Issue#1607: Philips - 7000 series Incorrect date-time after stand-by on PUS7150

  • Hi all.
    I have 43PUS7150 with the latest software. I have strange problem with date and time. Sometime during day I see that I have wrong date and time. /15-10-2010/ . Than I set manual setting for date and time with correct values. At the evening I turn of TV to stand-by mode and next morning the incorrect date /15-10-2010/ is back with Automatically setting date-time.
    I did not install any new application on my TV and this problem accured the last week . Do someone has the similar problem? If yes how did you resolve it? Thank you. Gustoh.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#781517: Philips - 7000 series External harddisk format issue - after it has been used in Windows for a short

    TV: 7509 FW: Hi I have had my WD Passport Ultra 2TB disk connected to my TV for more than 1 year. The other day I needed to use it for something else and I disconnected it and formatted it in Windows. Now after connecting it again to my TV it will not recognize the USB drive and therefore I cannot format it? Why is this? Is it not possible to reuse the same disk again? Regards, Thomas

  • Issue#846345: Sony - W-950D Series - Date And Time Setting Issue with Andriod TVs - Know Issue but dont see any ef

    Dear Sony ,  I bought a new Sony W-950D 50" Andriod TV and from day one i am hating sony for this bug .  I an using TV connected with Wifi Router - NETGEAR .  Problem : When ever i switch off TV and On it again - Data and time resetting to default time 5:30AM 1-1-2015 and its panicing when ever i open you tube i need to set it to right one manually . And it doesnt fix once i dot ..for every power off and power on same problem i face . Given my wifi route is ON all the time 24/7 .. It is a Clear Bug from Sony Side nothing to do with anything else . You people not able to maintina a proper clock setting by it own once it is configured ??? i see this problem is not new and over the portal it is running across the world . Why Sony is so silent in fixing simple problem ?? 

  • Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

    This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues). Auto time/date will not automatically detect the timezonewill not automatically adjust to the correct time Maintain time/date the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there Manually setting time/date when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/monthoften the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)often the scro

  • Issue#1448: 7000 series Philips 55pus7600 how to Connect a mouse ?

    Hi I'm sorry why bought a Philips Tv 55pus7600 Tried connecting four types of devices today. I get that I have connected a keyboard&mouse and the mouse functionality is not enabled on my Tv. wireless keyboard & mouse - recognized as a keybo ard... So no mouse functionality here with latest software version on my 55pus7600!!!!!! How do you solve this problem?

  • Issue#39216: Philips - 7000 series Can i reinstal the software?

    after updating my 7000 series TV LED ultra thin 4K UHD with Android™ 49PUS7100/12 to the latest version (11 dec 2015) things just turned from bad to worst.... in the past i experienced some minor problems like the remote not always working from the first when i was trying to look for a video on youtube but after updating the tv won t work corectly at all Problems that ocurred: 1.sometimes the tv won t start at all when i press any of the remote control buttons (i tried for 2 hours to turn it on and eventually i unpluged it left it for a few minutes and pluged it back worked but i still get this problem from time to time ) 2.the tv stoped displaying the startup icon with philips 3.i can t switch between sources 4.i use a receiver to watch tv and after the last update the tv started to freeze the receivers last image if i turned it off... if i close the tv and open it again the last image displayed remains there. 5.can t acces the internet after the update from time to time a

  • Issue#45243: Philips - 7000 series Availability 4K / UHD from DVB-S Source

    Hi Everyone, I am using a 55PUK7150, and I don't really understand why current 4K Broadcastings are not being supported as of now. I mean sure there is not much to watch as of now but when buying a 4K TV one want's to have that little tec demo from the existing UHD broadcasters (no matter how upscaled the content is). Currently when tuning in a 4K station on Astra the sound runs for a couple seconds, display stays black, then the sound hangs up. Can you state when HEVC decoding will be enabled? Any update would be very well appreciated. Best, Andreas

  • Issue#51107: Philips - 7000 series 7xx8 TV refuses to start, standby led blinks twice, old firmware requested

    Hello, My TV currently has a tendancy to get corrupted & turn off after ~1 week of usage. The result is a failure to start and a standby LED that blinks twice every few seconds. This behaviour started after upgrading to the .63 FW, but it might also be hardware related (psu?). If I try connecting/disconnecting a few times it usually starts back up again, although I have had several days of powercycling attempts between successful startups. Resetting the TV to factory defaults did not help, I tried it, nor did upgrading to latest FW revisions. Can someone please send me the best firmware version for the 7xx8 series of TVs for me to downgrade to? You may decide yourself which is the best version because it is my last resort attempt to fix the tv before throwing it in the trash. I would also consider replacing the PSU myself (if it might be the psu) if someone could get me an ordercode and a website to order a replacement. BTW my TV was purchased in August 2013. I assume I should

  • Issue#64780: 7000 series PHILIPS 42PFS7509/12 TV freezes - problem with subwoofer

    The problem is when you stop the subwoofer by the TV menu then the PHILIPS became unusable until you power it off which takes 40 seconds(much more than normal) - you can't switch HDMI1-HDMI2 and other sources or SMART menu. The problem exist in every update even the last one.

