Issue#173995: Linux - Kate with openSUSE leap42.1 uses chinese(?) characters in a sddm.conf

  • I edited /etc/sddm.conf with kate on openSUSE leap42.1, adding some parameters. Everything looked alright, in particular I could read what I was entering...

    Those new parameters didn't work. So I went back and opened /etc/sddm.conf with kate again -- getting a message, that kate had opened the file with UTF8 encoding but there were characters contained with a different encoding and alright, anything I had entered showed up as chinese(?). I tried it with cat, kwrite and vim, they all confirmed chinese(?) entries.

    So, how / why could this happen? (How) Can I re-convert my entries to UTF8? And to add to this confusion, /etc/sddm.conf looks now (one evening later) like this





    ...all chinese(?) characters gone. What the...

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#14046: Linux - openSuse Leap installer gets stuck or doesn't load

    I have been preparing to perform a major upgrade and HDD replacement at the same time. While waiting for the hardware to arrive, I have been downloading and burning all the iso's that I expect to need. I have downloaded the openSuse Leap X86-64 iso twice and the boot from dvd fails at the same place each time. -checksums ok, -media boots and verify media ok when done in a different machine -openSuse 13.2 i586 DVD gets to the partitioning part of the install at which point I bail out. When booting from the Leap x64 DVD there is a green progress bar that runs along the bottom of the screen. It gets stuck when that reaches 100%. I left it for 20 minutes last night just in case it was a bit slow. Does any one know which point in the start up this or is there any way to get some verbose messages up on the screen so that I can see what is happening? At this point I am suspecting that something in my machine does not like 64 bit even though the CPU (Pentium D 820) and chipset (intel

  • Issue#27711: Linux - emacs-nox displaying unicode codes instead of characters

    I recently installed Arch Linux on a Beaglebone Black. Now I'm trying to use emacs-nox on it and when I type into the terminal (on my Xubuntu system connected by ssh to the Beaglebone) everything seems normal so far, but when I display help files such as the Emacs Manual or the Emacs FAQ I'm seeing a lot of unicode codes instead of quotation marks, hyphens and other symbols, e.g.: \u2018 instead of ` \u2019 instead of ' \u2014 instead of - and so on. I've tried setting the terminal encoding to various values other than the default (UTF-8) but that doesn't seem to make any difference. I don't see this problem with emacs-nox installed and running directly in my Xubuntu system. Am I lacking some package or is this just a characteristic of Arch Linux's emacs-nox in particular ?

  • Issue#41673: Linux - systemd dependency issue?

    Hello everyone I am running owncloud on CentOS 7. Everything is working perfectly except one. When I reboot server in owncloud I have error: app":"cron","message":"Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket ' In: /usr/lib/systemd/system httpd.service [Unit] Description=The Apache HTTP Server After=network.service mariadb.service mariadb.service [Unit] Description=MariaDB database server After=network.service I have configured start services in this manner, it solved problem but after several reboot owncloud still logs same error. My question, does that happen because of delay of mysql creates socket after httpd service is starting or it is not related with service dependencies? Thank you

  • Issue#46621: LXer: February 2016 Issue of Linux Journal

    Published at LXer: All of us here in the Linux Journal community have a love for Linux and open source, but even inside our world, there are some topics that are just downright fun! This month is full of articles we're passionate about. Read More...

  • Issue#50895: [ubuntu] Serial port sporadic characters issue

    Weird problem. I've done serial port communication since the days of the original XT computer. Not seen this issue. Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit all updates applied. Qt 5.4.2 Application on Ubunut computer (actual computer, not VM and the HP motherboard has an actual serial port built in) communicating with external device via serial port. 57600 8-N-1 noFlowControl. External device sending packets every few seconds. Packets bounded by STX and ETX per historical standards. Device cannot be changed to include additional control characters. This means the device does not transmit adding LF or CR after the packet. Periodically, but rather consistently the Ubuntu computer will send either 0D (LF) or 0E (SO - Shift Out). It looks like the serial port driver assumes it is a terminal with some kind of line length and forces these characters out to achieve some kind of "line wrap". Has anybody seen this with 14.04? Does anyone know how to configure the serial port so it doesn't "think

  • Issue#53224: Linux - Account details issue on kubuntu

    Hello, I am having an issue with account details on Kubuntu on for some reason on "Password and User Account" where you put your name or email from your user, I try to change information and every time I reboot system information goes back to the one before. So, my question is how I can change this, where I have to go or what file I need to edit so the changes I make on email and name are permanent and dont get reset every time I reboot the machine. Thanks.

