Issue#387417: Lenovo - Update Retriever missing driver for Intel Wireless LAN (11abgn, 11bgn, 11ac) for Thinkpad P

  • Update Retriever missing driver for Intel Wireless LAN (11abgn, 11bgn, 11ac) for Thinkpad P50. I see this available as manual download or through System update but nothing for Update Retriever. What is ETA for this driver to be put in Update Retriever repository?

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  • Issue#383838: Lenovo - Lenovo System Update - Intel 7265 Wireless LAN Driver - 10 [64] Installation Problem

    Firstly, apologies if I have posted incorrectly etc. but this is the first time I have ever posted on a board. The Lenovo System Update recommended I install Intel 7265 Wireless Lan Driver -10[64].  However, the progress bar for the installation almost reaches the end and then recedes again.  It keeps repeating this and does not complete the installation, I waited for over half an hour.  The overall progress bar reaches 91%.  I had to restart my T450s.  The OS is Windows 10. I would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

  • Issue#680838: Lenovo - Missing T450s (20BW) Intel WiFi driver in Update Retriever/Thininstaller

    T450s missing WiFi driver after SCCM build, Intel WiFi driver not available from Update Retriever for 20BW. Only Realtek WiFi shows. But Intel WiFi driver is there from Support site. Kindly advice.

  • Issue#833210: Lenovo - Update Issues - Intel Wireless LAN Driver - 10 version 18.40.0

    Using System Update, I am notified of a Critical Update:Proceeding with the update, it performs a reset however, does not successfully complete - i.e., all steps are completed but device driver is not updated and the update re-appears in the System Update repeatedly.I also visited the Support page for my device, downloaded the package manually and attempted to complete installation (as an Administrator), unsuccessfully.  The install reaches the point where it seeks a Driver Installation Package and continuously fails, regardless of where the Setup files are placed.  I've posted a sequence of screenshots below.Please advise of solution as I experience the same endless loop of unsuccessful updates with other Intel updates via the System Update Tool.

  • Issue#34041: Lenovo - Lenovo Y50-70 Wireless Lan Driver Update Problem

    Dear, I have a Y50-70 laptop and the current wireless lan driver is Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC.I checked that this is the latest driver for wireless lan for my lap. However, lenovo update software keep notify me to install the new update for this driver, i have alredy installed 4 times from lenovo update but the software keep notify me again.Please help, this is frustrating.  This is the images

  • Issue#222720: Lenovo - T450s Missing driver for WLAN - Update retriever.

    Hi, Can you please publish latest WLAN driver version for T450s - 20BW. Update Retriever and System update only finds 17.13 but latest is 18.32.Thanks!

  • Issue#568828: Lenovo - Update Retriever Missing UltraNav Driver 20FA/20FX

    Update Retriever (5.00.0018) is not listing an UltraNav driver for the T460s (20FA) or T460p (20FX).

  • Issue#954123: Lenovo - Deploying Images to ThinkPad T460s | WDS on Server 2012 R2 | Intel 1219-V LAN Driver | Win1

    Hello, community My name is Taveres Harris and I am new to the Lenovo support community. Please help me make my first experience successful. I have been tasked with deploying new Win10 PCs by the EOY. My company purchased Lenovo ThinkPad T460s(s) and Lenovo ThinkCentre M900(s). I didn't have any trouble creating the image and uploading it to the WDS server, which is Server 2012 R2. However, I am having no luck deploying the image to the PCs. Here's what is known: *Each PCs MAC address has been added to the 'Allowed' filter on my DHCP server*Each PC has the same ethernet LAN drivers (Intel 1219-V 64-bit Windows 10)*WDS is configured correctly (I have no trouble deploying images to my Windows 7 machines)*Boot.wim for my Windows 10 machines is correctly added to the WDS server Here's the issue: When I boot a PC, press F12 to initate a PXE boot, and choose the NIC adapter to boot, I have no trouble. From there, I get to my boot options listed in the WDS server

  • Issue#1084978: Lenovo - ThinkPad 8 - Intel Platform Device Driver GTHA05WW install issue

