Issue#1668: Music app problem on iPhone 6s+

  • Hey guys,

    I have got a weird problem. Whenever I want to listen to some music on my iPhone app, it shows only Apple Music logo and I cannot do anything else.

    If I turn off and on the phone, the Apple Music logo is not present for like 5 seconds, then it jumps back and I have stuck screen on that once again.

    It started with the last update.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    I am an ex RIM tech, I have worked first with BIS support and was promoted to BES before moving on to team lead so plz believe me that I tried all the standard fixes and searched all KB's as well as forums incl berry. I am now running OS and my passport model number is sqw100-1. The issue I am trying to fix is that the music app pops up all the time esp when I try to dial a phone number or when I am in the video app, I have no music or plan to ever use that feature. If I could get help disabling or even removing it completely I would be grateful as all my carrier support does is try to walk me thru a reload so they can dump the call without giving me a ticket so I can get real help from RIM, I also do not have a twitter account so that route is not an option for me

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    When i am at work I build a long Shuffled Music Queue from my favorite playlists and as the day goes along I switch apps and pause my Spotify and then come back a while later and the Shuffle queue has started from scratch.   This causes me to have to reset up my queue and remove the songs that I have already heard.  It would be nice if the music queue would auto-save or something so when I come back it remembered where I left off instead of simply remembering what playlist I was playing.

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    I've just bought an iPhone 6s after spending five years with an iPhone 4s. With the 4s, I could stream at least two hours of music a day on a 1gb data plan, and have allowance left over at the end of the month – so I'm guessing the usage was very light. Today, I've streamed about 75 minutes, and have used 124mb. At this rate, I'll eat through 1gb in eight days. I buy iTunes Match because I want to stream any music in my collection at any point. I've been doing this with my 4s for a few years, and don't want to go back to uploading songs to my phone. Can someone explain the disparity, and what I can do to reign in the data usage? Is it simply the difference between 3G and 4G?

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    Does any one know if I can get all the music I've saved on my ps4 Spotify app onto the app on my phone?I can't seem to find any answersThanks.

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    I created several music playlists (music on SD card), first with the Google Play Music.  Anytime I shutdown/restart my phone or connect it to my laptop for file transfers, my playlists are erased. I downloaded a different music app (not sure on the name), created playlists - and the same issue occured when I shut down.  Also, with this new app I was able to set a custom ringtone but with the retart, it reverted back to a standard tone. I downloaded a different music app (again, don't rememer the name) - same issues with restart: empty playlists and standard ringtone. I went back to the Google Play Music app, recreated my playlists, but when I connected my Priv to my laptop to copy additional songs, my phone no longer recognized even the music on the SD card once I disconnected, until I restarted the phone.  Playlists gone again. I am now on Pi Music app. I created my playlists and set my ringtone.  I restarted last night due to the update and all

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    Have been using the app on the phone without a problem via my very good wifi connection Lately I cannot get any live video just the VC011 error I can get the video on my computer with no problems BT support has been poor How do I check that the app on my phone is using my home wi-fi and NOT looking for a 3G or 4G connection?  

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    Hi all,I bought a Spotify premium account to play music on my Sonos appliance.When I try to access Spotify by mean of iphone Sonos app it tells me that I need to re-authorize Soptify account. Then I'm redirected to an URL that asks me to access to spotify. I try to access with my Facebook account using my Facebook userid/pwd (they're correct becouse I have no problem in authenticate on a desktop and on the iphone too) but it doesn't go forward: I mean that I remain on the same login page but I don't receive any error message (If I use a wrong Facebook pwd it says me that the password is wrong).Please someone can help me?Thanks in advanceEnzo

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    I have an iPhone 6 bought in 12/2014 and in March this year started to have some problems related to the percentage of the battery when it is near 20/25% off the iPhone and says "no battery" but if I try to power on, fifth/sixth attempt later, boot with is 20/25% usually, sometimes the battery jumps from 25% to 10% and stuck on that until the battery really reach 10% when I connect the charger the percentage back to their normal, it all started when I upgraded my iPhone from iOS 9.0.2 to 9.2.1, I tried to clean install iOS 9.3.2 on iTunes but the problem continues ... this can be a problem in the battery or is a bug on iOS? I have less than 500 charge cycles. ⟐ Edited by author May 20, 2016 at 4:49 pm -0700

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    Just unpacked a AC-Lite, switched it on. Directly connected the LAN port to a router whose wifi I was on. Went to the iPhone App >UniFi App.  It showed up the UniFi AC Lite. Click on it, it asked for password.  Entering ubnt / ubnt  doesnt work!Not sure, how to proceed. My client just need a WiFi access point, without any controller, he simply needs 1 SSID with 1 password.What to do ?

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    Hello, guys! My girlfriend has a very serious problem on her SE with music. It just completely disappears from the phone. We sync to iTunes and it reappears, but in one or two days it's gone, again. She's not subscribed to Apple Music. It's just her iTunes physical library, which continues to disappear! We already tried to reset the settings. What do we have to do? The software is updated. Thanks so much!

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    When I shuffle all, either recently played or my whole library I'll get to a point where 5-6 songs will play over and over. My library on my phone has about 2200 songs in it. I'll be at the gym and a song will come on again followed by a few more of the songs I already heard. If I skip to the next a half dozen times, I'll get a song I haven't heard yet. It's really weird. Anyone else get this?

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    So I used to be an Apple Music subscriber but gave it up for the usual reasons. So anyway, when I'm logged in to the App store (which I have to be to download app updates) all this music appears on my phone that I don't want. i.e. music in addition to the music I have actually put on my Phone. If I log out of Apple Music, this additional music goes away. Just to be clear--the additional music is not streaming. It appears to be on the phone itself. Yet when I plug the phone into the computer,... Help with problem with music on iPhone

  • Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

    This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues). Auto time/date will not automatically detect the timezonewill not automatically adjust to the correct time Maintain time/date the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there Manually setting time/date when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/monthoften the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)often the scro

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    How to fix iphone 4s No Service / Searching problem and what is the cause of it? Please Help. Thanks ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 6:00 am -0700

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