Issue#171: Sony - Android TV - Side loaded apps

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    Anyone know how to make side loaded apps show up on the homescreen?  Its probably been answered before, appologies if I have missed it.



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  • Issue#16621: Logitech - Input selection commands launch Android apps on Sony 2015 Android TVs Home screen - Solve

    I have been struggling with an issue using my Harmony 700 with my Sony XBR75X850C (and affects other 2015 Sony AndroidTVs) and other Harmony remotes and aparently even the Harmony Hub.   The issue is that if you select an activity when on the Sony Home screen or when the last used activity was the Home screen startup Activity commands sent by the remote were misinterpreted by the TV to be the equivalent of an "OK" (e.g., Enter) command, so whatever Android app or element on the TV Home screen was currently highlighted would be launched/opened.  So for example, if you're on the Home screen of the TV and select Watch TV, the commands sent are:  1. Turn on DVR2. Switch to HDMI 3 on TV (receiver connected to TV on this port) 3. Switch to HDMI 3 on receiver (DVR connected to receiver on this port) However, instead of switching smoothly to HDMI3, the TV would inexplicably launch whatever app was currently highlighted on the Home screen, and i

  • Issue#73759: Android - LG Optimus Exceed 2 issue with updating/downloading apps

    I can't update or download any app in my phone. LG optimus exceed 2 anyone. Can help me please

  • Issue#95282: Sony - Issue Using Sideview App as a controller for Android TV(W800C)

    Using Sideview App as a controller for my Android TV(W800C),  " controller Connected" or "controller disconnected”  notification is frequently shown on TV screen even when I am not using the Sideview App.

  • Issue#132557: Sony - Android Apps...some basics of troubleshooting - Start here.

    So you have an Android TV. You have Android apps on it. They don't always behave nicely. What do you do if you have problems finding or installing apps:  1. Only apps that the app developer flags as appropriate for Android TV will show up in the Google Play Store on your TV, or allow you to install them to the TV when you're on the Google Play Store on your computer. Apps need a "10 foot interface"  - they need to be usable on a big screen using a TV remote control. Not all apps have that, and not all developers want to bother to enable that for their app.  2. If you do see an app in the play store on your TV but are unable to install/update it, the Play Store app itself may be acting up. See the instructions below on troubleshooting app problems, and apply those instructions to the Play store.  3. If you are more adventurous/technical and side loaded an app on your TV but don't see it on the Home screen, i

  • Issue#140365: Android - Sony Z3 Contact sync issue

    My google contacts failed to sync with my Sony Z3 since two weeks ago, but all other Google items (mail, calendar etc) are syncing properly. I have tried to remove and add back Google account, and have also even done a factory reset on the phone. However, I am still having issues with the sync.... Sony Z3 Contact sync issue

  • Issue#142869: Sony - TV guide issue on Bravia Android TV

    Hi, I have a KDL-55W807C and have an issue with the TV guide (EPG). This is the EU version so no Youview. Very often, which is 9 out of 10 times, when we use the EPG to switch channels then we have to do it two times. The first time the screen just goes black with the channel info on the top, but no picture. The TV displays this message in the lower right corner: "The selected service is encrypted or can't be decoded" (translated from Danish). When we open the EPG again and press OK to select the same channel again, then it finally makes the switch. This is very annoying since this is basic TV functionality that should just work. This also happens with the very latest firmware from February 17th. We use Yousee cable TV (Denmark) and have a CI+ card inserted to allow access to the channels that we're subscribing to. Every time we switch channels using the EPG, then we quickly see the CI+ interface with the message "You don't have access to the channel" but it di

  • Issue#188229: Sony - Android apps (Netflix / Hulu Plus etc.) does not work on Verizon 5G network

    Veizon recently pushed 5G to my router. All connected devices automatically connected to this, including my Sony Bravia XBR-55X900C (Software version PKG3.307.0101NAB) But as soon as the Bravia is on the 5G network, none of the Android apps work. This include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon on demand, just to mention a few. I get the error message that I might not be connected to the internet, although I am clearly connected. When I manually reconnect to the old channel (the network without the 5G on the same router), all work again.This is a pain, as I have to do it everytime I put on the TV and want to watch an app, as the TV defaults back to the 5G channel. What can I do to get Netflix and the others to recognize and work with 5G?

  • Issue#241613: Amazon - Side loaded Nook app, but it does not show up in the Apps Tab

    Hi, I have a brand new kindle fire (base model). I have a bunch of books previously purchased on Nook, so I sideloaded the latest Nook app. It opens fine, and shows up in the Recent Apps list. But, it does not show up in the Apps tab. Is there a trick to making it appear there? Reply to this post.

