Issue#202: Whats your weekend project for 2016?

  • I've been itching to get back to my latest project after a few delays. If your like me your mind is looking several months down the road when all things new and exciting from AMD will be hitting the market (unless someone reads this and wants a pre-launch tester HINT HINT ). Still, there's a lot the builder/gamer can do before then. For myself, my current project is back in business after a weekend visit from FedEx (nothing beats Saturday deliveries). I will update you as things progress.

    ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming 990FX Killer/3.1

    AMD FX-8370E Vishera 8-Core 3.3GHz (4.3GHz Turbo)

    Dual XFX Radeon R9 380 R9-380P-4255 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCIE 3.0 CrossFireX Support Double Dissipation XXX OC Video Card

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1720: Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

    I want to have a little play around with Sprite Kit, just for fun really. I decided that I would like to target OS X initially. I've tried building and running the default Sprite Kit template project. I have made no changes to it. It builds with no errors, but when the product is run, the graphics in the window are completely corrupted. This is supposed to be a few spinning spaceships. The lumps of stuff do spin, but they don't look anything like a ship:... Weird issue with Sprite Kit project

  • Issue#2470: Unity - Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into err

    It happens in all my projects, and it only happens after I open VS (double click on script), make a script change, hit save..I can fix 'one' of the errors(warnings), unity re compiles...and Editor comes back to normal..for awhile..then back to that behavior,,, This is blocking my development chi....(I could fix every single warning)... here is the thing..under 'preferences', attach to editor...I can not Turn that Off...EVER.... I unchecked it, restart is active again...(that is... Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into errors..

  • Issue#21286: Project CARS - Pitting - Issue with tires.

    We raced tonight at Monza, 30 laps... I had to pit for fuel on lap 20 (Group5 - Ford Capri), I did NOT change tires, as they were barely worn, and got the right pressure throughout the race. (I did set up a pit stop strategy for the stop, with tire change, the pressure was set at the start at 1.10 for all four tires at the start, and in the pit stop also for 1.10 for all four) Now, I did choose to NOT change any tires, but after the stop, I drove 1 lap, and all tires were full red, at 125-140 °C. This is surely not good like this, as these same tires did 20 laps before that, always being green, and have not worn 10% during these 20 laps, but after the stop, they wore another 20% (at least) in the next 8 laps.

  • Issue#21344: Autodesk - Fix for C3D 2016 SP2 feature line site issue

  • Issue#23572: Project CARS - Profile Solo Quick Race Weekend Won't Update The Total Hours Played

    Before my question I have to say that I am very impressed with this game. I've owned it for eight days. It makes me feel like I am truly a real race car driver. :D GT6 which I have now given up playing does not compare at all. I use the 66% FF Settings found at this link which I found in this forum. Thanks guys! My question is to anyone with some idea as to why when I play a Quick Race Weekend in Solo it does not update the Total Hours Played in my Profile area. But it does update the Total Races entered and Total Wins and the Miles Driven. But Solo Free Practice does update the Total Hours played and Miles Driven when I play in that area. Why is this? Why the difference? Why would Solo Free Practice update Total Hours played but not Solo Quick Race Weekend? Is it the way the game is designed? Sincerely Wondering. RADICAL_DRIVER in this forum but actually RADICAL_MONK online or soon to be in about 17 days as an Enthusiastic Project Cars Amateur Racer.

  • Issue#23804: Project CARS - Here Are The New Cars And Tracks Of Januari 2016

  • Issue#23805: Project CARS - Here are The New Cars and Track Of Januari 2016

    BMW 1Series M Coupe Stanceworks Edition.jpg BMW 1Series M Coupe Stanceworks Edition BMW 2002 Stanceworks Edition.jpg BMW 2002 Stanceworks Edition Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar.jpg Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar (Free Car) KTM X-Bow R.jpg KTM X-Bow R Mazda MX-5 Radbul.jpg Mazda MX-5 Radbul Bannochbrae Track.jpg Bannochbrae Road Circuit Attached Images BMW 1Series M Coupe Stanceworks Edition.jpg (134.9 KB) BMW 2002 Stanceworks Edition.jpg (136.1 KB) Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar.jpg (152.6 KB) KTM X-Bow R.jpg (128.7 KB) Mazda MX-5 Radbul.jpg (145.8 KB) Bannochbrae Track.jpg (33.2 KB)

  • Issue#25845: Autodesk - AutoCAD LT for Mac 2016 iCloud Drive Issue

    I've been using AutoCad for Mac since September and have been saving some work to iCloud Drive on a Mac running El Capitan. Recently those drawings saved to iCloud Drive are duplicated as many times as they are opened. I have tried opening the drawing from iCloud Drive in Finder and I have tried opening the same drawing from the splash screen at AutoCad start up. For example I have a drawing that is called "House 360". After opening it editing attributes and saving it a few times I now have "House 360 2.dwg", "House 360 3.dwg", "House 360 4.dwg", ect?  These new versions are not backups but are .dwg's with their own individual backups. Any Setting that needs changed or know glitch that is process to be fixed with this? Thanks!

