Issue#135: Lenovo - Yoga 700 Screen Black Lines

  • Just bought my Lenovo Yoga 700. Liking everything so far, but fairly frequently, especially when I first open it up, random black lines/flickers go across my screen. Anyone had similar issues or know how to fix?




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  • Issue#718804: Lenovo - Yoga 700 Black screen

    It was working perfectly then the screen turned black, light stayed on. I have tried the usual, turn off, turn on, but black screen still. Am I right in thinking this is a previously reported problem? Is the only solution a warranty repair?

  • Issue#110943: Lenovo - Yoga 700 14 screen blank when turned on

    When I turn on the computer, I can see the Lenovo logo. After that, the screen goes blank but the backlight is still on. Everything on the computer still works excluding the monitor. I've tried connecting to both an external monitor and a projector, but they both dont detect the computer. My model has the i7 and nvidia graphics. Does this have anything to do with faulty nvidia drivers?

  • Issue#111755: Lenovo - Yoga 900 Screen issue after waking up from sleep

    I have recently bought a Yoga 900 and run into a weird problem after waking up from sleep. For the first few times, waking up does not present a problem. But, every now and then the screen will be brightly coloured  as seen here. Does anyone else have this problem? I have run windows updates and  the display driver is also up to date. Could this be a problem with the screen cable not being correctly positioned?

  • Issue#115516: Lenovo - AIO 700-24ish -- Black screen (Auto Reboot)

    So, Bought a AIO 700-24ish today... got through the setup prcoess... logged into my Microsoft Account. Opened up Internet Explorer... about 2 mins in. Computer rebooted... now sitting at a black screen... been sitting for 5 mins. Unplugged the computer after turning it off, held the power button for 30 seconds, plugged it back in... Black screen still. No Lonovo flash screen... no boot menu... nothing. Anyone help please?

  • Issue#125275: Lenovo - yoga 700 broken screen

    Hi,I've just bought in USA a Yoga 700 14" laptop and I've got a broken screen. I live in mexico city. Does anybody know how can I order a replacement screen and what's the estimated cost?

  • Issue#125796: Lenovo - Yoga 700 - Touch screen - a bit too sensitive

    I have started using the touchscreen on this new Yoga 700 and I liked it at first, but I noticed that while scrolling, pages often open by accident...and it happens often. It ruins the experience.   How do I make it less sensitive? Should only open when i push , not swipe. I want to roll through the page and only select and open things i want to be opened.  Also, is there a way to not show the pointer finger icon? I dont really want to see that.     It's weird that in the page, it is too sensitive, but when i switch tabs up top, i have to push harder to activate that and sometimes it doesnt work on first tap. Must need to change settings or something. Where do i go to tweak those settings?      Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

  • Issue#166141: Lenovo - lenovo Yoga 3 black screen with mouse pointer only

    Please help.  My daughter dropped her Lenovo yoga 3 and broke the screen.   I ordered a new screen from the internet but before the install I hooked it up to hdmi and everything else was working.  Now after the install I turn it on and I see the Lenovo logo pop up on the screen with the "windmill" busy circle under it from there it goes to a black screen after a minutes if you move the mouse you can see the mouse pointer moving around on the screen but it remains black.  Anyone have an idea?  I tried f8 and fn f8 at boot and ctrl/alt/del during black screen both did nothing. 

  • Issue#170394: Lenovo - Ideapad Y700 BIOS upgrade did not fix the Black screen issue

    I was really hoping Lenovo would prove to have kept the IBM support, along with the brand names.  I was wrong.  This is not cool.  At this point, I am unwilling to recommend Lenovo products to anyone.  The reason being:  This issue has been known for how many months?  And I paid how much for a sweet gaming laptop?  I guess I should have paid more fo the Toshiba laptop, though it wouldn't look as cool.  I'll take anything that works as long as it works over something that claims to work.

