Issue#1668: Music app problem on iPhone 6s+

  • Hey guys,

    I have got a weird problem. Whenever I want to listen to some music on my iPhone app, it shows only Apple Music logo and I cannot do anything else.

    If I turn off and on the phone, the Apple Music logo is not present for like 5 seconds, then it jumps back and I have stuck screen on that once again.

    It started with the last update.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Not wanting to clutter up the useful API examples thread I am replying in a new thread. I am only replying because I think Tolriq's comments are confusing and I want to clarify them for others, the API syntax for filtering is difficult enough. (Yesterday 21:17)Tolriq Wrote:   (Yesterday 21:03)DaveBlake Wrote:  A good example that needs to be here from that shows the combining logic that filters on both AND and OR in GetAlbums Code: {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "AudioLibrary.GetAlbums", "params": { "filter": {"and": [{"or": [{"field": "genre", "operator": "contains", "value": "jazz"}, {"field": "genre", "operator": "contains", "value": "blues"}, {"field": "genre", "operator": "contains", "value": "swing"}]}, {"and":[{"field": "year", "operator": "greaterthan", "value": "1959"}, {"field": "year", "operator": "lessthan", "value": "1970"}]}]},  "properties": ["albumlabel", "artist", "title", "year", "thumbnail"], "sort"

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    I would normally click my MUSIC button and get to my playlists and all I get is a background picture of a woman wearing headphones with the apple logo and MUSIC next to it and the screen is NON-FUNCTIONAL. I cannot do anything to play my music normally from this location which I have always done before this new stupid update.

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    SO... music keeps being deleted off my iPhone 6 Plus . For example... I put the acid rap mixtape by chance the rapper on my phone yesterday morning.Then when I left work some tracks were missing. When I woke up this morning the rest of the album was gone. This happens at least once a week. It is not just with that album... It's with any song I add to my phone from my computer. I updated to the newest ios. iTunes match is not on Thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else?