Issue#1720: Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

  • I want to have a little play around with Sprite Kit, just for fun really. I decided that I would like to target OS X initially.

    I've tried building and running the default Sprite Kit template project. I have made no changes to it. It builds with no errors, but when the product is run, the graphics in the window are completely corrupted. This is supposed to be a few spinning spaceships. The lumps of stuff do spin, but they don't look anything like a ship:...

    Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

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  • Issue#384998: Project CARS - Weird issue in the online browser list

    For the last three nights there's a guy in the multiplayer browser list that's always there and you can't join his lobby because it chucks you back to race central, his name is AngryBunny11229 Brands Hatch Indy FC. Is anyone else getting the same on multiplayer browser?

  • Issue#719814: Project CARS - Logitech G29 wheel weird issue

    Hi, I have had my new G29 wheel for about 6 weeks now and I started to experience this strange problem: When I connect wheel to PC (PS4 mode turned on), it gets immediately recognised by PC, does the usual calibration with rotation, but the yellow LED light on top disappears after about 3 seconds. During system or game start-up, the wheel tries to do the calibration again, but that attempt ends before it can be completed (so it never finishes the calibration) and the yellow LED light does not appear at all. I have the newest Logitech Gaming Software installed which never recognizes the wheel. Ingame, what works is only buttons, steering and pedals are unfunctional. I tried on multiple USB ports, sockets, restarting and turning off PC, waiting for a day without any luck. BUT - on my laptop (which is however too old to play on), everything works perfectly. The PC¨s USB ports have to be fine, as X360 controllers and flashdiscs work without problem, sockets are also OK apparently. Do

  • Issue#13603: Autodesk - weird registration issue

    We have an existing project with 20+ scans, and went out yesterday to scan a new room in the building.  Started out with a few overlap scans, and then scanned the new room.  Imported the new scans, and brought into manual registration mode. Reguistered two last night, and left it overnight to import the rest.  When he came in this morning, the left screen  has all the old scans, the two scans registered last night.  When hes clicking to make corresponding points this morning, the point snaps to a random place, same place everytime, and is almost impossible to delete.  See video.  Also interesting to note is, the scan map only shows the two new scan bubbles up in the top right of the left screen, where there should be 30+.  Also when we able to get two scans close, and it automatically thought it had made a match, hover over the blue/orange preview, and it just shows a straight line of blue/orange, not a map.

  • Issue#20529: Weird stability issue with intel integrated graphics

     "I've been getting this issue since I updated my motherboard BIOS from it's initial..."

  • Issue#21286: Project CARS - Pitting - Issue with tires.

    We raced tonight at Monza, 30 laps... I had to pit for fuel on lap 20 (Group5 - Ford Capri), I did NOT change tires, as they were barely worn, and got the right pressure throughout the race. (I did set up a pit stop strategy for the stop, with tire change, the pressure was set at the start at 1.10 for all four tires at the start, and in the pit stop also for 1.10 for all four) Now, I did choose to NOT change any tires, but after the stop, I drove 1 lap, and all tires were full red, at 125-140 °C. This is surely not good like this, as these same tires did 20 laps before that, always being green, and have not worn 10% during these 20 laps, but after the stop, they wore another 20% (at least) in the next 8 laps.

  • Issue#26400: Project CARS - Mazda mx-5 radbull steering issue

    I drive t500rs and now i try the new mx-5 radbull but when i turn the wheel over 1/4 round it suddenly turn's to maximum it only does this for this car.

  • Issue#29462: Weird sleep issue causes kernel[0]: IOATAController device blocking bus

    I am stumped… Browing the forums It seems the consensus around the "kernel[0]: IOATAController device blocking bus." message I am getting in Console is that it indicates a failing HD or SSD, however, in my case this message appears (3 times per second) *only after waking*, having previously put the computer to sleep via the apple menu. As a related symptom; When I open up Disk Utility before the computer has ‘slept’, it works fine, but after sleep it opens a window with a ‘gathering datat’... Weird sleep issue causes kernel[0]: IOATAController device blocking bus

  • Issue#33323: Project CARS - Issue: T300 wheel tears to one side

    Hi, when driving online frequently my T300 wheel tears suddenly to one side. Only help is to end and restart pcars. The PS4 guys report the same issue. In my case it is on PC. I think it came with patch 8.0. Any other on PC with this issue? It seems to happen when driving online. Didn't have this issue offline so far.

