Issue#1354: Key commands not working

  • Several key commands are not working in Creative Cloud since updating to OS X Yosemite. So far, here's what I've noticed (there may be more):



    • Space bar does not activate hand tool
    • Cmd + space does not activate zoom



    • Holding shift does not constrain proportions of frame
    • Holding cmd does not resize contents of frame; only frame itself
    • Space bar does not activate hand tool
    • Cmd + space does not activate zoom
    • Holding shift with the line tool does not draw a straight line



    • Cmd + space does not activate zoom


    I tweeted @adobecare and they told me to post the issue here, that an "expert" would respond.

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  • Issue#585510: Logitech G13 Key stops working issue.

    I have used the Logitech G13 game controller for some time, going on years now. For myself I have always loved this product. As of late however I am considering with going with a different company as I have had my G13 replaced atleast three times within a few months for the same reason, and the problem has just occured with the most recent replacement. The button key just under and slightly to the right of the joystick has stopped working yet again. Whil;e I was assured this most recent time that it "had to be an issue with that lot of controllers" they issued me another one from a different lot. Once again however the product continues to stop functio9ing with only this one button. I have attempted reinstalling/updating the device software for the product to no avail. While I have always enjoyed Logitech products if this issue either can't or won't be resolved as much as I hate to say it I may be forced to go with another company for all of my comp[uter needs as it seems "quality

  • Issue#1113588: Autodesk - Not working some of the key commands in AutoCAD LT 2009

    Hello, AutoCAD LT 2009 does not respond after selecting the commands below (started having the issues around August 19, 2016).New...Open...SaveSave as...InsertOther than the "Insert" command, all of them are under "File" commands.If I change FILEDIA's setting to <0>, these commands work but I would like the dialog windows.On top of it, "Insert" command does not work anyway. Please help me out.

  • Issue#132: Lenovo - New T520 Function Key Not Working

     Hey forum,Just got my first ThinkPad, a T520 and after updating the UltraNav driver it appears some of my function keys no longer work. I've seen similar posts about this issue but all stem from different problems. My volume keys work, but there's no on screen image to show mute/up/down. My mic mute button does not seem to work at all, nor does the ThinkVantage button. As per the function keys, F2,F3,F5,F6,F7,F8 all do nothing when used with the function key, however i can use F4 to sleep, F12 to hibernate and the brightness and PgUp light all work. I tried BIOS to see if I could affect anything there but I didn't see any way to do that. Any help on getting the function keys working properly again would be greatly appreciated!Thanks so much in advance,ADK

  • Issue#3038: Unity - Object counter issue: not working

    I am trying to make a script that counts objects in a list that are already active, I want my activeAmount to increase by 1 whenever a gameobject in the array is set to false, however I seem unable to. So far it either increases by 1 and then doesn't change, or it continuously increases without stop, any help is appreciated. I couldn't find any other question posted that dealt with this. Code (CSharp):  using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using... Object counter issue: not working

  • Issue#6977: HP - BIOS USB key not working

    Hi all, I was gifted a laptop by a friend but didn't use it for a while simply because I didn't need to. Now that I attempted to turn it on, the fan turned on but the screen didn't. I noticed the caps lock was blinking twice. I searched these symptoms and I've gotten to the correct BIOS download (sp53230.exe) and attempted to follow the instructions on this page: However, when it comes down to running the software on the "other computer with Internet connection" I get the error messages: 1) IHISI: get support mode fail in SMI!2) BIOS did not support InsydeFlash I've read on a related forum that the wrong file was attached to their specified support page so I went ahead and tried the other BIOS link on there (sp61005.exe) but that yielded the same result Any help would be appreciated!

  • Issue#11433: Logitech - My G710G+ upper number one key is not working in all apps, also M keys seem to be stuck,

    Had the board maybe 6 months, the key was working earlyier, I used it. Never use the M keys or Gkeys so I have no idea why they seem to be not working and being stuck on M2. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advancenichog

  • Issue#14597: Logitech - PS4 - Play/Pause/Stop/RW/FF transport commands not working in Amazon video.

    The transport controls in the Amazon Video app is not working. Can't Play/Pause/Rewind/FF/Stop. The only button that works to get out of the Amazon app is the "Exit" button on the remote. How can I fix?

