Issue#2245: Blackberry - Is it possible make javascript game using webworks

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  • Issue#308789: Unity - JAVASCRIPT : Issue with Instantiating game objects from an array

    i am unable to instantiate my tagged "Asteroids" from an array Error in unity: InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. Astroid Spawn Action.Start () (at Assets/Space Game/Scripts/Asteroid Scripts/Astroid Spawn Action.js:25) Warning in unity ( and mono): Assets/Space Game/Scripts/Asteroid Scripts/Astroid Spawn Action.js(25,33): BCW0028: WARNING: Implicit downcast from 'Object' to 'UnityEngine.Object'. So my main goal of this script is to spawn variations of... JAVASCRIPT : Issue with Instantiating game objects from an array

  • Issue#3255: Unity - How to make a mobile 3d thirdperson basketball game

    I am a beginner, could anyone help me out where do i start? Let's say i already have a character how do i start with animations like for example i want to make my player automatically picks up the ball when near to it then automatically dribble it. I haven't found any single tutorial about a game like this. I cant even find some basketball animations in the asset store such as crossover moves, shooting, block, dunks etc. so please teach me the basics i want to make a streetbasketball game... How to make a mobile 3d thirdperson basketball game

  • Issue#3769: Playstation - Small issue with Destiny the game itself, not being on the play store

    okay so I bought my system (ps4) and it came with the digital copy of Destiny the game. okay cool so recently I decited to buy the legendary edition for the dlc (downloadable content) and i was having issues in the game (a bungie issue) i thought maybe if I put the disk in it would fix the issue, (which it didnt) but reguardless using the disk replaced the digital copy and now I cant download the game again (only the game with the dlc is available on play store with the original game) so I have to constantly switch the disk when I want to play the game which is annoying because I already have the digital copy.. I mean I know theyre not gonna put the game bak on the market just for me but its kindof lame that I had to buy the game again because I wanted the dlc and the best deal at the time for everything.. i doubt theirs some way to resolve my small stupid issue, but Id like to be able to give my extra copy to a friend because I bought it after I already owned the game and now i cant .

  • Issue#6713: Unity 5.3.1 Tutorial - How To Make Flappy Bird Clone Game

    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR EVERYDAY PARTS OF THIS SERIES You can now visit my website: REGISTER NOW FOR FREE: #‎PolyDev Wanna be my Brother? Hit subscribe button it will be a very big help. Follow me on Google+: â–º Follow me on Twitter: â–º​ Unity 5.3.1 Tutorial - How To Make Flappy Bird Clone Game

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#7788: Unity - Need pointers to make a game like Minicraft

    Hey there, IdiotBoxGuy here. I've been messing around Unity for quite a while now, but have never done a serious project. I think it's time to get started for real. ;D So for my first project, I'd like to make a Minicraft clone. (Note: I don't mean Minecraft ; I mean Minicraft) Obviously, I understand although this game was made in 48 hours, I may not be able to clone it completely. But what I want to do... Need pointers to make a game like Minicraft

  • Issue#10204: Unity - Let's Make a 2D Survival Sandbox Game (Video Tutorial Series)

    (banner reflects current progress of series) Hello! I have been producing text tutorials for beginners on my website for a few months now, and I decided to make a video series for intermediate tutorials. In this series, I will show the viewer how to make a 2D survival sandbox game where the player can dig, craft, and build.... Let's Make a 2D Survival Sandbox Game (Video Tutorial Series)

  • Issue#10965: How to make a quiz game in unity3D?

    I'm a beginner in using a unity3D. My thesis in school to make a simple RPG Educational game. And the most highlight is the quiz game. Now, my question is how to make a Quiz Game in Unity3D. How to store data questions and answers and how it will be displayed in the scene of the game. What to be use? What are the things should I do? Is there any video tutorial about making a quiz game in Unity3D? Can somebody help me please....

  • Issue#12355: Unity - I Want To Make A Very Simple 2d Game! (i'm New At this)

    I want to Make A super Simple 2d Game. I should add i've never Made a Game Before And I don't Know really Scripting very well. But All The Game has To it is a image going up And Down. The Up Arrow Key to make the Image Go up, and the Down Arrow Key To Make The image Go Down. And I would Like Two images side By Side! Could anyone Help Me With The Scripts Please, It Would be Really appreciated!

