Issue#160: Sony - How to turn off Centre Speaker on Sony Surround Sound

  • Hello,


    I have a Sony surround sound the model is BDV-E3100,


    its not a bad speaker system, not as loud as some other speaker systems I have used in the past but I cant find the answer anywhere, there are a few posts about this speaker system but nothing about what I have put in the title, "How to turn off the centre speaker"


    I have disconnect the center speaker  from the system and on apps like youtube etc.. works fine , in my opinion its louder without the centre speaker , the reason why i want to do this is because i want to hear voices better and it does work well without the centre speaker,


    but the problem is on some apps or watching Blu ray movies, they require the center speaker so when someone speaks in the flim it will come out blurly if that makes sense and unable to hear them speak but can hear any music or anything else like that in the movie,


    i have left everything on default, i have reset the system back to factory, put the DB up just incase in sound settings, 


    so is there anyway with this speaker system that allows the centre speaker to be turn off,


    on my old one i could turn it off and have the other 4 speakers running fine,


    Thank you.





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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Read through the excellent guide provided by Danabw and have a few issues regarding surround sound and ARC to my Receiver:Can't get Surround Sound from Amazon Video. (This looks to be a kown issue.)Can't get Surround Sound from Google Play. (Assuming this is also known, but haven't found confirmation.)Netflix works like a champ.I'm really just looking for a "yeah, we know.. that ******" confirmation here. The Netflix integration is awesome because I can kick off the playback from my smartphone and still use the remote for a quick pause. (I really wish it worked so well for the other apps.) I'm also having issues casting to the TV from HBOGO and Google Play:HBOGO just spins.Google Play sends crazy audio.Unfortunately I can't use the native HBOGO app because of XFINITY not supporting it. This is just kind annoying as I was hoping I could ditch my Chromecast when I got this TV. But so is life...

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    I have a new Sony 65X930C 4K tv which has external speakers located on each side.  I would like to use some sort of other external surround sound system (prefer wireless) for the sound.  This tv only suggests wireless subwoofer (Sony SWFBR/100) which is no longer for sale and hard to find locally.  Can someone suggest a complete surround sound system I can use which is compatible with this TV?  I heard the Samsung HW-J8500 or the Sonos playbar souind great but those work with the 65X930?

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    Hi there, I'm loving the functionality of my new SRS X-55. No problems with NFC or bluetooth pairing.But I bought it primarily so I can hook it up wired to my PC sound card.I'm using an ASUS D2X sound card, connected to the SRS X-55 with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm Van Damme silver plated audio lead. The lead is brand new and I'm experiencing some clipping, overloading. The only way I seem to be able to compensate it by reducing the volume being played by the audio player to around 66%. I usually use VLC player but it does it in windows media player also. Does this sound normal? Usually by default the player is set to 100% and you just adjust the volume on the Sony speaker to suit.

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    I have a Sony XBR-75X940C tv. I have a ARC as well as an optical connection from the TV to my Pioneer SC-37 receiver. Whenever I play an Amazon prime video or a Hulu video (recent ones that definitely have 5.1 sound) I only get a low volume stereo sound. Anyone else has this problem? How can I get surround sound from the apps? FYI, I get surround sound from the Netflix app.

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    Hi, I own a sony KLV-32W400A TV since 2008. I am trying to connect my Mac to the TV through a (thunderbolt display to HDMI cable) and expecting that the 5.1 surround sound can be provided as an input to my TV. My TV is also connected to SONY BRAVIA home theater (it supports 5.1 surround sound). So I want that eventually the 5.1 surround sound can be passed from my Mac --> TV--> BRAVIA Home theater. But I am not sure if my TV supports 5.1 surround sound or not. I am suspecting that it is converting the 5.1 surround to 2 channel stereo and therefore I am unable to enjoy the 5.1 surround sound on my home theater.   I see that my TV has the "S-FORCE Front Surround" feature, but does it mean that it can take in the 5.1 (6 channels) sourround sound from my Mac. Please help. Thanks,Himanshu

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    Hello, I have a Sony BDV N790W home theater system. It came with a wireless amp (TA SA300WR) for the surround sound speakers. Everything is working fine (TV, internet connection, front speakers, woofer, blu-ray movies, etc) except for the surround sound. I'm not getting any sound from the rear LEFT/RIGHT speakers via my surround sound amp (again, TA SA300WR). The surround sound amp has a 'secure link' to the main device (blu-ray player) as indicated by the solid orange light. Moreover, the surround sound speakers work fine because I tested them by attaching them to the main unit (blu-ray) and testing the audio. I'm not sure where the problem lies. Can someone please help me figure this out?

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    Hi, I bought a HT-NT3 soundbar late last year to go with my KDL-55W800B TV. Ever since we have had the soundbar there have been constant issues with the synchronisation of sound with the picture on screen. I have tried numerous things to resolve the issue including: Adjusting the AV Sync setting on the soundbarSetting the scene mode on the TVUpgrading software on both TV and Soundbar to the latest versionsReplacing HDMI cables with High-Speed Fast Ethernet versionsConnecting external devices (cable TV STB, PS4) directly to the soundbar, and also connecting them to the TV and then connecting the TV to the soundbar via ARC enabled HDMI port on both devicesDoing all of this has not resolved the issue. There is one thing I have noticed lately that may be related to the issue? The LED light at the bottom of the TV randomly flashes brightly for a second and then not long after that it seems that the sound starts to go out of sync. Does anyone have

  • Issue#799583: Sony - Can anyone reslove the sound issue with sony KLV-32R412B

    Dear Sony, I have a problem with my LEDTV MODEL-KLV-32R412B, Audio(TV SPEAKERS) isn't working showing always a headphone symbol on the right corner. Even  i did'nt connect  so to any  of audio speakers .still the problem persists   Please suggest and give the assistance