  • Issue#263877: Sony - Compatibility issue between Sony SRS X-99 and Android TV NVIDIA shield

    Hi,Recently i have bought Sony SRS X-99 to use it with Android Shield TV. As i can see in the specs, both of these devices support 24 bit/ 192khz High resolution audio, and i really want to utilize this capability. I have connected Nvidia Shield  Android TV  with SRS X-99 (USB-B port) using USB cable, but unfortunately we cannot hear any audio at  SRS X-99 side. Here is the specification of Android TV- Nvidia Shield:==========Android TV NVIDIA SHIELD supports 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound pass through over HDMI. It also supports high-res audio playback up to 24-bit/192 kHz over HDMI and USB and high-res audio upsample to 24-bit/192 hHz over USB.========= I have talked with Nvidia Customer care about this, they recommended me to contact with Sony. Moreover NVIDIA customer has provided me  and Incident ID: 160311-000318. Moreover please find the details of the device -Android TV Nvidia Shield:=======================M

  • Issue#269198: Logitech - Sony w95c android tv power on issue in Watch TV activity

    Hello, I'm using Sony W95c android tv with Yamaha receiver, pioneer bluray, Apple tv4, set top box. I have setup harmony 650 - watch tv activity to power on tv, set top box& yamaha receiver. All except Sony android tv will switch on when I press Watch TV activity button. ( from a cold start from all power off from main supply) . When I press help , after two-three attempts, sony tv will switch on. This issue will repeat if I switch off the main power switch. But once I fix it with Help button, it will work fine until I switch off main power switch again. It's little cumbersome. Please advise 

  • Issue#310107: Sony - Sony Bravia LED 32 KDLNX650 left side shadowing issue

    I had purchased a 32 Inch bravia LED NX650 TV in May 2013 . From last month , i have started observing a left side shadowing issue in the TV. I contacted the service centre in Mumbai , the service guy came and did some observations . Later he conveyed that it is a Panel issue and since this is out of warranty will be charged .Next day the service guy called me and gave me an estimate to change the panel as 15000 /- Rs ( Oh My God ).This is really shocking to hear , the TV has not even completed 3 years and such a big issue.I had brought the TV only on the image that SONY as a company was having , now I am soley depressed.If this is a known issue , can Sony do something about it .

  • Issue#448865: Android - Team Black Out Presents.... The Dark Side....Blacked Out Apps

    "Welcome to the Dark Side" Click the quote above to access the site Team Black Out is made up of some of the best of the best in the industry when...​ Team Black Out Presents.... The Dark Side....Blacked Out Apps

  • Issue#464043: Sony - Can't get downloaded android apps to show on home screen

    Android apps show on home screen while downloading, but then disapear and can only be located in settings/tv/apps/downloaded apps

  • Issue#473282: Sony - KDL-40WD653 BBC apps issue

    I have a KDL-40WD653 (2016 model). It has an issue whereby after loading one of the BBC apps a few times (e.g. the iPlayer app), subsequent attempts to start the app results in a brief loading animation followed by a black screen, and then nothing else. I can exit out by pressing the HOME button, but I have to power off at the wall to get the BBC apps working again. I have noticed a Sony issue announcement: - however it makes no mention of what issue the announcement relates to. Does anyone know what specific issue the Sony announcement relates to, and is there an easier way to "reboot" the TV than powering off at the wall? Thanks.

  • Issue#480672: Sony - Work-around to enable 3D mode in apps (Kodi, Plex, Archos, etc.) on Android TVs

    This is a workaround that can help some owners of the X850C (and other Android TVs that lack a "3D" button on the remote) to enable 3D playback in apps like Kodi, Archos, Plex, VLC, etc.  That's the good news...the bad news is that it requires either a Harmony remote or remote w/similar online database programming option, or access to a Sony 3D TV remote that has the "3D" button on it (which isn't on the 2015 Sony Android TV remote).  The issue: When playing 3D videos back in apps like Kodi, Archos, Plex, etc., the TV's Action menu will not provide a 3D option, even if the movie being played is 3D.   Fix: Posted by [cbecerril] in AVS forums on the X850C owners thread: "First post in this thread: I'm sure the Kodi 3d workaround has been discussed here? Use an old remote with the '3d' button and the Kodi will play 3d fine. I have a harmony remote and programmed it to use the '3d' button from a 2014 model. Now I can play it fine with Kodi." I tested his

  • Issue#498465: Sony - Unable to select 3D side by side setting on Android TV

    Hi, I'm trying to get a 3D video/movie to work on my Bravia Android 3D TV. I'm using a compatible active 3d glass - TDG-BT400A. The 3d video (side by side hd format) downloaded from the internet is being played from an usb drive attached to the tv. 1. I turn on bluetooth and pair the active 3d glass.2. I open the 3d movie and two frames (side by side) of the same video are being played on the screen.3. Next up, I go to settings > 3d display > choose side by side At this moment, the 3d movie being played is ideally supposed to turn into overlapping images (ready for it to be viewed using the active 3d glass). But this does NOT happen. On the contrary, when I choose the side by side option and come back to the previous screen - the settings automatically gets turned to 'off'. Meaning, I simply am not able to choose the side by side option to stay. Any help is greatly appreciated.  