  • Issue#321787: Lenovo - Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN'

     Hi all,First post!  My Dad's Lenovo laptop goes to a black screen when starting up, so is unusable.I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but have started to research things for him and have found that 'black screen' shows up quite a lot for Windows 10 and Lenovo PCs! We were so impressed with my Dad's PC I've ended up with the same model myself:Lenovo YOGA 500 Convertible Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" Touch Screen.Also labelled as: Yoga 500-15IBD Laptop (ideapad)  I see some people mentioning hardware failures and others device driver problems with the graphic card etc. but haven't read a definite cause/fix for this so far. I've just found this recent critical BIOS update for this PC which mentions the black screen problem:Software name: BDCN63WW Version 63[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue. haven't seen this

  • Issue#450474: Lenovo - Lenovo yoga 500 - black screen

    Hello, I have a lenovo yoga 500 for about a week now.In this week, the screen turned black twice.When it happened i couldn't do anything untill I press the on button and turn off the computer. Thank you. 

  • Issue#471439: Lenovo - y50-70 Flickering Horizontal Lines & Black Screen

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  • Issue#480862: Lenovo - Yet another P50 issue ... black flashing full screen steam videos / some games

    I downloaded the new Doom beta this weekend, just for grins. (Wasn't hoping for much, I know the P50 isn't a gaming laptop, but it shouldn't be _too_ much of a slouch). The game played like a slideshow.  2 FPS, max in the menus. Looked around on the 'net, found that other people were having the problem, so I looked around for upgraded Quadro drivers.  Grabbed the latest version from the nVidia site.  First the 362.13 ODE drivers.  No luck.  So I tried the VR/Performance drivers (364.72).   With the ODE drivers, I still had a slideshow -- yes, I know about the "stuttering" warning, I saw that stuttering and "waited it out" like I'm supposed to :-). With the VR/Perf driver, the game played at a reasonable framerate, BUT with very bad blank/black screen flickering, as if it was drawing every-other frame, and showing a black screen in-between. Everything else seemed to function fine, so I chalked it up to an issue with the Doom be

  • Issue#487834: [ubuntu] LENOVO YOGA 300 - 11IBY, Hibernate, waking up returns black/blank screen

    Hello, i bought the LENOVO Yoga 300 and made a fresh install of UBUNTU 16.04 LTS (beta2). Everything is working out of the box, except hibernate. When i close the lid and reopen it, the Display remains black. I have to hardreset/restart the System. Can you please advice me the direction to go, to get this last feature working? Thank you.

  • Issue#488018: Lenovo - Lenovo Yoga 500 14 ACL touch screen issue under Windows 10

    I've got this problem with my Lenovo Yoga 500 14 ACL: When I start it (Windows 10), the touch screen doesn't work and I have to restart the device to get the touch screen working.I've uninstalled the touch screen drivers, but after a restart the problem stays the same (no new drivers found or installed?).Where can I find the right and latest drivers suiting to this touch screen (Lenovo or Microsoft)?Has anybody an other suggestion what I can try to get the touch screen working from the first Windows-start? 

  • Issue#498156: Lenovo - Lenovo yoga 500 - sudden black screen

    hi guys,i need your help, i just bought this 14inch YOGA 500 i have problem with the screen. have been 3 times this happen guys..while i'm normally used the laptop the screen suddenly black out but the iindicator power and battery not blinking that indicate they run normally. what do you think the problem guys ?i try to tap keyboard key and power button nothing happen guys, the screen still black. the only way  back to normal i press power button to shut down and start the computer again.  Please help me guys.  Beast Regards,Dewi Tri Wulandari  

