Issue#137: Lenovo - New Intel Driver Dissabled Wifi...

  • The optional update below killed my WiFi on X1 i7 Laptop 20BS. Windows 10  - (My other PC was fine and still able to see Wifi with no change)


    I had to uninstall the Intel program installed today in Control Panel - Unintall Programs -  ..and reboot to fix the issue.


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  • Issue#322866: Lenovo - Yoga 900 Intel Driver Issue - Windows 10 Maps

     According to Intel, the Yoga 900 uses a customized computer manufacturer video driver for the Intel HD 520 graphics chipset.  Intel's standard driver ( released 12/22/2015) appears to address an issue I am experiencing with Microsoft's Windows 10 Map application as well as a map-based application I personally am developing that relies upon the same map control that their map application uses.  The current Lenovo driver ( is dated 11/18/2015 so I am fairly confident it doesn't have the 'fix' reported in Intel's 12/22/2015 release notes. Can Intel's HD 520 driver be used with the Yoga 900?   I can uninstall the Lenovo driver and then install the Intel driver but don't want to risk messing something up if it won't work. Thanks, John  

  • Issue#446899: Lenovo - Windows 10 Issue with Intel Graphics Driver on T430

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 (x64) I am unable to get the "Intel HD Control Panel" to load. it is on desktop, but when clicked does nothing (even as administrator).  Also, i am missing the Advanced Graphics options from the right click. Laptop does not detect if a VGA cable gets plugged in so I am unable to use an external display.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver multiple times.Anyone else found a solution to this one

  • Issue#680838: Lenovo - Missing T450s (20BW) Intel WiFi driver in Update Retriever/Thininstaller

    T450s missing WiFi driver after SCCM build, Intel WiFi driver not available from Update Retriever for 20BW. Only Realtek WiFi shows. But Intel WiFi driver is there from Support site. Kindly advice.

  • Issue#867867: Lenovo - Yoga 2 11 - Driver Issue - Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Manager

    I have done a clean install of Windows 10. In Device Manager all drivers are present except for the Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Manager (see attached picture). There are three other drivers present for DPTF, but the DPTF Manager has issue. If I double-click on the entry, a message displays saying the device cannot start (error 10) and the process hosting the driver for this device has terminated. I have tried updating the driver to no avail. I have also downloaded the DPTF driver from the Lenovo website. However, when I try to install it a message displays saying the Realtek bluetooth device will not work on this version of Windows. For information, every chipset driver reports this message on installation.I would be grateful of some help to get the driver for DPTF Manager installed/working. Before the clean install of W10, I am pretty sure all was OK with DPTF drivers.Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you.


    Hello Everyone, I have been using my new T450 for business purpose but sometime i take a break to play only game FIFA on this laptop. Previously i was using ACER M5 with 4000 graphics and game use to work ok. Here i was strugling with lags and glitches and no smooth rendering was there. I decided to update the graphic driver from Lenovo web site. Now game is not rendering moving or active objects. They apprear as black or shadow. ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿ 

  • Issue#1084978: Lenovo - ThinkPad 8 - Intel Platform Device Driver GTHA05WW install issue

    There is new version of Intel Platform Device Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit) - GTHA05WW (2016/08/09) My current version is GTHA04WW (2015/07/29). The setup reports: The version of drivers that are installed on the system are the same of newer that what you are about to install. Do you want to continue ? I selected [No] to not break things. There is a log file (attached). It seems as the installation package is broken, important parts: 00:04:53:546: Scanning Camera\camera.inf (Name: Camera\camera.inf, Version: 00:04:53:562: Section with the best match: Device.NTamd64 00:04:53:562: Device: VIDEO\INT0F38 (Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400) 00:04:53:593: Matched with: VIDEO\INT0F38 00:04:53:609: Current driver: oem12.inf 00:04:53:609: Name: , Provider: Intel, Version: 603.9600.1948.34944, Section: camera 00:04:53:624: This is a downgrade 0

  • Issue#6049: Lenovo - T540P will not find wifi driver

     Bought two T540ps both arrived on the same day.One is working no issues.One will not find the wifi driver. I have tried to download from the site and no go.I checked BIOS and did not see a wifi enable. I tried to search by part number with no success.Box lists:SBB0A02223 TPb/g/nWireless2x2GNBt4 Any ideas out there on this?

  • Issue#6776: Lenovo v470 - Intel Graphics Drivers Issue

    I'm having display issues with my v470 laptop when I install Intel Graphics drivers. After few mins of using the laptop, the display gets distorted and locks up the laptop. I have to power off the laptop every time. I tried installing the Intel Onbroad Graphics drivers that's available from Lenovo's website. I also try install the latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers from Intel website. I ran memtest successfully without any errors.  The odd part is whenever I uninstall the Intel Graphics drivers the issue goes away.  This is how the display looks - Specs: i5 2410M8 gigs RAMWin 7 Ultimate x64 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#20185: Lenovo - Lenovo G580 20157 Wifi Driver

    my laptop g580  20157. My OS is win-7. I am not able to install wifi drivers. I checked that my wife device is enable.I downloaded and istalled but those are not working. What should I do?

