Issue#2273: Linux - Can't install Ubuntu 15.10

  • I attempted to install an OTA upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10. It failed and for some reason I lost my wifi connection with 15.04 (after the upgrade was rejected it reverted back to the previous install) I had a previous downloaded full version of 15.10 on DVD so I attempted a clean install The DVD won't boot. I had a previous 14.04 DVD and after connecting with an ethernet cable I have installed 14.04, it works fine but I can't upgrade. I purchased Ubuntu User magazine with a new 15.10 DVD and attempted a fresh install. It won't boot on the 64-bit side and goes into error's on the 32-bit side. I have taken a photo of the screen where the install stops hoping someone can decipher what is going wrong. If it's a hardware problem why does 14.04 install and run OK? If it's software where do I start to look? (rootkit?)

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    Dear Sir. This time, i'm try to install ubuntu to my server. My server is based on intel atom (Rangeley). It is not support graphic card. Just support serial port. But install system is required video card. My work log is see below. Code: EFI Shell version 2.31 [1.0] Current running mode 1.1.2 Device mapping table   fs0  :Removable HardDisk - Alias hd32b0e0b blk0         PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x16,0x0)/USB(0x1,0x0)/USB(0x4,0x0)/HD(1,MBR,0x00000000,0x20,0xEE8BE0)   blk0 :Removable HardDisk - Alias hd32b0e0b fs0         PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x16,0x0)/USB(0x1,0x0)/USB(0x4,0x0)/HD(1,MBR,0x00000000,0x20,0xEE8BE0)   blk1 :Removable BlockDevice - Alias (null)         PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x16,0x0)/USB(0x1,0x0)/USB(0x4,0x0) Press ESC in 4 seconds to skip startup.nsh, any other key to continue.                                   

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    When I try to install wine in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS I get back this error message: Os pacotes a seguir têm dependências desencontradas: wine1.8 : Depende: wine1.8-i386 (= 1:1.8.0-0ubuntu1) E: Impossível corrigir problemas, você manteve (hold) pacotes quebrados. Can somebody help me please??? Thanks in advance and best regards, Silva. PY8ELO

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    I searched similar threads but way over my head and not helpful. I updated OS Ubuntu 12.04 to 64bit and CPU to q8400. does it matter if OS is 64bit? I am running VMs on this box. I did this: and nvidia card remains dead. This card was running fine on this same C2D DG33FB Ubuntu 12.04 32bit outputting 720P on HDMI a few weeks ago. I can't remember how I got correct driver before (couple years ago). Thanx

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    Hi, Ive seen this issue all over the net, with convoluted or few unclear solutions. After a fresh successful install of ubuntu (currently running now within virtualbox), mint, or kali linux, cant run sudo or get root access like to change a password or system settings, or run sudo commands. I know my user, passw I created in installation wizard were 'dev1' and 'easy' I did all the install steps carefully. However no matter what I do the password came up as incorrect. I try switching users and get locked out, the only way into the admin account is through a system restart. This is super frustrating Ive spent hours upon hours trying to figure this out just being pi$$ed off. I cant set a new password because the original I made wont work, and I get denied from any settings changes, even though my account is admin. Any solutions would be great, seeing as all my dev work is at a standstill. Sigh

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    I've been trying to install some, any, consumer version of linux for months now. My first choice was Ubuntu, then to fedora, then OpenSUSE, then to Arch. No linux distribution would install to my system except for Arch via CD in Legacy mode using GPT and then switching to UEFI after I finished the installation. My hope is to just get Ubuntu installed and move on with life. My issue is that whatever I do, Ubuntu installer either does not load, freezes on the splash/loading screen, or freezes at some point during the account/locality selection process but never making it to the actual install process. I've used 4 flash drives, 3 different USB installers(LiveUSB & Yumi from pendrivelinux, Rufus), bricked 3 of those drives and an SSD, and UEFI won't let me boot from DVD to install Ubuntu. Can anybody provide some insight on why Ubuntu 15.10 or 14.4 are constantly freezing on both Legacy and UEFI motherboard settings? Why did Arch install with no issues? My PC specs are as follows:

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    I had worked in my IT firm on TFS 2008 & TFS 2010 on Windows machine. But I want to install it on my home laptop having only Ubuntu 15.10. My purpose is to learn TFS at home. So, how to install it on Ubuntu?