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    Hello there!I have a VW GOLF MK 7 (bluetooth) version and since my last update the spotify is not working anymore with my car. Even if I put the volume higher and higher and it continues mute with no sound. I can see the seconds of musics going on but NO sound!Can anyone help me with that?

  • Issue#19643: Beta key issue [ps4] - ubi pls help!

    the following: i ordered 'tom clancy's the division' game twice (collector's edtition from amazon & gold editon from gamestop..that's like $250 right there) and used the unique beta code i got from one of my preorders (either from amazon or gamestop..don't remember). i then followed the given instructions and entered the code on and received the beta access code two days ago - problem: it's not working! when i try to enter the code on the us-psn store it gives me the following error message: 'the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid'. well, i used the exact same code as listed under 'beta access' in my uplay account management section though (btw, code's not showing up in my account anymore since yesterday for whatever weird reason). i immediately tried to contact chat support, but it's not working either - it always redirects me back to send out a support ticket. so k, i did that instead and opened a ticket..but +48 hours later s

  • Issue#20183: Lenovo - Keyborad problema, both enter keys, rigth shift and plus key stop working after windows upd

    Suddenly both enter keys, rigth shift key and plus key stop working after windows update, on windows 10. The model is E540

  • Issue#21251: Logitech Create's dastardly key-dropping issue fixed in iOS 9.3 beta 2

    When I picked up my iPad Pro last November, I went with Logitech's Create Smart Connector keyboard, but with the release of iOS 9.2, a strange thing occurred: the Create stopped being able to communicate properly with the iPad Pro. This bug has now at last been fixed —*but at what cost to the users? Full story from the iMore Blog...

  • Issue#25636: The Division PC Beta Uplay Issue (Play Button Not Working)

    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

  • Issue#26453: G13 Key's not working (Logitech HELP!)

    Hello, since 6 hours i try to get this working without success!  My G13 starts up, I can load/import profiles, or activate the Default Profile, but no Keys are working. I try using the "Test Profile" Option, but it only detects if i press keys on my G402 mouse, not on the G13. I had this problem before, then i installed back a old version 8.50.x and it worked again, but now i CANT use a old version anymore because the old software wont work with my new Mouse.  So tell me, you still SELL this product, how to get it working with newest G Software?  I use Windows 7 64bit. I already tried: uninstalling, then...- cleaning the registry, then reinstall - make clean boot, reinstall- starting windows in TEST mode (to allow unsigned drivers), reinstall- uninstalled drivers manually, reinstalled - uninstalled all Input Device drivers, reinstalled I did all of this aboive several times, googled a lot, uninstalled / installe

  • Issue#27339: Logitech - ampersand is not working but the number key is on my k270

    ampersand is not working but the number key is on my k270

  • Issue#29369: Issue with my account and customer support isnt working

    I signed up for the division beta using a pre order code never got the code for the beta. Came to realize that my account is linked to a old email that i can longer access and need it too change. I have tried to use the customer support to get it changed but a error happens every time i try to submit a question

  • Issue#29403: Geforce - shadow play toggle key stop working after patch update

    Since a routine update yesterday (Nvidia Driver 361.75). My shadowplay toggle key was stop working(no crash no error displayed). FYI *Clean-Reinstalling Nvidia experience and Nvidia Driver one by one won't fixed the problem. Any help? Thanks in Advance! my info Windows 7 64bit Ram 16GB GTX 760 4gb Intel i7 4770 GeForce Experience Nvidia Driver 361.75 Games what I tried to capture : Dota 2, GTA V , Desktop [I can't capture screen to all any application]

  • Issue#34629: FN key not working properly since update

    Hi, I just updated to OS X 10.11 and noticed a change in the FN key usage. I use it to control volume/brightness etc. Usually, I simply hold it down and control volume right? But since the update, while holding the FN key, the first time I press volume up is being considered as if I pressed F12 and brings my dashboard. I only get to start controlling volume on the second press of that key. The same is true when I release the FN key: first press will still control volume and only the second... FN key not working properly since update

  • Issue#35050: [ubuntu] Trying to use terminal commands and not working

    Hello! I bought a Lemaker Guitar single board computer for a project and need to update the OS which I am running Android 5. The problem is I am using the terminal and can't get this application called FWBurningTool to unzip and install in Ubuntu. I posted what I am supposed to be able to do and it will download the file but that's it. There has to be something wrong here that I am unaware of. I am somewhat of a newbie to the terminal and command line. Linux I. Download the firmware burning tool such as FWBurning Tool from: wget sudo apt-get install p7zip-full 7za x FW_Burning_Tool_for_Linux_PC_V1.1_01.7z II. In the command terminal, extract the archive file and install FWBurning Tool. sudo tar -zxvf FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01.tar.gz cd FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01 sudo ./ III. Press