  • Issue#500629: Lenovo - Vertical lines on Yoga 260 Screen

    All, I've just moved from a Yoga S1 (12) to the Yoga 260.  It's great, but I have a very strange screen artifact.  The issue is, I can see veritcal lines that you can see on your screen whenever it has moved recently. For example, when just opening the lid, or when using it in a train or car.  These are most obvious when the display is cold. It's most obvious on blue. If for example I look "full screen" at this image: after I open my computer from sleep, they are really visible. I can make them appear by vibrating my laptop like putting on my lap and bouncing my knee. Or by tapping the side of the display. It's easiest to see when the room lighting is dark and the laptop is set to maximum brightness. The lines are across the whole screen, and perhaps about 6 or 7 pixels apart. Each is vertical and spans the whole height of the screen from top to bott

  • Issue#502883: Lenovo - Lenovo thinkpad yoga S3 14 - maximize / fullscreen = flicker / blinking black screen

    I just both a new lenovo thinkpad yoga S3 14", and I was surprised to see that when maximizing any application window (fullscreen), all screen went black and started to flicker / blinking immensely. My first reaction was to "ALT+TAB" but it didn't work so I did "WINDOWS KEY + M" to minimize the fullscreen window and the problem stopped. Then I ensured that all windows and lenovo updates were installed. Restarted the computer again and again but the problem persists. Anyone with the same issue? What's your advice? - I ran the hardware verification tool from lenovo with no issues- laptop model is: 20DM009KPG  

  • Issue#553597: Lenovo - Yoga 900 black screen on startup no arrow please help

  • Issue#579184: Lenovo Essential G560: Issue with won't boot and black screen after HDD upgrade

    What happen: My laptop was working fine, no blue screen issue, no funny business at all. I bought a new SSD Intel 120 GB and thought it would be a good idea to replace the HDD. I shutdown and disconnected the power adapter, waited a couple of minutes and removed the battery. I opened up the back case and replaced the HDD. And put all the screws back and put the battery back in. Problem: The very first time I turned the power on, nothing happens besides a black screen. I pressed the dvd drive it works and opens up and closes. I waited for about 30 mins and still has blac screen. When I mean black screen, no bios menu, no logo, just a black screen with the fan sound on. I have tried these: 1. Unplugged everything - battery, adapter, and pressed the power on button for about 60 seconds, nothing, the laptop turns on with the LED display on for both on and battery LED's. But nothing but black screen, no sound of windows loading just the fan and black screen. 2. I tried putting back my o

  • Issue#604782: Lenovo - Miix 700 Screen turning off/black

    We have multiple Miix 700's in our infrastructure. All of them are used by our Outside Sales Reps along with the District Sales Managers. So far we have one Miix 700 that is having an issue with the display or the entire tablet.Now, It will boot into the Lenovo screen , with the white circler dots and sometimes it will pull up windows 10. Sometimes the screen will go black and then nothing. You don't know if the whole tablet turned off , or if the display went to sleep etc. ** note** The screen just went blank again** When you hold down then power button , the screen will flicker and then nothing and sometimes it will load Win 10 pro completely. I was able to check all of the power settings after 5 minutes of nothing.All settings are set to never , for plugged in and battery. After a couple times of the screen disappearing and trying to turn it back on the start up repair will kick on.A hour ago , i was able to work on the tablet for 30 minutes without issue and upgrade the Intel HD 51

  • Issue#644004: Lenovo - Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - Black screen, no fan, but power.

    So I recently came to South Korea to teach and my computer was working fine. i have two lenovo yoga series computer, one being the 2 and one being the 3 pro. The 3 pro I literally have used maybe 12 times. I bought it a while back but it was not convenient for the size at that time so I kept using my smaller once. So it is pretty much brand new. It booted up, it was charged, I was able to log on, then suddenly it went black and I have not been able to get a screen since then. I've never dropped it, I've barely put anything on it, it was working fine two days beforehand, then boom, nothing. I can't hear the fan going on it either, but then again, I never really noticed a fan noise in the beginning, either. I let it die on its own hoping maybe that would work.I charged it fully as well.I tried the 'press the power button so-and-so times for this' to try to hard-restart or something of the like.I know I have power because the light comes on, and I am able to make the lighti

  • Issue#653074: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S: Screen is black but fan is running

    My screen is black when I turn on my laptop (fan is running). Tried pressing the power button for 20 seconds or more but it still doesn't work.

