeing as we are now almost 1/3 through the quarter, should we expect this soon? I'm a long time Android user - and have recently picked up the Priv as my main device moving forward. Are Blackberry usually good at updating their devices? 

  • Issue#10412: Android - Blackberry PRIV is Now Available on T-Mobile

    T-Mo customers can now get the Blackberry PRIV: BlackBerry Priv | Secure Android Smartphone | T-Mobile

  • Issue#24066: Android - Serious battery issue.

    View attachment 100371 I have this phone for like 1.5 years and from last few months I am having a serious battery problem. Problem- My battery drains unexpectedly like sometimes it is at 75% and would start to drop to 1% and the device will switch off. Mostly this problem happens at... Serious battery issue.

  • Issue#41499: Blackberry - Possible solution to PRIV overheating and excessive battery drain

    NETWORK TMOBILE  Go to my TMOBILE appOptions UncheckRestart alertMobile data settingWi-fi manager alert Open wi-fi managerUncheck manage wi-fi connections  Go to system managerTurn off connection assistant Turn off special offers  Go to power saverTurn off acct syncTurn off wi-fiSet screen for 30 secs Uncheck screen bright 10% Hit done Also adjusted network in settings to remove 2g .. Set at 4g lte 3 g  This has been trial and error but my battery drain stopped and the heat issue almost stopped The phone worked all day with more left to go.Good luck 

  • Issue#53948: Blackberry - Priv Battery

    I am  on the phone a lot, but by 4or 5pm, I'm down to 20% battery. Location is turned off, wifi is off,  screen is not on high,  and goes to saving mode after 2 minutes, is there anything I can do to help the battery last longer? My Q10 was good til late in the day!!

  • Issue#58327: Android - Wifi/battery issue

    Got a note 5 a few days ago and have noticed gsam has been showing that my wifi has been using a lot of battery. I don't recall this being the case on my G3. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Is there a way or app that help me check what is using so much background data when I'm on wifi? Sent from my... Wifi/battery issue

  • Issue#61000: Android - Phone turns off when speaker plays audio/ No Signal/ No USB detection/ Battery Issue - Zen

    Hi, I use ASUS Zenfone 5 (A501CG); Firmware :; Android 5.0. I'd like start by pointing out that my Zenfone began to dysfunction sequentially(part by part) over a period of time. All the problems did not occur at the same time. - Currently, both the SIM slots are not working. - USB... Phone turns off when speaker plays audio/ No Signal/ No USB detection/ Battery Issue - Zenfone 5

  • Issue#79632: Android - Signal Issue when in WiFi, terrible battery life - HELP

    I ordered the LG Nexus 5X from the Google Play Store and just got it yesterday. I am running a Verizon Straight Talk SIM card in the phone. I called and activated it but when the phone is connected to WiFi, the signal bars will go away and come back but the phone won't lose service. I can still... Signal Issue when in WiFi, terrible battery life - HELP

  • Issue#112166: Android Runtime global issue and Official BlackBerry Fixes Failure

    Dears we have a global issue /bug in latest OS 10, Android apps can't be deleted or un install from the system... Nothing is working even the Android managers apps... BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Runtime for android link to be downloaded to help in fixing the issue but actually the link as well isn't gives Network error while download .... is there any feedback?? As it becomes very frustrating??!!

  • Issue#134188: Wts Blackberry Priv Android slider phone

    Full set from Singtel, bought in dec 2015. Using as spare set so condition like new. Full set with screen protector pasted. No dents or scratches. Looking to sell sgd 780. Keen whatsapp only to eight.15seven87one0 or leave me a message.

  • Issue#140150: Blackberry - bberror: bb10-0020 - Z30 BATTERY ISSUE? Tried replacing, worked for a week and now this

    I am hoping I am still under manufaturer's warranty.,My mom worked for Blackberry up until August. 2015.My phone was bought in may 2015 from the employee site.Am I still covered even though they laid her off? I was talking on my phone and it just turned off. Got the error message. (first time)I was on my browser this time when it turned off.Not near water either of those times.I tried finding the error code but according to this site - there is no such thing.I came across that it was the battery that was non-functional, so I had a new battery replaced. It worked for about a week then it happened again. Help please!

  • Issue#167359: Blackberry - Priv battery charging protocol - anytime less that 100%?

    Hard to keep up with all this new technology but does it hurt the life of the Priv battery or capacity to hold a charge if I keep charging when it is less than 100% - say 50% or 60% (as opposed to full drain) and then unplug when 100%? My battery currently has great battery life - easily all day with routine e-mails, occasional internet with associated videos from Twitter or Internet.  However, I want to make sure the life of the battery and capacity to hold a charge remains strong - especially since one cannot easily swap it out look the Z10. Thanks

  • Issue#168701: Blackberry - Priv - charging and USB connectivity issue

    Hi guys,I have bought my Priv one week ago. There are two BIG issues: 1. Phone is not able to connect to PC. I have tried all four Setting->Storage modes, have installed official USB driver, tried on W7-64 and W10-64 but phone didn't appear as a disc on PC at all. Nothing. 2. Yesterday evening I have depleted battery flat for first time after taking photos. Phone turned off itself because 1% battery capacity. So far I have managed to recharge battery before phone turned itself off. All understandable. However when I have plugged phone to USB charger, phone remained dead. Even after 1 hour of charging all I can see on display is battery icon with exclamation mark in it. Impossible to start. ... I like this phone, hope I will not come to decisions to return it. Totally unexpected disappointment ... 