  • Issue#25570: Lenovo - Lenovo Z50-70 CANNOT UPDATE Intel WiFi adapter drivers (Intel AC 3160)

    I bought about 2,5 months ago the Lenovo Z50-70 (i7, 64bit, Win10). I installed all the latest Win10 updates and Lenovo updates, and my WiFi adapter drivers remain the I downloaded the latest from intel (18.32.0) and I can't get to apply them-I run the driver's program and nothing happens.My drivers continue to be the Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Issue#28426: Lenovo - S205 Windows 10 - WIFI driver

    Hello,I need advice on how to install WiFi driver Lenovo S205 on Windows 10Can you help me?Thank you

  • Issue#34196: Lenovo - Intel Bluetooth Driver 10 [64] Cannot Be Installed

    Hello everyone, I have recently noticed that Lenvo Companion System Update keeps suggesting "Intel Bluetooth Driver 10 [64]" as an optional update. I have selected it numerous times, but it seems to have never been installed properly as it still shows up on the Optional Updates list and its "Installed Version" is shown as "Not Available". Anyone else is having the same issue? Thanks,Jack

  • Issue#58123: Lenovo - W540 external display issue withn ultradock after driver upgrade

    Graphic drivers installed on W540 i7 via Lenovo System Update on 2nd Feb 2016.  (, Intel; 354.45, Nvidia now reported in Control Panel).  External display blanking now back: had gone following firmware upgrade (fwdphb03.exe) under the previous drivers.  No other changes to system. Dell U3415W via miniDisplayPort.  Was working perfectly! Anyone else found this happening after the driver update? Thanks    

  • Issue#61914: Lenovo - Yoga 2 13 - Intel VGA driver

    Hello, how is it possible from a manufacturer point of view that VGA driver is not update since 2014? At Lenovo site, the last Intel VGA for the laptop is from 8/10/2014 and ready for Windows 8.1. It is very annoying that Lenovo is not paying enough attention to this. At the very same time, I cannot install the Intel driver due to incompatibility. If Lenovo was not ready for Windows 10, why are we being offered to upgrade? Very unprofessional. Cheers.

  • Issue#63110: Lenovo - Touch pad driver issue

    Hi, i have lenovo y5070 and the touch pad driver dosen't work well.all settings are disabled (check the attached URL)

  • Issue#73393: Intel - NUC6i5SYH Audio Driver Issue on Windows 10

    I recently purchased a NUC6i5SYH and have installed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I'm using 16GB (2x8) HyperX DDR4 Ram and the Samsung SM951 256GB NVMe SSD.BIOS  version is 33. The NUC is attached to a BenQ FullHD Monitor via HDMI out, which has speakers built in. I have installed the latest Graphics drivers as well as the Realtek Audio drivers.Each time when I boot the device, I get a red X symbol on the speaker icon in the task bar telling me that no audio device was found. When I click on it, Windows identifies the issue and prompts me to restart. When I do that, the speaker is recognized and I can hear the audio boith via HDMI and the Audio jack.Next time I boot, I get the exact same issue again. How can I fix that?I already tried uninstalling the Realtek audio driver, which doesn't make any difference.

  • Issue#81856: Lenovo - M900 Tiny - Intel HD530 Graphic Driver Issues

    Hello - Just received my M900 Tiny last week and an very impressed.  However, there is one nagging issue I wish Intel and Lenovo would address.  The HD 530 Graphics Driver has issues.  There is a thread on the Intel site with numerous complaints of screen flickering or parts of the screen turning black for a second before returning to normal.  This is happening to me.  Intel says they are working on it.  In addition to the issues I've encoutered above, I've received at least three system messages that the HD 530 Graphics driver has momentarily failed but then recovered.  I've contacted Lenovo on the phone, but the service person was not very confident on directing me to the latest driver.  She first directed me to drivers for discreat graphic adapters, but then sent me to the generic video driver page for the M900 Desktops.  Since none of the machines listed specifically indicated M900 Tiny - some mentioned M700 Tiny - I'm holding

  • Issue#82101: Intel Driver Update Utility Installation Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to install the Driver Update Utility on my system running windows XP, but is encountering an error in the installation process. I've attached the log files and the error screen shot. Can anyone please tell me what this error implies? Thanks.

  • Issue#104589: Lenovo - Wifi adaptor driver problem Yoga 2 Windows 10

    Yesterday i started having trouble with wifi. it has worked fine for the 6 months i have had my yoga 2.the troubleshoot result is "there might be a problem with the driver for the wi fi adapter". the driver is up to date it says the device is working can view wifi networks but not connect.ipconfig / all only shows bluetooth adaptor and that says media disconnectedthe only update i think this week was an avg one. found similar problems but nothing that has helped so far. any advice would be appreciated. 