  • Issue#35966: Project CARS - T300rs wheel FFB fade issue after update to 8.00 version

    Hi guys. i have a FFB fading issue with my t300rs wheel since i updated project cars to 8.00. Before the update, the wheel was fine and I could play it for an hour without feeling any FFB fade. But after update to 8.00, the FFB feels slightly stronger than before and then starts fading after just 5 mins of game play. I wonder is there anyone having the same issue? Cause i only have the project cars and don't have any racing games, so i cannot tell if this is a game issue or there is something wrong with the wheel. (current setting: FFB=75; TIRE FORCE=115)

  • Issue#40610: Weird Issue ZXR

    I own a ZXR since the day I bought it had an ongoing issues even 1 RMA later still have the issue. So the issue is DBPro what it would do after a day or a month (usually very random) DBpro would vanish and no power would go the ZXR daughter board. Talked to creative about 100 times about this so have others and no fix. I tried the pax driver which worked really good but then I lost sound to both devices after a few months. I think it has something to do with the Z control panel but failed to... Weird Issue ZXR

  • Issue#44312: Spotify - Weird silent playback issue

    I am using Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and within the last few days Spotify has started playing silence for every song that I don't directly have a hand in starting.  If I skip ahead to the next song or pause and continue, it plays as normal, but when it continues to a new song it's silence again. I've already tried clearing the cache and reinstalling Spotify, tried turning on and off the equalizer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  • Issue#45592: Project CARS - FORD Falcon in-car view issue - anyone else have the same???

    Not too sure if anyone has noticed...the in-car view in the new ford falcon doesnt show the steering wheel, if you set hide driver option in the game settings. I race in car view, with the no hands/driver option set in the game settings - perfect for me. With cars that don't have displays built into the steering wheel itself - the no hand/driver option removes the wheel as well as the driver/arms/hands - thats all good - and cars with displays in the steering wheel - the no hand/driver option removes the driver/hand/arms but keeps the steering wheel with its inbuilt display in a static position - all good. the Falcon has its display built into the wheel - but with no wheel hence no display - its makes the drive a bit more entertaining, but it is gonna cause problems in a race. I turned this option off to enable the driver/hands/arms and the steering wheel is i cant blame my pit crew! i've put the hud on for now in that car, has anyone else noticed this? Only tried thi

  • Issue#54939: Project CARS - Bmw 2002 Stanceworks puncher issue?

    Anyone else having this issue,every race about the 3-4th lap i get a front puncher?

  • Issue#55328: Weird keyboard issue

    Hi, I have some strange issues with my keyboard latly. First, two diagonal rows of keys completly stopped working. (8,i,k,(,)) and (9,o,l,.). However they suddenly started working again. Now, the issue is that at random moments its like the @ button is held in. (even though I havent pressed it). This can even happen when Im not typing so I just hear the click sound the mac makes when you type something without writing. So often when I type it looks like this: "Hi, m@@@@@y name i@@@@" it... Weird keyboard issue

  • Issue#60664: Weird issue with Starhub Hubstation HD

    Anyone else here kena before and know what's wrong? I accidentally set timer record wrongly to daily. When I discovered this I amended it to weekly. But it still records daily. I checked the list of timer recordings and sometimes this daily thing pops up, sometimes it does not. If it does pop up I will manually delete but without fail it will still record daily. :s8:

  • Issue#66921: Radio Control - Help with weird print issue.

    Weird 'top' layers on models recently. Take a look. Not sure if it is a slicer problem, or a issue with extrusion? Any help is appreciated. Flashforge clone with makerware for slicer. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#72833: EA - madden 16 weird issue wont launch cant find answer plz help

    i have madden 16 deluxe edition i own the disc for xbox one worked fine for months got bored with it so put it up got it out to play it now it just flashes the cover screen goes black and returns me to the home screen when i look at it in the store it just shows installing the regular version of madden like i never owned the deluxe version but the code has been used and got my packs idk if that has anything to do with it

  • Issue#75561: Sony - Weird Vaio laptop keyboard issue

    My wife's SVP13215PXB Vaio laptop on Windows 10 has developed a very odd fault. The cursor keys and the delete keys have started working intermittently after a few months of working totally fine after the upgrade to Windows 10. So, on the Win 10 login screen all keys work fine. But when in Windows the cursor and delete keys only work when holding down the shift key. I thought it might be the scroll or num lock stuck on but I've toggled Fn+Del but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've uninstalled the keyboard driver a few times and have updated Windows and everything in the Vaio Care app.Any ideas greatly appreciated!CheersSimon

  • Issue#75572: Notebook - Weird keyboard issue - Vaio laptop

    My wife's SVP13215PXB Vaio laptop on Windows 10 has developed a very odd fault. The cursor keys and the delete keys have started working intermittently after a few months of working totally fine after the upgrade to Windows 10. So, on the Win 10 login screen all keys work fine. But when in Windows the cursor and delete keys only work when holding down the shift key. I thought it might be the scroll or num lock stuck on but I've toggled Fn+Del but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've... Weird keyboard issue - Vaio laptop

  • Issue#77136: After Effects Rendering Weird Glitching Issue?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to render out a test video for an audio visualizer for a music promotion YouTube channel and some weird things are going on with the rendered file after I render it. Sometimes the video will do something like this or this. This is something like what it's supposed to look like. Does anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it? Thanks.