  • Issue#505481: Sony - Android TV and Router Issue

    Hi I have a strange issue with my Android TV (KD-43X8305C). Whenever it is connected to my router (Huwaeii, supplied by TalkTalk), either wired or wireless, the router stops working. i.e. I can't even browse to its home page (, and no internet in the house. As soon as I unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the TV, router springs back into life. Does anybody have any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#586773: Sony - Issue with E4100 connectivity issue with Apps (Netflix & You Tube)- Customer Service Request

    Hi Team,I am facing a weird problem in my blue ray device -E4100 where the device is connected to internet (able to access from internet browser) but having issues when trying to connect to the Netflix or You Tube apps.Trying finding solutions around this in Sony Forum and can see many people are facing this issue. The service request registered on 05/05 - # 32035088, the service engineer visited to my place yesterday, told that there is some problem with the internet provider. The technician(Internet Provider) visited today and checked all the things including router configuration, all seems to be OK (Connecting to more than 4 other devices about an average speed of 48 MBPS).Could you please provide be a resolution ASAP?Tried fixing the problem in many ways...1.Factory resetting of Network and Initialise personal information.2.Unplugged power cable of the system and router for more than 1min and connected again.3.Enabled ping back option in router.Nothing is working.Do Sony do a testi

  • Issue#593158: Android - Recent Apps Screen Issue - Stock G3

    I have never seen anyone talk about this before, but my problem lies within the recent apps screen. That problem is literally nothing showing up. I can have 1 to all of my apps "running" in the backround and -every once in awhile (this problem doesn't happen too frequently to where it is ruining... Recent Apps Screen Issue - Stock G3

  • Issue#622224: Sony - XBR 49X830C won't show video in some Android TV apps, (PBS, HBO GO)

    When I try to watch video in apps the TV will not respond or will just continually try to load the video.  I have checked the 'self diagnostics' and was told everything was fine, but the problem still happens alot.

  • Issue#707992: Sony - Wifi issue with Android TV

    I  had purchased a Bravia 4K android TV. Initially the wifi was working very well  and later when there was a issue with our WIFI router, I got a new WIFI router.  Now the issue is that  Sony  iNTernet TV is not detecting the WIFI router where as all other devices like tablet and Mobiles are detecting the wifi router. Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be done in the settings as we have tried all possible option

  • Issue#801667: Android - Getting email apps loaded

    G'day, Unable to get the App, attached to an email to load. All ok with my other tablet, but with the PROTAB 7 all I get is a quick flash screen when I try select the attachment. Have enabled "Unknown Sources" and the main difference between the two tablets is the Android Version Working... Getting email apps loaded

  • Issue#835103: Blackberry - android apps issue

    Hi I am unable to download most of the latest android apps like uber and ola cabs, paytm,etc. Also apps which are available are also showing error. What to do. The passport is now just becoming a phone instead of a smartphone.

  • Issue#875612: Sony Bravia 4K TV: Android Apps not even HD ready

    Hello, I have recently got a X8505C Sony Bravia TV (Android TV 55", 4K, year 2015). I also intended to use it to display high quality (DSLR) pictures shared on the Web thanks to Android and Opera. The result is just very disappointing, the images are very soft: there is no Wahoo effect... Sony Bravia 4K TV: Android Apps not even HD ready

  • Issue#960314: Sony - android tv, download apps error

    following a Factory reset, I can not downlaod any apps to my android TV model NSZ-GT1I do have a fatal error called  Error while retrieving information from server[DF-DLA-15] Well known using Google play store Do you have a fix for this bug ? Any help will be much appreciated Thanks

  • Issue#984673: Sony - Google cast issue on 2016 Bravia Android TV

    Hello, I have a problem to cast video from smartphone or Chrome browser on PC.TV model: XBR-49X800D (2016 model) I tried the instruction in the following URL, but it did not work.,66/p/61659,95543,96388,96430/ Curiously, I can cast only YouTube tab of Chrome browser on PC.But, I cannot from YouTube App on Smartphone or from other tab of Chrome browser. Can anyone help? Thanks! 

  • Issue#1006255: Sony - Android TV opened apps

    If there is any way to see the aps I have opened and not closed (that are still running in the background)?I'm looking for something similar like on Android phones/tablets where I push one button (multi window) and I can see all the apps I open and not closed. I know I can go thru System/Apps and see there the apps are running, but there are olso the system ones witch must remain on. Thanks

  • Issue#1011843: Sony - Apps are not being loaded in Sony w700c

    I have a Sony kdl- w700c TV . from today I am not being able to load app like YouTube ,Netflix . I have checked internet connections and it is okay. I have tried resetting the power and wait for 1minute but does not work. I have also reset factory setting but no luck. When I press the home button the progress icon keeps on loading indefinitely. I need a way out to this .please help me

  • Issue#1043991: Sony - Android TV - add YouTube to My Apps on Discover Bar

    How can I add the YouTube app to the list of My Apps that appears on the DISCOVER bar?  If I EDIT MY APPS, YouTube isn't listed under either ADD APPS or ADD OTHER.