  • Issue#86529: Philips - 7000 series rai vhf

    ho un tv 42pus7809/12 non vedo rai 1,2,3 trasmesso in vhf aiutatemi...grazie

  • Issue#134605: Philips - 7000 series DolbyDigital pass through on 42PUS7809

    Is there some option which would allow 42PUS7809/12 to pass throug Dolb digital from connected device to optical output. So far i only managed to get stereo output on optical out. Kind regards, Igor

  • Issue#166459: Philips - 7000 series 3d motion problem

    Please fix this, 3d is broken. 2D to 3D conversion works ok, but other 3D options are broken - left and right images are not in sync and it is very noticeable during fast motions.

  • Issue#219310: Philips - Netflix issue with 5000 series 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED TV 46PFL5008D/56

    Dear I have Netflix issue 5000 series 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED TV 46PFL5008D/56, Arabic translation is not showing in Netflix and the update available on TV is TPM1001A_003.001.000.001 see below the note saying that this TV not supporting Arabic , Any suggestion or sittings need to be changed , Attached Thumbnails  

  • Issue#228597: Philips - 7000 series Ambilight + hue configuration lost when restart the tv

    Type: 49PUK710012 softwareversion: QV151E_0.5.38.28 1. Firstly it didn't find my hue bridge. I have to reset my hue bridge to make the TV find it. -> this is no problem since it should only be a one time action. 2. After configuring all the Ambilight+Hue things in the settings on the built-in menu on the TV I can watch the move. I'm happy with how it works altough that I found that if i turn of my TV and later turn it on again. All the configuration regarding ambilight+hue is lost. this means that i have to go over point number (1) again as well. Is there a save configuration button I fail to find or is this a bug?

  • Issue#267896: Philips - 40PUG6700_77 6000 series Not cable and digital tv at same time

    40PUG6700_77 6000 series Not cable and digital tv at same time. There is an channel editor or other solution? Thanks, Javier.

  • Issue#281906: Philips - 7000 series 4K HEVC 60p support

    I've bought a 55puk7100 philips tv, i have called philips support in my country they told me there will be a codec update which will support 4k 60p. It's been a long time so i wonder if it's true and any time soon.

  • Issue#299677: Philips - 7000 series TV 47PFL7008K/12

    Why can I not start my TV form this moring 7:30 till now? the standby led is flashing 2 times and then nothing, and than back. the TV does not respons on de botton on de side from the TV and not on the telecontrol. what is this probleme? waarom start mijn TV niet meer op? de standby knop flikkert 2maal kort en vervolgens een pauze (niks) en dan terug 2maal flikkeren en weer niks. reageert niet op afstandsbediening noch de toetsen aan de zijkant van de tv.

  • Issue#310722: Philips - 7000 series Not-so-smart-TV - 49PUS7150

    Hi all After 4 months that I buy my new Supposly-smart-TV, I regret my decision to select a Philips TV. Here I will explain in short few issue that I'm facing with my TV maybe someone can listen in order to solve the several issues: Bug 1: (ID03963) after I turn off the TV (pressing the button behind the Tv), then when I turn ON again the TV, I need to wait 1-2 minutes until the entire system will be full ON, and in the meantime I get the philips splashscreen and the android splashscreen and the philips logo will be turn on meanwhile the set it OFF. In other words the behavior I face is the same you describe if I would unplugged the power cord. SOLUTION: as the only reason I have to turn off the TV is to turn off the red led, it could be easily add this option in the settings so each customer could decide by themself. Bug 2: IDO3840 I faced the issue you describe here: not always the settings are in place. The most anoying in the philips logo: it doesn't want to keep off; and the v

  • Issue#368685: Philips - 7000 series 55PUS7170/12 Ambilight wrong colors

    Hello, i have some problems with my Philips 55PUS7170/12 - when screen is all white or all yellow, Ambilight led's at every 20-30 cm are pink, not white or yellow. If I am watching some movies with a outside scenes without blue sky, just white, there is really annoying. Does anyone has that problem? How can I fix it? You can se this there:

  • Issue#407361: Set date/time issue on BT 7610

    My parents are having a problem setting the date and time on their BT 7610 handset system - since the clocks changed for DST. Using the menu to get to date/time allows them to change the time, and then when trying to change the date it displays as 126/00/201 and then changes to 12/00/0000.  When they try to enter a new date - for example 04 / 04 / 2016 it does not allow the second '4' digit to be entered. After this neither the date nor time is changed. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Issue#461355: Philips - 7000 series News - Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

    What is the lates news abut updating to Android 6.0 Marshmallow? In what state is it? Is the stability there? What is the big time schedule? :-) :cool:

  • Issue#488386: Philips MultiGroom Series 7000: Sistema di aggancio accessori col tempo diventa lasco

    Il sistema di aggancio accessori col tempo diventa lasco e si crea gioco e relativo rumore. Come risolvere il problema?