  • Issue#54933: Linux - Issue with different version of a library (libX11)

    I have a Debian-derived Linux distro with "libX11-6" installed. Every time I try to configure ROOT (a package), then I get the error: "libX11 MUST be installed". I saw the configuration file log and I found this: " [...] libraries to check for: libX11.tbd [...]" It tries to find these libraries in some dir, without luck. If I try to install "libX11-dev", it answers with "libX11-dev is already the newest version". The version is the same of libX11-6... I think this problem is due to different filesname of different version of the same library. How can I solve this problem? I am a newbie in linux

  • Issue#57765: Linux - DHCP server not loading dhcpd.conf

    Hi, First of all I am new in setting up a DHCP server, so I before posting here I have search around the web without finding a solution. I have setup a frontend with Rocks 6.2 which has only one ethernet interface. I know that the manual says that I must have two ethernet interfaces, but for now I only have one. Also I found that in this case the physical interface will be used for the public access, and a virtual interface will be used for the private access. I followed the procedure to set up the virtual interfaces and I manage to connect to the frontend via ssh from my laptop (Using the virtual IP address). The problem is that when I run insert-ethers I get an error saying that the DHCP server is not running. When I tray to start the DHCP server it fails, and the log file gives the following: Code: Feb  1 15:34:17 clusterdsp dhcpd: Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server 4.1.1-P1 Feb  1 15:34:17 clusterdsp dhcpd: Copyright 2004-2010 Internet Systems Consortium. Feb&n

  • Issue#59309: DPI issue on linux mint mate

    So I recently did a reinstall of mint (mate) and now my text is small on all 3rd party applications. When I bring up any system text, it's all fine it is only in applications like firefox, or a 3rd party application like osbuddy. I'm wondering if it could be a screen resolution issue, or something along those lines. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • Issue#59468: Linux - Gnome Screen Lock Issue

    Hi I have Fedora 23 installed on my Asus Laptop. My problem is the following. After the desktop is inactive for 5 minutes, it becomes black (Only the mouse cursor is appearing). Then, if a touch a keyboard button or a mouse, the screen lock appears. I expected that the screen will become black after certain time inactivity. But this is not the case. I looked for similar problems in forums and I did not find somethings relevant. Any Help or suggestion is appreciated. Thaks in advance. By the way, I am using Gnome 3.18.2. I have also KDE Desktop and MATE Desktop installed on my system. Thanks in advance

  • Issue#59594: Linux - openSUSE LEAP 42.1 install problem

    Have also a strange [never before in decade] install problem with 42.1; after download, burn and verify, and start of install [got screen where select ‘installation’] and see that it has finished loading the Linux kernel, it goes to black & white scrolling script and then ends [cursor blinking at bottom of screen]; no further screen or install progress. First time it ended at line : ‘[0.253117] PCI:using config type 1 for bass access’ After that first time it stalled 3 times in row at: ‘[0.44494] Timer: vector = 0x38 apic=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-1’ Should mention that initial laptop [Itronix VR2] b&w [not LEAP OS] screen has: 1. Legacy (isolinux) Select CD-ROM Boot type: (put in the 1 and Enter and starts install process). Installing on General Dynamics GoBook VR2 [Intel Centrino duo] Would it help to input various kernel options?

  • Issue#61388: Autodesk - Chinese characters on HP Deskjet driver but only in ACAD2015

    Hi, I am running AutoCAD 2015 on Windows 8. Besides an A0 plotter I have a small A4 Deskjet D5500 series printer. This printer is fine in all other progs i.e. word, excel, IE etc but when I look at its properties under ACAD2015 it shows the tabs and options in chinese ? (I have attached a pic to show what I mean by this) Has anyone had this sort of issue before and if so did you find a solution ? Many thanks for your advice.

  • Issue#62126: LXer: openSUSE 13.1 Linux Has Reached End of Life, Evergreen Team Takes Over

    Published at LXer: All good things must come to an end, and so SUSE and the openSUSE Linux community today, February 3, 2016, announced that they will no longer support the openSUSE 13.1 operating system. Read More...