  • Issue#79539: Project CARS - Thrustmaster 458 button mapping issue

    Hello, It's my own fault but I changed my buttons around on my steering wheel and changed the clutch to the A button. Not expecting it to remove its use from the home screen on the game. Anyone any ideas how I can reset my controls ? please remember I cannot use the A key on my steering wheel to go into settings and my Xbox control doesn't respond whilst the wheel is connected

  • Issue#80858: Weird issue with bad recordings in WMC when watching from an app on M60

    I have a Vizio M60-C3 with a HTPC connected to it running Win8.1 and Windows Media Center. I use WMC to record live TV. When recording a live TV show while also watching something from one of the apps on the TV it corrupts the recording in WMC. It plays back but the sound drops out constantly and video gets artifacts like I have a bad signal. I've narrowed this down to only when we're watching something from an app on the TV at the same time. I've tried closing WMC and switching inputs before launching an app but still get bad recordings. I have a GTX 950 and I'm using the [email protected] HDMI port on the TV. I can't remember if the same thing happened when it was on 30Hz. HD Homerun Prime 1Gbs wired on HTPC M60-C3 wired as well, same 1Gbs network. Switch and router are all 1Gbs Broadcasts are 720p/1080p Recording directly to 500GB Seagate with 8GB SSD cache internal, not USB Audio is over HDMI to TV, then optical from TV to Vizio sound bar This is a weird one, but if anyone has any idea

  • Issue#81455: Project CARS - Driving aids issue in online lobbies (PlayStation 4)

    Hi! First at all congratulations to the team for making such good game! But like all the games..there's some bugs and issues left that should be fixed. Here goes one annoying for me and some friends while we race in a Online league on the PlayStation 4 platform. We set up the lobby rules and driving assists off with only ABS permission.. But on track we still can engage the stability control and the traction control with the USB keyboard.. Please check that, and fix it in a update.. I let some screenshots of the configuration of the lobby and the issue that shows the activation of the assists on track while it should be denied.. Hopefully this helps for making the game better and see a fix of this issue soon. Greetings from Spain! And keep up the great work!

  • Issue#85553: Lenovo - T400 - weird battery issue

    Hello, I've 42T5246 ( 6-cell )  battery installed on my T400. All of a sudden, the power manager reported that the battery is not installed.  The battery indicator is turned off.  LSC reports the battery is not detected. However when I un-plugged the power cable, the laptop remained on which mean the battery is supplying power and probably is okay. But when I rebooted the laptop it won't boot reporting that the battery is critically low. Does anyone know what could be the problem and how to fix it?  Thanks

  • Issue#87949: Ubnt - PBE-5AC - weird connected/disconnected issue

     I have a PBE-5AC radio that has a fairly long (~ 200') cable run to power the radio - however the radio when powered up will show as connected then unconnected then connected, etc. - however never long enough to actually discover or reach the radio.  First thought - radio is bad?  I brought up a brand new radio and replaced it but same results.Second thought - cable is bad?  I brought up a cable tester and it shows good. Third thought - the port on the EdgeRouter is bad?  I have two EdgeRouters in use at the sight so I switched the cable into the other router and a new port  but same results.  Quick backstory - the cable/radio was in place and running fine for a few months, however, we just had an electrical surge caused bya  24v wire hitting metall that fried a switch and a couple of AF5X radios.  At present the EdgeRouter and PBE-5AC radio in place are brand new - only the cable connecting them is from prior to the incident

  • Issue#88898: Project CARS - BMW 2002 SW driver hand model issue

    There's a gap between gloves and cloth 3d model.

  • Issue#103444: Weird Outlook Issue

    Using Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2010. I had a user take one of their folders under their inbox and manually drag it to an archive folder they had created (which is stored locally). All of the email in the folder that she moved were gone (there were sub folders inside the one folder she dragged and moved). I found all of the email in the Recover Deleted e-mails. I went ahead and selected it all and said restore. They all disappeared from the recover deleted items box and it went through the process of restoring but the folders in the archive are still empty. Any idea where they would have gone? I can do a granular restore of the folder from backup, but was trying to see if they just got placed in another area or something. I only had a few minutes to look as my end user had to get back to work on something else. Thoughts?

  • Issue#107585: Project CARS - Fanatec ClubSport SQ shifter issue

    Can anybody help me please........ I have a Fanatec clubsport sq shifter so I can change from sq to hpattern with just a small slide When I read all the reviews of the shifter it said that when in sq mode it actually used two separate buttons rather than the other 6 gears Pcars recognises them as 2nd and 3rd gears tho arghhhhh So I have to remap them each time I change which is ok, sort of. Going from H to SQ it's easy to remap (tho it takes away my paddle function but that's fine) When I then swap back to a H pattern car or a paddle shift car I can remap the individual gears but it won't recognise the paddles on my CSR Elite wheel to reassign them for the up/down shift Meaning I have to reset all the controls to default, and then remap all my other programmed buttons like lights wipers and so on lot of effort especially as I'm looking to get a button box now and map even more controls. Any idea help? Can you a save multiple controller profiles?

  • Issue#111377: Weird issue happen to my new iPhone 6s Plus

    It wouldn't download any apps from the app store the wheel would just turn constantly. I even tried a different app thinking it was just that one. Could my iPhone 6s Plus been getting to hot? I have it in a Otterbox Defender case. I turned off the iPhone 6s Plus and turned it back on which fixed the problem.