  • Issue#685008: Lenovo - Lenovo yoga 13 - Black vertical line on screen

    My Yoga had a black line appearing on the screen and it was replaced by Lenovo. Now the same problem has appeared again. The line is thick and black appearing 3/4 into the width of the screen. Occassionally it is strippy white. On some occassions a little tap can make it go away (but not much anymore) and rarely after the laptop has been on for some time the line will dissapear. Any help would be appreciated. Is this likely the screen, the power unit or what?

  • Issue#686921: Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK: Removing Display and Screen

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK with a ed screen. I have ordered the replacement glass, thinking this would be an easy heat/pull/replace operation. However, that is not seeming to be the case. When I heat the glass, all the rubber and plastic around it become too soft to pull the glass off without damaging it. Does anyone know of a walk-through on replacing this glass? I've only found the 13" version, and that is a totally different screen. Thank you in advance!

  • Issue#688954: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro Black screen issues

    Hello everybody,  I found a few topics on this already but none have helped so far so as  last resort I'll ask here what might be my options: I have a Yoga 2 Pro that is out of warranty.  It's not mine so I don't know exactly what happend but this is the story I got was this: The person was using it out on his porch.  It was sunny but not hot where it can overheat.  He got a black screen and decided to plug in hdmi to his TV.  It worked and he tried to do a system restore to a previous date.  Problem is he picked a system point before upgrading to Windows 10 so it tried to go back to Windows 8.1.  After that he said even the video to the TV didn't work. Now the computer turns on, keyboard lights up but I can't get ANY kind of video neither on the screen or via HDMI out.  I've tried everything I can think of like pulling the battery out and the CMOS battery for over 24 hours (including draining extra power). At this p

  • Issue#707109: Lenovo - Help! Yoga 3 tablet Black screen when turned on (yt3-x90f)

    Please can someone help, when I turn my tablet on the screen is almost completely black except for white icons in the top drop bar - there's the normal time and battery bar plus two icons I don't recognise but I can't open anything. If I hold the buttons I can use the touch screen to restart/power off/airplane mode or projector on but can't pull down the drop bar to open settings or see what that icon means. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? Any help would be appreciatedQuite hard to capture. But that's the suspicious icon 

  • Issue#753291: Lenovo - X1 Yoga Screen goes Black when Disconnected from Dock, Won't Return with Rebooting Machine

    My new X1 Yoga (less tha one month old), is connected to a OneLink+ dock to drive two external monitors.  At first, everything worked well together (for a bout one week).  Now, if I disconnect the dock, the X1 screen goe black and will not return unless I press/hold the power button to hard reboot, or I reconnect to the dock. The whole point of the dock is to be able to connect to/disconnect from other resource slike monitors and keybaords easily.  Anyone know of a solution to this issue.  

  • Issue#771675: Lenovo - Key Binding Issue - Yoga 700 11ISK

    Hi,I run the Brackets Code Editor. One of the keyboard shortcut combinations I regularly use on another machine, Alt+Ctrl+Arrow Key, has the effect of rotating the display from Landscape to portrait, and not the function I need. Is it possible to change the keyboard mapping for this.Many thanks,

  • Issue#778720: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro: Bios setup goes to black screen. PC wont boot.

    Hi,After working normally, I restarted my 1.5 years old Yoga 2 and received the "Default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key.".  I used the Novo button to enter the BIOS. Options 1, 3 and 4, take me back to "Default boot device missing" (Normal startup, boot menu and system recovery). Option 2 (Bios Setup) takes me to a black screen. No text, nothing. Pc goes completely idle.  Any suggestions?  The pc was working just fine before I rebooted. Pc runs on Windows 10.