  • Issue#193886: Blackberry Priv Stuck on Battery with while exclamation & not charging.

    Its a new blackberry when i tried to start it i realized the battery is dead.When i put it for charging it just shows a white exclamation mark with battery sign.Have kept it for hours but the phone wont chanrge nor wont start up.I have tried pressing the power button for 30 secs & it just goes off n comes on the same icon again.I hv tried charging on boot mode by pressing power n volume button but nothing is happening.Kindly help.

  • Issue#194649: Blackberry - Latest android runtime update kills battery

    Installed latest android runtime update. Cpu usage by system went up heavily leading to battery life of several hours. How can I reinstall that s..t?

  • Issue#196439: Blackberry - Issue with Twitter in Priv Hub

    I'm having an issue with Twitter within the Priv's Hub. Past notifications appear in the Hub, I mark them as read, and hours later they reappear again as unread (I'm not certain of the timing as to when it happens, all I know is that I mark them as read and then later in the day or even days later they come back again as unread). This appears to be a Hub problem as I don't get them reappearing in the app. Consider this a bug report, I don't know how to submit it from the phone.

  • Issue#206229: Android - Verizon Rumored to Get the Blackberry PRIV Android Phone March 3rd

    ​ If you are on Verizon and were disappointed to find out that the Blackberry PRIV Android phone was not available on their network, then you might be pleasantly surprised by the latest rumor. Supposedly, Big Red will begin preorders for the Blackberry PRIV on March 3rd, with a retail ship date of March 11th. In case you missed some of the details for this device, here's a recap of... Verizon Rumored to Get the Blackberry PRIV Android Phone March 3rd

  • Issue#207802: Android - BlackBerry PRIV Apps Updated: Slow Motion Video Capture, Improved Keyboard & More

    Check it out PRIV owners. Several apps on your device have been updated. Here's the changelog for several of those changes: BlackBerry Camera - WHAT'S NEW • Slow Motion video • Improved selfie stick compatibility • Minor enhancements and stability fixes BlackBerry Keyboard - WHAT'S NEW The BlackBerry Keyboard has been updated to provide improved predictions, corrections and enhanced control from the physical keyboard. • Enhanced with the option to learn from email and text messages in... BlackBerry PRIV Apps Updated: Slow Motion Video Capture, Improved Keyboard & More

  • Issue#216009: Android - Galaxy S7 Edge serious battery drain issue please help

    it drains like crazy, 80% in 7 hours ( 3 hours display on) what should I do? here is screenshot for battery I already tried reset factory setting but seems no help ... Galaxy S7 Edge serious battery drain issue please help

  • Issue#218904: Android - Blackberry PRIV is Now Available at Verizon

    ​ Big Red made due on the big rumors that they were bringing the Blackberry PRIV to their network. The Android phone from Blackberry is now available from Verizon for a whopping $720 off contract. Alternatively, you can pay for the device for $30 per month over a 24 month contract (on top of your regular data plan costs). Here's the link for those who have been anxiously awaiting this moment:... Blackberry PRIV is Now Available at Verizon

  • Issue#242938: Blackberry priv quality issue?

    i been using blackberry priv for 3 week. brought it due to it is android device with blackberry feature.i feel a bit disappointed that the left edge just below home button have gapping and have clicking sound.Then the slider left lower corner is clicking when using the touch screen.Anyone here facing this issue?is that possible i get a replacement unit for this issue?Thank.

  • Issue#328622: Android - Battery Issue

    My Samsung Tablet has been having charging issues. There is a red X over the battery icon. What does that mean? I just ordered a new charging cable too see if that is the issue as the wires closest to the ends are fraying. Is there anything else I can do?... Battery Issue

  • Issue#332834: Blackberry - Priv Bootloop issue - Bad and Good news.

     I was unlucky in getting the bootloop (constant restart) issue recently. Whilst mine has since resulted in a new handset, i think it is useful to give credit where it is due, thus I want to express how great i found all support, both on here, and especially from the support line, a free number from UK, as advised in the threads or signatures above - TyW for instance. Despite excellent efforts from Tech support i have ended up with a replacement.  In this once again, i think it fair to let both BB and particularly UK users know how brilliant CPW Business are in resolving or replacing. I deal with Gulsen Sonmez there, she couldnt be more efficient and understanding in stepping in to ensure there is no messing about when other avenues had been exhausted. Things go wrong, its frustrating but thats life.  It is such support that makes me happy to stick with Blackberry.  Good work

  • Issue#381594: Android - Blackberry PRIV Android Phone Running Marshmallow [Video]

    ​ It looks like Android 6.0 Marshmallow is not far from a release on the Blackberry PRIV Android phone. As you can see in the video above, someone shoe-horned the OS on the PRIV and it appears to be running smoothly. Obviously, Blackberry has yet to officially roll it out, but this video suggests someone is working hard to make that happen. Although these are not shown off in the video, here's a recap of extra features which Marshmallow... Blackberry PRIV Android Phone Running Marshmallow