  • Issue#12442: Runtime issue with 64bit Unity game integration into iOS native app

    My company integrates Unity games into our native iOS app. Basically our iOS app would run the Unity code when a user decides to launch any of the games. With the past 32 bit of Unity and native iOS code, we were taking Unity generated Xcode project files, and compile them into a static lib for the native iOS app to use. Whenever the user chooses to launch any of the games, UnityAppController would be loaded, and ran. This worked well for us. But with the latest 64 bit builds, the same... Runtime issue with 64bit Unity game integration into iOS native app

  • Issue#17636: Unity - How to make the mouse control to come default inside the game.

    when we loading the game key board controls are working fine in the game but mouse controls not working we have to click inside then only controls are coming inside. any solution.

  • Issue#21795: Geforce - This game make my whole pc STUCK for infinite period. FF XIV

    I tried tried from clean the dust of my hardware to install all drivers from fabric of my software, i tried set default all option on nvidia gforce panel and on ff XIV graphic setings too. I tried several times to see event log and aply fix that i found on google. is not kernel power cose i recet my pc when the pc get stucked playing this game (and that cause that critical and error), is not a blue screen of death, is a stuck of dead. No dmp files generated no event asociated to STUCK generated... This game get stucked after 3 seconds before i log my character to 5 days playing normaly... but recently i cant reach the hour. I tried disable the write cache on my ssd disk too. this are my limitations: [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] Help.

  • Issue#22588: Playstation - Got a free plus game, now its trying to make me repay for it

    I bought the game rocket league a few months ago while it was free on psn. Today i tried to play with my friends but it wont let me play anymore.what should i do? As i said it says i have to re purchase it in the store.

  • Issue#24063: Blackberry - Issue with

    Hello upgraded my Z10 to latest OS release and saw that in App Manger the option allow to install 3rd party apps is blocked? It states blocked by administrator? This is a personal phone from day one. Has anybody else seen this? On Passport SE from ShopBlackBerry purchased a month ago holding out to install this latest OS!

  • Issue#25124: Unity - How to make an Android game work with internet ?

    Hi avryone , I want to know how create android game work with internet like clash of clans . And how to make multiple ad networks in one game . Thanks

  • Issue#25392: Blackberry - Messenger Emoji Issue

    I am experiencing an issue where emoji are shown in the hub view but when you open the SMS message to view in greater detail or reply, then emoji are not recognized in Messenger.I have tried a few different text apps as well to see what happens and the same effect is seen.I have tried a few Web sites that show emoji and confirm what can be recognized by your phone and all emoji are recognized by my phone.Any suggestions. This is more annoying than functional...Regards...

  • Issue#25641: Possible fix for white screen issue upon launching the game

    If you have a problem with a white screen popping up after you launch the game, and then it says 'not responding', delete the entire Tom Clancy's The Division folder in "Documents/My Games" then relaunch the game which will generate a new folder, that should fix it.

  • Issue#30251: Unity - Can Your Game Be A Success If You Make No Money?

    Just wondering. If you make a game and release it for free, can it still be a success? Lets say you get 10 million downloads and good reviews, but don't make a dime. Is that a success?

  • Issue#31384: PC - Vendor menu issue, inability to quit the game consumer way when servers are down

    1. Regarding vendor menu: When opening vendor menu and scrolling down, the lines are layering on top of each other. Tried with several vendors. Same issue. 2. Regarding inability to quit the game when servers are down: it is not possible to quit the game; alt+tab won't work, there are no buttons in-game to quit and the only way is to finish the process through the task manager. 3. Game did not recognise screen resolution correctly ending up with 1/4 of the image on the screen. Game is unable to recheck and correct the resolution, so the only solution was to quit game process in the task manager.

  • Issue#32871: Unity - make idle animation for differents sprites (match-3 game)

    Hi everybody Since I can't find the solution by myself or in the animation tutorials, I hope to find here someone who will be able to help me with my issue : I'm working on a match-3 game (on a premade template, but the creator doesn't anwers me... ) and I have this Item Animator : [/URL][/IMG] So, presently, all the animation of... make idle animation for differents sprites (match-3 game)

  • Issue#34521: Game Mechanic Issue

    Shoulder Swap - you need to be able to shoulder swap while not aiming the weapon...and it needs to stay in place. Currently you can only shoulder swap while aiming down sight. If you need to reload, you have to shoulder swap again.