  • Issue#106351: Lenovo - Mobile Intel 4 chipset graphics driver update not compatible with x61

    I am facing a problem withSA updating the graphics driver. I tried installing the recommended update from both intel and lenovo websites but the " the computer doesn't meet the requirements" dialogue box appears. The computer keeps crashing because of it. Also my CPU is running at 100% even when I am not running anything other than simple web browsers and word documents. The blue screen appears showing a different error everytime and the computer restarts several times in a short span. Any thoughts? Laptop - Lenovo Thinkpad X61Operating system - Windows 7 ultimateCPU - Intel Core 2 DuoGraphics Driver - Mobile Intel 4 chipset graphics driversRAM - 5.00 GBDisk Drive - Hitachi HTS722010K9SA00

  • Issue#106466: Lenovo - Vibe K4 Note Wifi Issue

    I recently purchased Vibe K4 Note. It gets connected to Wifi, however the speed is much slow as compared to other mobile mobiles connected with same Wifi.  I also posted my comments in another thread with no response. Please help ASAP. 

  • Issue#113180: HP - Wifi driver issue

    My wifi is not working, I think need drivers

  • Issue#147406: Lenovo - R500 video driver issue - is there a win10 driver for this?

    It shows two drivers with errors, mobile 4 series express microsoft wddm 1.1.  If I delete them and reboot, they both come back.  The lenovo system update does not recommend a newer video driver, the intel tools don't find it, if I manually download and try to run the win10 one for x64 systems it says it does not meet the minimum system requirements.  Some searching shows it to be a 4500 series type driver so I would think it would have worked.  Any ideas?

  • Issue#158702: Acer - Driver tarjeta de red Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

    Hola, hace una semana formatee mi Acer Travelmate 7720 para instalar el Windows 10 (64 bits). En principio todo bien pero en ocasiones y no siempre, salta un pantallazo azul de error en Windows que dice " driver irql not less or equal rtwlv64.sys ", que  se intenta repararar al 100% pero no se reinicia.  He consultado en el foro de Windows 10 de Microsoft y me dicen que busque los drivers de la tarjeta de red Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, pero no lo encuentro ya que no sale nada de mi modelo para Windows 10. He consultado en otros foros y me recoendaron desactivar en la  pestaña Energía de la configuracion de red,  demarcar la casilla que permite apagar el dispositivo para ahorrar energía, pero

  • Issue#158866: Lenovo - Wifi issue

    HII am using YOGA Tablet 2-830LCVersion is 5.0.1Build is S100191_151119 The issue i am facing is i get disconnected from internet from time to time and then i will have to go to wifi setigns and click on forget credentials and then retype the credentials again and then connect, in order to get the wifi.The issue occurs in my home network, office network and my friends network.There is no issue with the mobile network, but only wifi is facing problems.Although i can fix it easily by following the above mentioned steps, its annoying to do it for like 9-10 times a day. Any info or help to fix this permanantely would be appreciated. Regards 

  • Issue#166714: found 2 issue with my hp 240g3 laptop. 1: Bluetooth 2:Intel (R) 8 series xHCI HC - 9C31 driver

    I am having 2 problem 1: bluetooth- generic & microsoft bluetooth enumerator is installed but actual driver is not found; 2: Intel (R) 8 series xHCI HC - 9C31 driver is missing in DM. how to install the software. my system info: os- win 7 ultimate, sp1 64 bit 

  • Issue#177666: Lenovo - Lenovo X220 wifi issue

    Hi, since two days the Window system SOMETIMES no long detects the wifi card but only the network card (ethernet) and bluetooth module.How can I be sure the problem is ihnerent the mini pci wlan card and not due a (win) system issue ?  For an eventual hardware replacement... Thanks.Regards, Stefano.

  • Issue#177693: Notebook - Lenovo X220 wifi issue

    Hi, since two days the Window 7 system SOMETIMES no long detects the wifi card and only the network card (ethernet) and bluetooth module are correctly identified. How can I be sure the problem is ihnerent the mini pci wlan card and not due a (win) system issue ? For an eventual hardware replacement... p.s.: lenovo X220, not lenovo x200

  • Issue#183469: Lenovo - how to install Intel ME driver old version

    Hello, I need to install(downgrade) the Intel Management Interface driver to v.10 or v.9 from v.11 to solve the Win10 shutdown problem.  I am stuck with the error "your computer does not meet the minumum requirements for this software".  My PC is YOGA 700 with Windows 10 Pro and its only 1 months old. It came with Win10 and driver v11 so I couldn't just roll back driver to earlier version. Anyone know any solution to this? Thank You