  • Issue#65266: Lenovo - External Display issue with P50 on Linux

    Hello! I have a P50 (TopSeller 20EN0013US) and dual boot Windows 10 Pro and UbuntuGnome 15.10 with it. I have been having an issue connecting external displays via the laptop's mini-DisplayPort connector. When I plug in an external display while the machine is running, the internal display will begin turning on and off every second, until the external display is disconnected. The external display never turns on. I have the bios set to use dedicated graphics only. I am using the binary Nvidia driver, version 352.63, and have also tried the 352.79, 358.xx, and 361.xx (from the nvidia-drivers ppa) which all have the same issue. I am using the kernel version, which is the stock 15.10 ubuntu kernel. The issue does not occur under Windows 10 Pro. I have been able to work around the issue by setting the mini-Displayport to the primary display device (so it is visible at boot, and ends up being used for the console framebuffer), which then allows me to switch to the console

  • Issue#75923: Linux - Oracle Virtual Box Install openSuse Leap 42.1

    Got a question on a new install. Like to know if anyone has a suggestion on which version of Virtual Box to install on the latest openSuse LEAP 42.1 package. Overall install has gone well with no apparent issues. Oracle has packages for openSuse 13.2 but does not list LEAP 42.1

  • Issue#76195: Linux - /etc/asound.conf NEED CHANGES

    Ok , i try explain with not too large explains. Anyone test liveslack ? (erick works) ? If test , see how in the first run never have sound .. If you are running in to a USB KEY , then no problem , in the second run , you have sound ..this is because after first run of pulseaudio , files go stored in persistency. but ... If i use cd/dvd ? easy , no sound NEVER, because in cd/dvd no persistency and ever is the first run. to solve this need change configuration in Code: /etc/asound.conf original config is Code: # ALSA system-wide config file # By default, redirect to PulseAudio: pcm.!default {     type pulse     # If defaults.namehint.showall is set to off in alsa.conf, then this is     # necessary to make this pcm show up in the list returned by     # snd_device_name_hint or aplay -L     hint.description "Default Audio Device" } ctl.!default {     type pulse } proposed config are "ARCHLINUX CO

  • Issue#77631: Linux - Opensuse 42 Leap - purpose and stopping ttys -disabling unnecessary services

    Hi All, Leap is my development environment please someone say use of following services and how to stop these , will there any problem if we stop this sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS10.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS10 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS11.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS11 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS12.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS12 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS13.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS13 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS14.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS14 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS15.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS15 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-tty-ttyS16.device loaded active plugged /sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty/ttyS16 sys-devices-platform-serial8250-t

  • Issue#81451: Linux - Rant about non ascii characters disappearing when using the non advanced editor

    I usually don't scream, but I will. And these are only threads in this forum. Many people do not understand what happens as seen is other forums. so... Jeremy, something prevents you to solve that issue? IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING OR NOT ABLE TO FIX THAT OR IF THAT NEEDS SOME TIME, PLEASE MAKE A STICKY IN EVERY FORUM SO THAT AT LEAST PEOPLE KNOW THE ISSUE AND THE WORK AROUND. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#87206: Linux - [SOLVED] Pulseaudio and wine (sound issue) on -current

    I am using mostly playonlinux (so all different versions of wine) however i get this problem with both the wine package from slackbuilds, and within playonlinux, when configuring wine (winecfg) and testing the sound. I can hear no sound in any games, or with the test button; this prints out in the terminal: Code: Aerr:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"winepulse.drv": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/ ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/ err:ole:CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded I had recently installed these packages alsa-plugins-compat32-1.1.0-x86_64-2compat32 pulseaudio-compat32-8.0-x86_64-1compat32 , hoping they provide what migh

  • Issue#88213: Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 in software rendering mode issue