  • Issue#26400: Project CARS - Mazda mx-5 radbull steering issue

    I drive t500rs and now i try the new mx-5 radbull but when i turn the wheel over 1/4 round it suddenly turn's to maximum it only does this for this car.

  • Issue#33323: Project CARS - Issue: T300 wheel tears to one side

    Hi, when driving online frequently my T300 wheel tears suddenly to one side. Only help is to end and restart pcars. The PS4 guys report the same issue. In my case it is on PC. I think it came with patch 8.0. Any other on PC with this issue? It seems to happen when driving online. Didn't have this issue offline so far.

  • Issue#35966: Project CARS - T300rs wheel FFB fade issue after update to 8.00 version

    Hi guys. i have a FFB fading issue with my t300rs wheel since i updated project cars to 8.00. Before the update, the wheel was fine and I could play it for an hour without feeling any FFB fade. But after update to 8.00, the FFB feels slightly stronger than before and then starts fading after just 5 mins of game play. I wonder is there anyone having the same issue? Cause i only have the project cars and don't have any racing games, so i cannot tell if this is a game issue or there is something wrong with the wheel. (current setting: FFB=75; TIRE FORCE=115)

  • Issue#39055: Project CARS - WMD 2016

    Anybody else noted the number plates on cars have changed from WMD:2015 to WMD:2016 :eek: Wonder how many years we can play the game before the calendar runs out :tranquillity:

  • Issue#45122: Autodesk - Geolocation issue in AutoCAD 2016

    I am trying to insert a map with Geolocation and I keep geting this when i do location from map.

  • Issue#45592: Project CARS - FORD Falcon in-car view issue - anyone else have the same???

    Not too sure if anyone has noticed...the in-car view in the new ford falcon doesnt show the steering wheel, if you set hide driver option in the game settings. I race in car view, with the no hands/driver option set in the game settings - perfect for me. With cars that don't have displays built into the steering wheel itself - the no hand/driver option removes the wheel as well as the driver/arms/hands - thats all good - and cars with displays in the steering wheel - the no hand/driver option removes the driver/hand/arms but keeps the steering wheel with its inbuilt display in a static position - all good. the Falcon has its display built into the wheel - but with no wheel hence no display - its makes the drive a bit more entertaining, but it is gonna cause problems in a race. I turned this option off to enable the driver/hands/arms and the steering wheel is i cant blame my pit crew! i've put the hud on for now in that car, has anyone else noticed this? Only tried thi

  • Issue#46621: LXer: February 2016 Issue of Linux Journal

    Published at LXer: All of us here in the Linux Journal community have a love for Linux and open source, but even inside our world, there are some topics that are just downright fun! This month is full of articles we're passionate about. Read More...

  • Issue#47547: EA - Peggle weekly badge 01/27/2016 - 02/02/2016 credit issue

    I play the weekly badges every week for years and have had very few issues. This week however I got to # 314 on the peggle badge and no more are counting toward the badge. Attached is a screen shot of one of the "wins" that should have counted but didn't. I had another 42 line peggle win after that and it didn't count either. I was using internet explorer 11 and all your scans say there was not an issue. Could you fix this issue and give me credit for this badge since I have won it more than 3 times over!

  • Issue#49727: Autodesk - ZIP Project in AutoCAD Electrical 2016

    Hi.   When trying to zip a project, and yes I've set up the WD_ZIP stuff in WD.ENV, it only works one time. On the next try I will first select files to process, and the I get this ADS error (see below). If I restart AcadE 2016, it runs one more time.   Bug or feature  ? Can anyone reproduce this?   Command: Project ZIP utility ** Backup: C:\Users\thl_000\Documents\AcadE 2016\AeData\proj\DEMO1\DEMO1.ZIP "C:/Users/thl_000/Documents/AcadE 2016/AeData/proj/DEMO1/DEMO1.ZIP" Command: _.SCRIPT Enter script file name <C:\Users\thl_000\Documents\AcadE 2016\AeData\proj\DEMO1\01.scr>: C:/Users/thl_000/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/AutoCAD Electrical 2016/R20.1/enu/Support/user/_wdzip.scr Command: nil Command: wd_zip_run_zipexe "c:/t/7z.bat" "C:/Users/thl_000/Documents/AcadE 2016/AeData/proj/DEMO1/DEMO1.ZIP" "C:/Users/thl_000/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk/AutoCAD Electrical 2016/R20.1/enu/Support/user/wdzip.tmp" 33 Command: Command: wd_zip_delay_til_done "C:/Users/thl_000/Do

  • Issue#49862: Project CARS - 2016 Driver Network Pre-Season Changes

    Pre-season changes.png We have just announced the 2016 Driver Network Season! There are several changes that you need to be aware of which will make the new Season fairer for everyone competing. Please read about these in detail at: In particular: There are two separate Series - one for Fixed Setups, and one for Open Setups.Within each Series there are also two Divisions - one for PC, and one for Console.Teams must now register to compete before April 1st and are allowed of maximum of 5 drivers per Series/Division.Teams & drivers can compete in both the Fixed and Open Setup Series.Teams can register different drivers for the Console & PC Divisions - allowing all teams to compete in both Divisions of both Series.However, specific drivers cannot compete in both the Console & PC Divisions at the same time. Please read the detailed article on our website which explains these changes in-depth. We will announce full rules and regulatio