  • Issue#493681: Chromo Inc. modelc12416: Time and Date Incorrect help

    Every time I turn on this device the date and time are incorrect. I don't really mind that, as I am usually just surfing.... but it will stop and say that I must reset it to continue. VERY A NNOYING. How can I fix that ? Thanks ⟐ Answer accepted April 20, 2016 at 4:31 am -0700

  • Issue#528499: Philips - 7000 series Ambilight + Hue not working after update

    I just bought the hue color starter pack to complement my 65pus7600. Worked great at first but after I updated my TV to the latest software (from 4th of april 2016) it just doesn't work anymore. Hue works with the iPhone-app but it's not syncing with the TV. It shows up in the settings on the TV, but the lights remains untouched and is not in sync with the ambilight of the TV. Please help!

  • Issue#537228: Philips - 7000 series Several .AVI files freeze after a few seconds play

    TV Model 49PUS7150/12, upgraded to firmware, then to, freezes, using standard video player, while watching .AVI movies whose files are located an external USB pen drive. Of course the same pen drive, with the same movies, works perfectly on other (and older) TV sets, such as Samsung or LG. Tried changing pen drive brand, from Verbatim to Kingston, but get no different behavior: after a few seconds (from 15 to 20) image freezes, while sound go forward for a few more seconds, then everything is locked. Moving forward in timeline the player, you get some more seconds of play, but freeze happens again in the same way. Movies on pen drive are .AVI files with a corresponding .SRT subtitle file, but the behavior occurs even if subtitles are not enabled in player (but files still present on pen drive). I didn't try removing at all .SRT files to see what happens. If possible, I would prefer avoiding use of a third party movie player, such as Mx Player or VLC, etc

  • Issue#537478: Philips - 7000 series Having problem to play 4k content from usb on 55PUS7600???

    I bought 55PUS7600 and service installed it 2 days ago. Service guy puts on usb and shows me some 4k demos and it played well. after that i downloaded some 4k demos and put them on usb to test tv. One .mp4 format and one .mkv format videos i downloaded. I put usb on tv and try to play it but it gives "format not supported" alert. i installed the latest software but problem still exists. Can you help me guys?

  • Issue#557374: Philips - led smart tv 7000 series software problem

    Hi, I have a huge problem with Philips Support in Sweden, they cannot give any advice to solve any problem regarding the upgrading problem with the latest software upgrade. My model is NO.: 40PFL7007T/12 with the SERIAL NO.: ZH1N 1235 007399. This is what have happen: 1) I started up the wifi in my tv. 2) Thereafter the pop up recommended to upgrade the software to the latest version. My tv was perfect before this version. 3) After download, installation of the new software and also restart the tv according to the manual. From now on has nothing been OK and not working at all, the tv restart at every second minute. The Philips support has no clue how to solve the problem and they are not calling Philips software support to find a solution, it is actually very strange behaviar. They explained for me that the TV consist of Hardware and Software. Well, I have been in the computer industry for more tha 30 years and I know very well the process. I was told that I have to wait until nex

  • Issue#568128: Philips - 7000 series some little bugs for at least 49PUS7100

    I'm very lucky with this tv, but the software has any few errors: - The 3d side in version QV151E_R0.3.120.137 was correct, but after it the normal 3d is needed to say that is 3d inverted and in inverted 3d pushing 3d normal there is 1 frame different, by that normally I need turn up-down the glasses - ... this occurs also with any 3d auto modes: i believe with 3d sbs - The pip (multi view) not admit change of channel (but manual say is possible) - in manual 3d not exist option to see in 2d (in other tv I use always is possible), it's possible only in 3d auto (byte that know the video is in 3d) - in auto 3d (when the tv know the video is 3d) it's not possible invert the image. - in 3d 4k option of 2d give double image and not 2d image - sometimes image lose the syncro so appreciate jumps in the image, letters nor well draw, ... - " hevc main10 seems lose also synchronization - in the menus only can move from begin to end, cannot go to end up from begin, ... - would be a

  • Issue#658213: Philips - 7000 series 65PUS7600 - ARC Not working after update

    I have a strange issue with the 65PUS7600/12, and after the latest update (QV151E_R0.5.38.68 from may 2nd) the ARC refuse to work with a non Philips brand reciever (LG). Before that everything worked great with no issues, but now nothing happens. When trying to activate easylink manually it just say the sound system could not be started. Optical works, but that is not really the point, when I want to use ARC as before. I tried another 1.4 cable (thought he old should be working as it did before with the same TV), and different HDMI ports. I also tried to reset the TV and cold start the TV, with no luck. Of course the reciever is in ARC mode (as before). So I guessing Philips is now blocking other non philips equipment on the ARC / Easylink and we cant use LG or other brands anymore? Is it any other methods of trying to force ARC to work, or any places I can check the logs from the source while trying to activate ARC (to see what really happens).

  • Issue#659943: Philips - 7000 series Ambilight + hue settings forgotten on TV reboot

    Hello Philips support, I'm starting to get really annoyed by the TV I own (42PFK7199, latest firmware). Regarding my issue: 1. Firstly it didn't find my hue bridge. I had to reset my hue bridge to make the TV find it. 2. After configuring all the Ambilight+Hue things in the settings, it works altough that I found that if i turn off my TV and later turn it on again, all the configuration regarding ambilight+hue is lost.. Please solve this bug