    This has been chatted about but thought there was no definite resolution. (Is there?) I read this is a bug, is it? Installed Cinnamon 17.3 all the latest ISO/updates etc on an Acer Aspire with an Intel video card. It boots in software rendering, rendering this wee little lappy soggy slow. Here's the output of the famous INXI command: [email protected] ~ $ inxi -F System: Host: aw-AOD270 Kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic i686 (32 bit) Desktop: Cinnamon 2.8.6 Distro: Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Machine: System: Acer (portable) product: AOD270 v: V1.06 Mobo: Acer model: JE01_CT Bios: Insyde v: V1.06 date: 03/05/2012 CPU: Dual core Intel Atom N2600 (-HT-MCP-) cache: 512 KB clock speeds: max: 1600 MHz 1: 600 MHz 2: 600 MHz 3: 600 MHz 4: 1600 MHz Graphics: Card: Intel Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller Display Server: X.Org 1.15.1 drivers: (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: [email protected] GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.4, 128 bits) GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.1.3 Audio: Ca

  • Issue#90010: Linux - 14.2/Current Xorg issue

    When I try to run Xorg -configure or xorgsetup results in X generating an error and refusing to write an xorg.conf for diagnostic and testing purposes. Xorg is working correcting with the automatic configurations though. I'm on my mobile at the moment, so I can't duplicate or post the error, yet. This is a fresh install for an ISO.

  • Issue#100397: Linux - Choosing between OpenSuse & Manjaro: some considerations

    I'm quite new to Linux (a few months on Kubuntu). I love the KDE desktop, and would continue on Kubuntu, except for my growing dislike of Canonical. Due to some hardware problems I struggled to test various distros, but that's soon to be sorted, so I'm curious to hear what I can expect in general terms from a possible switch to OpenSuse or Manjaro. Some things I've heard. How true are they? 1. OpenSuse has a user-friendlier guides for beginners available. 2. Manjaro seems to have more software available (benefitting from Arch repositories as well as its own). 3. Manjaro's support forums are run by Arch gurus who discuss things at a level too high up for most beginners, which might make it hard to get going/understand how to solve problems. 4. On YouTube I've seen (sorry: forgot links, but if forced I'll find them) the Manjaro team openly state an ambition to support gaming as best they can (do OpenSuse?) and I heard Manjaro does well in benchmarks in this regard. Dunno about Ope

  • Issue#101734: Linux - LXer: Opera to Be Bought with $1.2 Billion in Cash by a Chinese Investment Fund

    Published at LXer: An offer of $1.2 billion was made today for the acquisition of Opera Software ASA by a Chinese equity investment fund. Read More...

  • Issue#102381: Linux - openSUSE Leap Add Direct Delete Option In File Manager

    Hello, Is there a way to add a direct delete option in the File Manager?

  • Issue#104685: Linux - LXer: Opera Vows to Remain the Same After Chinese Buyout

    Published at LXer: Opera Software revealed yesterday that a proposal to buy the company has been made by a Chinese consortium, and they are most likely going to accept it. The company is now trying to convince the community that it's a good thing. Read More...

  • Issue#106582: Skype - Pasting text from VBA editor gives Chinese characters

    I use Skype to collaborate with other programmers on an interenational software development project based around Microsoft Office and VBA.  Every time I need to post a section of code, or other text from the Visual Basic Editor into the chat I copy it and paste it into the chat compose box and it shows as Chinese characters.  It is really annoying and time-consuming to have to paste it to Notepad and then copy from Notepad to Skype. I know there is an archived thread on this subject which indicates that it is a known problem. It has not been solved; it has not gone away; please do something about it.    

  • Issue#108467: Linux - GT440 + GF210 nvidia driver issue (legacy + regular)

    I run 2 different graphics cards in my host (GT440, GF210) w/ debian testing. Until now, everything worked fine, I could configure them both with the nvidia-settings utility. After the last update, it seems that the GT210 was moved to the legacy driver package (got some warnings and the message I should install this package): Code: Checking card:  NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 440] (rev a1) Your card is supported by all driver versions. It is recommended to install the     nvidia-driver package. Checking card:  NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] (rev a2) Your card is only supported up to the 340 legacy drivers series. It is recommended to install the     nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver package. The GF210 does not work any longer. When kernel module of the nvidia-driver package is loaded, it tells me: Code: [  267.550268] NVRM: The NVIDIA GeForce 210 GPU installed in this system is               NVRM:&nb

  • Issue#117002: Lenovo - Chinese characters displayed for contact name when they are calling me

    When people call me (or message me) their contact name is displayed in Chinese characters even though my phone is set to English and their names are in English in my contact list? Is there any way to fix this? Driving me crazy.