  • Issue#51215: Autodesk - Revit 2016 project is very slow

    Dear Autodesk Community, I have a project upgraded from Revit 2015 to Revit 2016 and after that it is very slow. I have removed everything in a search to find the problem witout any luck. When I open the project there is no problem and if I move a pipe then it react instantly and the same when I rename a Family. But if I open a new project for instant the it becomes slow.  A have made a videos of this and I know the it is just one or two seconds I have to wait but in the actual project every move takes about 20 seconds. You could say that I shouldn't open another project but slowness starts for no resaon after some time and I don't know the tricker just that I can trick it by starting a new project. Any ideas? I can't produce the same issue in other projects. The problem happens to all project members. I have attached the stripped project so I need a solution for the actual project. Emil Edvardsen

  • Issue#52965: Autodesk - Revit 2016 for Windows 10 installation issue

    Does anyone know of a solution for installing Revit arch 2016 on a Win 10 workstation? we have tried repetedley but the "install now process" aborts after about 30 minutes. We tried the Win 10 compatibility option and get this product is not compatible error.  

  • Issue#54939: Project CARS - Bmw 2002 Stanceworks puncher issue?

    Anyone else having this issue,every race about the 3-4th lap i get a front puncher?

  • Issue#59889: LXer: The February 2016 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

    Published at LXer: The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the February 2016 issue. Read More...

  • Issue#60618: Project CARS - 24h Races In Custom Race Weekend? Will I Still Get The Trophy/Acheivement?

    If anyone has tried or knows please let me know as i would love to do 24h at Nurburgring or Bathurst instead of Le Mans.

  • Issue#65943: Autodesk - Maya Mac 2016 Startup issue as well as 2014 now not working -_-

    HI all'  I tried to load up my maya 2016 this morning and came across a wierd error I have never seen before?? I really need help and wish not to have to uninstall any of my maya's plug-ins as I also have the 2014 edition, I have a few plug-in's in the 2016 verstion that I feel will be tedious to re-Instal.. anyway im going to now post the error for all to see, fingers crossed someone can help me.    I get a Command window appear with the following errors: // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 4364: Could not find attribute named "defaultRenderLayer.precompTemplate" // // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 519: menu: Object 'mainRigDeformationsMenu' not found. // // BifrostMain plug-in loaded (built Aug 24 2015 23:02:39) // fracture: switching to legacy/default viewport // AbcExport v1.0 using Alembic 1.5.4 (

  • Issue#69902: Project CARS - 2016 Le Mans, WEC, etc.

    Let's get it started since the ACO Press Conference happened today. Both Corvette's going back to Le Mans for GTE-Pro and we will see 4 Ford GT's!!

  • Issue#74879: Project CARS - Formula A Renault 2016 F1 RS16 - in progress

    Hi, I'm trying to make a version of the newly announced Renault F1 2016 - RS16 Original renault-f1-2016-1.jpg Not everything can be done, like painting the inside of rearwing, sidewing and front wing yellow. So with some "artistic" freedom I have painted the outside yellow instead. Its really difficult to place the big logo on the side, because the uvmap is so irregularly shaped. I also have som difficults with the matte rear spots, only made the big one but cant find the strange error of the light area in it. My version 2016-02-06_00001.jpg2016-02-06_00002.jpg2016-02-06_00004.jpg Attached Images renault-f1-2016-1.jpg (40.4 KB) 2016-02-06_00001.jpg (205.5 KB) 2016-02-06_00002.jpg (179.2 KB) 2016-02-06_00004.jpg (179.6 KB)

  • Issue#79131: EA - issue opening Sims nice the latest February 2016 update?

    Does anyone have an issue opening Sims since the latest February 2016 update? Now in Origin Sims 4 is 'greyed out' and will not allow me to click on play. There is also no option to update origin or the game Can anyone help with this?

  • Issue#79539: Project CARS - Thrustmaster 458 button mapping issue

    Hello, It's my own fault but I changed my buttons around on my steering wheel and changed the clutch to the A button. Not expecting it to remove its use from the home screen on the game. Anyone any ideas how I can reset my controls ? please remember I cannot use the A key on my steering wheel to go into settings and my Xbox control doesn't respond whilst the wheel is connected

  • Issue#81455: Project CARS - Driving aids issue in online lobbies (PlayStation 4)

    Hi! First at all congratulations to the team for making such good game! But like all the games..there's some bugs and issues left that should be fixed. Here goes one annoying for me and some friends while we race in a Online league on the PlayStation 4 platform. We set up the lobby rules and driving assists off with only ABS permission.. But on track we still can engage the stability control and the traction control with the USB keyboard.. Please check that, and fix it in a update.. I let some screenshots of the configuration of the lobby and the issue that shows the activation of the assists on track while it should be denied.. Hopefully this helps for making the game better and see a fix of this issue soon. Greetings from Spain! And keep up the great work!