    There is new version of Intel Platform Device Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit) - GTHA05WW (2016/08/09) My current version is GTHA04WW (2015/07/29). The setup reports: The version of drivers that are installed on the system are the same of newer that what you are about to install. Do you want to continue ? I selected [No] to not break things. There is a log file (attached). It seems as the installation package is broken, important parts: 00:04:53:546: Scanning Camera\camera.inf (Name: Camera\camera.inf, Version: 00:04:53:562: Section with the best match: Device.NTamd64 00:04:53:562: Device: VIDEO\INT0F38 (Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400) 00:04:53:593: Matched with: VIDEO\INT0F38 00:04:53:609: Current driver: oem12.inf 00:04:53:609: Name: , Provider: Intel, Version: 603.9600.1948.34944, Section: camera 00:04:53:624: This is a downgrade 0

  • Issue#82101: Intel Driver Update Utility Installation Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to install the Driver Update Utility on my system running windows XP, but is encountering an error in the installation process. I've attached the log files and the error screen shot. Can anyone please tell me what this error implies? Thanks.

  • Issue#106351: Lenovo - Mobile Intel 4 chipset graphics driver update not compatible with x61

    I am facing a problem withSA updating the graphics driver. I tried installing the recommended update from both intel and lenovo websites but the " the computer doesn't meet the requirements" dialogue box appears. The computer keeps crashing because of it. Also my CPU is running at 100% even when I am not running anything other than simple web browsers and word documents. The blue screen appears showing a different error everytime and the computer restarts several times in a short span. Any thoughts? Laptop - Lenovo Thinkpad X61Operating system - Windows 7 ultimateCPU - Intel Core 2 DuoGraphics Driver - Mobile Intel 4 chipset graphics driversRAM - 5.00 GBDisk Drive - Hitachi HTS722010K9SA00

  • Issue#171092: Lenovo - Lenovo Update retriever missing fingerprint software for L520

    We are using Lenovo Update retriever and trying to download fingerprint software for Lenovo L520 laptop (Windows 7 x64) - it is not listed in TVUR. I selected also Show local packages checkbox. Looked at lenovo website there is possible to download fingerprint software for this model for Windows 7 x64 - it is g1f814ww. So I even looked at database.xml file on our TVUR server and looked for g1f814ww string - no results. Any idea?

  • Issue#190864: Lenovo - Corrupt Driver in Intel Platform Device Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad 10 2nd

    Unfortunately one or more of the Intel chipset drivers published on Feb. 23rd 2016 here corrupt, so do not apply this package until fixed. Otherwise you will find this error in BayTrail-TDriverPackage.log:...10:22:43:578:   Pre-installing driver file C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Chipset\Drivers\Camera\ov5693\ov5693.inf10:22:43:625:   x64 OS running10:22:43:656:   Difx64 execute cmd "C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Chipset\x64\Drv64.exe" -driverinf C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Chipset\Drivers\Camera\ov5693\ov5693.inf -flags 0 -keypath Software\Intel\Difx64 -preinstall10:22:44:515:   Read registry subkey Code and value 11210:22:44:546:   Read registry subkey Reboot and value 010:22:44:593: E Unable to pre-install driver file : C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Chipset\Drivers\Camera\ov5693\ov5693.inf - error code : 1392 10:22:44:640: E Uninstalling drivers that were previously pre-installed by DriverPackagePreInstall...... T

  • Issue#196431: Lenovo - Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e missing I2C driver. Drivers from lenovo website not working.

    I recieved my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e a couple of days ago and it came with a lot of bloatware, or at least what I thought was. I started uninstalling a lot and everything seemed to work fine. I restarted it, but when it came back, I noticed the touch screen would not work. I went into the Device Manager and realized that one of my I2C drivers had the triangle with the exclamation was on one of them. After trial and error, I realized that disabling and re-enabling the driver would allow my touch screen to work. After a restart, however, I was back to square one. My wife bought her the same Lenovo Yoga and I have been compairing the two. I just noticed that I am missing the I2C controllers in the System Devices in the Device Manager as well. I have tried booting from an installation from hers and even copying the drivers and System32 folder to no avail. If anybody has any solutions, please help. I have tried everything I knew and everything I could find. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#206365: Lenovo - T460 Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver

    ThinkVanatage Update receiver doesn't seem to have the Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver as an available package for T460 model 20FM.  Has anybody else experienced this and are you using the SCCM driver packs for this driver?

  • Issue#218032: Lenovo - No working Intel HD Graphics 5500 driver for Thinkpad E550 on Windows 10!!!