  • Issue#36535: My opinion about The Division and thoughts of how to make the game better and more in

    To start apologize that I write in Russian, because my English is not good enough. I hope that the developers have employees who know Russian language and translate this information to developers Мне повезло, и я попал в бета тест игры The Division, Первое впечатление игра довольно интересна, но если всё что показали в Beta The Division, это, по сути, вся игра, k

  • Issue#36743: Constructive thoughts on the Beta to make this a better game

    1st I want to thank Ubisoft for allowing gamers to test The Division and as a player who was involved in the Alpha I can see the hard work over the last month that has taken place and that most gamers are providing relevant feedback as they feel this game could be and should spawn a great new series. As the title says I do have some constructive thoughts on improvement and although may make this sound like a negative posting there are a significant amount of oood features that don't require alteration and generally on the XBOX ONE the game is playing smooth and well. The atmosphere of the city has vastly improved from the Alpha My points for improvement are as below 1 - Top of the list is the Dark Zone which unfortunately needs some major work to make it a satisfactory area to even visit. Having spent time in the Dark Zone as a single player finding and working with others to eliminate the AI and reap the rewards they drop I have found it ridiculous that I can then go to the drop zon

  • Issue#39073: Please Make Join Button And Friend list in The game this is a multiplayer game ubi

    ubi Please Make Join Button And Friend list in The game so if any friend left a game for any reason can re join us on ranked It is not logical if the squad has 5 player and one of them left the match The rest have of squad out the game for one player -_- make a join Button ubi please -_-

  • Issue#41238: Unity - im new and looking for someone to help me make a survival game

    im new to this and i want to make a survival game with loot and maybe a little crafting fps and sandbox /open world like rust more then a dayz i just need someone to walk me true it its hard for me to do it on my own pls someone help me we can make this game together

  • Issue#44223: Geforce - How do I make this game use the Nvidia GPU when the classic methods don't work ?

    Dear forum readers and contributors, I have an old game (namely Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic) which I recently installed on my laptop, the game runs but it makes my CPU fans scream too much considering how old it is, so I decided to make it use the Nvidia GPU (GTX 880M) instead of the Intel one (HD Graphics 4600). Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The discrete GPU led stays off and indeed, I checked with Nvidia Inspector : GPU usage remains at a flat 0%. To run the game, I right click on the executable and choose "High performance NVIDIA processor", but that doesn't change anything. Setting this from the Nvidia control panel doesn't work either. This game isn't text mode only, it uses DirectX 8. It used to work well with my previous laptop with Vista and only one GPU (8800M GTX), hence no Optimus, and the fans were much more silent. What can I do ? Copy some DLLs to the game folder maybe ? Your help is welcome !

  • Issue#45079: Division Beta (XB1) - The Game Could be Much Better (if you make some revisions)

    In no particular order... - More verticality; rip cords, ladders, 2nd/3rd/4th story areas available - More shortcuts between buildings/streets, if necessary open access to building doors/windows - Loot crates replenish more actively (e.g. - have not found an openable Dark Zone [key required] chest in the last two days, not sure if this is a bug or how the game is supposed to play?) - More dynamic events, public events, this should not just be in PVE areas but also PVP areas. These could also chain to other events depending on the outcome of the first event. As of now, the world is starting to feel static like Destiny and YOU DON'T WANT THAT! It should feel new and exciting each time we load in... - Ability to roll off ledges (small), if a large drop then go into a clamber animation at which point you can clamber left and right. - Use of rip lines (not sure what their called) for repelling down from a building at any point, there should be a few second animation for this so playe

  • Issue#47687: Blackberry Classic Headphone Port Issue.

    Hi, I had been using my favorite BB Q20 Classic for 3 months.I got my handset from the Singapore Mobile Carrier M1 and the handset is said to be brand new,  legal and authentic. Previously the earpiece is working pretty well. But Just a week ago, I use a local brand earpiece; as of I prefer the in ear type. Afterward, I noticed that the original earpiece that provided with the device is not working.The earpiece itself is confirmed not defect. I found that the earpiece came into operation intermittently but soon turn off while calls still ongoing.The assumption of the problem is pointing to the Audio Out Line and Port.Hence, kindly address this issue to respective technician to fix this. MBS  

  • Issue#49135: In game chat issue

    First let me start with this is a really fun game! Enjoyed playing and can't wait for the release! The only issue I found was that the in game chat wasn't working properly. They match making in this game is awesome and then you couldn't talk to anyone in the group that was just made. So every time I joined a group I would then have too create a party chat using the PS4. I hope this can be fixed before launch.