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    I have a HP Pavilion notebook 17 processor i5-5200U, 12 Gb of RAM and a 250 GB SSD(that I intalled myself) My laptop came with windows 10 and for my class we need a Linux partition.I followed all the instruction; I made an Ubuntu bootable USB, I disabled my windows fast startup, I modified my booting order on my bios and finally I even disable my security boot in my bios. I started my laptop with my usb key in. I am able to try ubuntu, everything work just fine. When I clic on the installation icon I can select my language and continue, after I'm getting in the "preparing to install ubuntu" menu, I have enough memory and my laptop is plugged to a power source so I can click on the continue button. But then when I click on the button "continue" it start running for ever and the next page never show up. (waited like 3 hours the first time). I tried a lot of distributions (Mint, Archliux and other) but the same bug occurs. I have search in so many forums but

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    Hey guys, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything that was particularly specific to my issue. I am trying to install Ubuntu on the save drive as Windows 10, but once I get to the "download updates while installing" screen before actually installing, then hit continue I am getting this error: "Force UEFI Installation? This machines firmware has started this installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there maybe existing operating systems already installed using BIOS compatibility mode. If you continue to install Debian in UEFI mode, it might be difficult to reboot into any BIOS-mode operating system." I poked around in my BIOS and tried disabling fast boot, disabling Compatibility (CSM) and I'm still managing to get the same error. When I look in my boot options there is only one option for the USB drive and it is UEFI. My motherboard is a ASUS ROG Maximus VII Hero, do you guys have any suggestions? EDIT: I managed to get Ubuntu to install by disabling Se

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    Hi Guys, The specs for this laptop are ( the ones that I think that matter ): 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor ( Intel I7 5700 HQ ) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 2GB DDR3 VRAM I recently bought this new computer and I'm struggling very hard to install any Ubuntu/Linux on it. So far, this is what I've tried without success: - Even though I'm not a big fan of them, I've tried to use virtual machine software: Virtual Box and VMWare. I've used several distributions on them ( Ubuntu 15.10, 14.04 LTS, 14.10, 15.04, etc.. 64 bits ) and I always end obtaining the famous blue screen ( you know, the blue windows "death screen" ). Checking the forums, I found that perhaps it was an issue related with the BIOS so I modified the BIOS to enable the Virtualization options: nothing changed. If it's useful, I'm running these apps in Windows 10 ( not original :P ). - Tried installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 14.10, 15.04, 15.10, Linux Mint 17 ( cinnamon ), Linux Mint 17 ( KDE ) in native

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    Hello, I have to reinstall Windows, which obviously is the easy part, because I am stuck on creating a bootable usb installer. Until today using 'dd' always worked for me. Code: dd if=<iso> of=<disk> oflag=direct bs=1048576 Today, however it didn't work, the PC was stuck on blinking _ after BIOS and no booting at all, no errors as well. So I figured to try something else and WinUSB was the first thing to come out of google. So installed it I did and used it as: Code: sudo winusb --format <iso> /dev/sdc And it spits: Code: Formating device... Mounting... mount: you must specify the filesystem type Error occured ! Syncing... Cleaning... Umounting and removing '/media/winusb_iso_1455641284_12456'... umount: /media/winusb_iso_1455641284_12456: not mounted Umounting and removing '/media/winusb_target_1455641284_12456'... umount: /media/winusb_target_1455641284_12456: not found I read information regarding the mounting and when the usb has partition ( say

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    I recently purchased a new HP laptop, running Windows 10. I have a USB drive of Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit. I am having some issues with this though. I set the computer to boot from USB first. Once it gets to the GRUB menu, if I tell it to try without installing, it will often go to a blank screen and just sit there. If I hit C first, then ESC, then try without installing, it seems to work. I am able to use the computer from that point, on the live USB. But once I tell it to install Ubuntu (I intend to dual boot), I proceed to the window with the "download updates, third party software" and hit continue, I then get a blank screen. I'm a bit baffled as to why it is doing this. The USB drive was a good working unit before I tried it in this computer. I have since used Pendrivelinux a few times to verify the install, and I ran an MD5 comparison to check the ISO file. What is the next step to resolve this? Computer is a new HP Pavilion 17 touchscreen.

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