  • Issue#36521: Logitech - G933 Reconnect issue (+ G910 not working during reconnect)

    Hello, i have a problem with my G933 Headset.Every 2-3 minutes, the headset disconnect for a short time (ca. 1 sec.) and the LGS shows this screen:Then firstly the surround sound turns of and after ca. 2 second the surround sound works correctly again. During these ~4Seconds, my G910 isn't working or the input is delayed. That's a no-go thing if you want to play games.(WIndows 10 / LGS 8.78)

  • Issue#38219: Macbook Pro Keyboard Y Key stopped working, but external keyboard is working

    Macbook Pro Keyboard Y Key stopped working, but when I connect an external keyboard USB one, it is working and the Y is coming fine. Why is that ? Does that mean the Macbook Pro Y key is dead ? My Macbook Pro is Late 2013, that means its no more in warranty. Will they replace the keyboard or just fix it ? Its my main computer, so I cannot keep it with them. Lets first figure out why it happened. Is there a way to know that yes its a hardware fault or something ? Any Apple tricks ???

  • Issue#46924: Logitech - G70+ M,G keys not working, G1 Key changes the lights, keys randomly get stuck

    Its pretty lame. They 1, 2, and 3 keys on the number row stick itermintently, I cant change macro profiles, nor change the lights with the buttons for that. The G1 Key changes all of it at the same time. Idk what to do. 

  • Issue#57511: iPhone 5c: Tough screen not working, possible motherboard issue

    I have replaced the lcd/screen on my iPhone 5c as the touch screen wasn't working. However the Screen still doesn't respond. I tried a second screen but still no luck. I am now wondering if the fault could lie with the motherboard and that the motherboard has failed? I'm hoping this is not the case but any ideas would be greatly received. ⟐ Answered February 3, 2016 at 11:16 am -0700

  • Issue#57833: Autodesk - AUTOCAD COMMANDS NOT WORKING


  • Issue#60103: Playstation - Refreshing License Issue Still Not working

    To start I've1. Downloaded both the trailers that Dan _OMara suggested2. Playback both trailers3. Still half my video library isn't working Is there anything else I can do?

  • Issue#65943: Autodesk - Maya Mac 2016 Startup issue as well as 2014 now not working -_-

    HI all'  I tried to load up my maya 2016 this morning and came across a wierd error I have never seen before?? I really need help and wish not to have to uninstall any of my maya's plug-ins as I also have the 2014 edition, I have a few plug-in's in the 2016 verstion that I feel will be tedious to re-Instal.. anyway im going to now post the error for all to see, fingers crossed someone can help me.    I get a Command window appear with the following errors: // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 4364: Could not find attribute named "defaultRenderLayer.precompTemplate" // // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 519: menu: Object 'mainRigDeformationsMenu' not found. // // BifrostMain plug-in loaded (built Aug 24 2015 23:02:39) // fracture: switching to legacy/default viewport // AbcExport v1.0 using Alembic 1.5.4 (

  • Issue#67973: Android - Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

    Hey fellas, so I recently got a used S6 Edge and there was a problem whenever I used headphones. The left earbud works fine but there is hardly any sound coming out of the right one(checked with several headphones, its a phone issue), really just minimal, very very quiet. I naturally figured... Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

  • Issue#71545: EA - [CURRENT ISSUE] Fifa 16 pro club mic not working

    I join a drop in lobby to speak to other players and i speak but it shows nothing but a little headset symbol next to my name. Usually when it workes a little volume symbol pops up when speaking. Anyone help?

  • Issue#75272: So my key on my board isn't working :/

     "so I was recently using my keyboard and I found out that the 6 on my keyboard isn't..."

  • Issue#88518: HP - Keyboard up & down key is not working

    Hi Hp Support,  I have a HP 240 G3 Notebook PC whici is on warranty and most of the time its up & down arrow key stops working then i need to restart it for use these keys.I have updated keyboard drivers and did key board  test from Hardware Diagnostic test.Somehow test is pass but why it stops working when use my laptop around 2-3 hours.Please help. RegardsAS