    Just purchased a Thinkpad E550 and having instaled all the Windows 7 updates, I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything 'seemed' to be working well and I really like the look of Windows 10.However, several users here have multiple (2) monitors connected to their laptops when at the office and one when at remote sites. So this is a must have.When I tried to connect either a monitor or projector to the VGA or HDMI port I get 'No Signal'. It works perfectly well with Windows 7.Checking in Device Manager I find an exclamation mark on the driver, so I tried to update it. It is the most up to date (31/08/2016 Ver: but in properties I get the message: 'Windows will not install driverIntel HD Graphics 5500Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43)'  Ran every update on the laptop Chipset, BIOS etc.Uninstalled the driver, downloaded the latest from the Lenovo support site, but still it installs the Microsoft Graph

  • Issue#225064: Lenovo - Update Retriever missing updates for 10FL - M900

    Using UR 5.00.0018 Missing:Intel AMT Driver - k8amtc3us17Lenovo App Interface - c1acp21us17 Can we get the catalog updated?

  • Issue#322866: Lenovo - Yoga 900 Intel Driver Issue - Windows 10 Maps

     According to Intel, the Yoga 900 uses a customized computer manufacturer video driver for the Intel HD 520 graphics chipset.  Intel's standard driver ( released 12/22/2015) appears to address an issue I am experiencing with Microsoft's Windows 10 Map application as well as a map-based application I personally am developing that relies upon the same map control that their map application uses.  The current Lenovo driver ( is dated 11/18/2015 so I am fairly confident it doesn't have the 'fix' reported in Intel's 12/22/2015 release notes. Can Intel's HD 520 driver be used with the Yoga 900?   I can uninstall the Lenovo driver and then install the Intel driver but don't want to risk messing something up if it won't work. Thanks, John  

  • Issue#373707: Lenovo - lenovo z51-70 update Amd & Intel Graphic Driver.....

    hi..... My Guys.... And Lenovo Support Team....  Please Add new Graphic Driver For Lenovo z51-70 series And Add AMD Driver Crimson 16.3.2 Optimized For  Radeon r9 m375 Graphic .........  The Graphic Driver on your Support Site is Old........ Please Add new Versions.... 

  • Issue#396426: Lenovo - W530 Win 10 64bit Optimus Driver Package Missing Intel Drivers

    As far as I can tell by looking in each folder of g5dn13ww.exe, there are no intel integrated (HD4000) drivers at all in the install package.   If installed, this causes problems in Optimus mode with the Nvidia manager and if OS graphics detection is turned on in the bios, it will  not switch Optimus on, since what remains on the laptop is an older version of the intel graphics.      I had to install the latest from Intel directly, but am wary of breaking Optimus, though the Optimus switching dll's are only in the Nvidia installation files (those are there in g5dn13ww.exe).

  • Issue#446899: Lenovo - Windows 10 Issue with Intel Graphics Driver on T430

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 (x64) I am unable to get the "Intel HD Control Panel" to load. it is on desktop, but when clicked does nothing (even as administrator).  Also, i am missing the Advanced Graphics options from the right click. Laptop does not detect if a VGA cable gets plugged in so I am unable to use an external display.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver multiple times.Anyone else found a solution to this one

  • Issue#449261: My Hp laptop HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC does not update the Intel Wireless LAN Drivers. Can't use WIFI.

    After I updated my PC, the message 'Installation failed' pops up. I have been having a challenge accessing WIFI connection or better I cannot 'tether' or access any portable hotspot.  This used to be fine before I did updates to my device. IAt the moment, I only access internet through pluging in internet cable. Kindly advise me on solution or better still, a link to correct this problem. Thank you

  • Issue#457188: Lenovo - unable to update Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 10 64 bit on T540p

    I’m unable to update Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 10 64 bit, Version, on my Thinkpad T540p (20BE0065IX).At installation, the package prompts “The system hasn't the minimum requirements for the installation of the software”, and exits.The same happened with the previous driver too.Thank you!CC

  • Issue#461521: Lenovo - ThinkPad P50s - SCCM pxe boot (Driver issue)

    Hello I am unable to deploy the new ThinkPad P50s model via our SCCM 2012R2.- It fails loading our x64 boot image = I assume its a driver related issues. So I downloaded the WinPE 5 64-bit driver from the link below.- But when I try to import the drivers into SCCM it fails with "Unhandled exception..." See the full detail log at the bottom of this post. Anyone who can point me to a working 64bit PXE driver for these P50s, becouse the one below doesnt seem to... # ERROR Details # See the end of this message for details on invokingjust-in-time (JIT) debug

  • Issue#465596: Lenovo - What is the latest Wireless LAN driver for the K450e?

    I want to know which Driver is correct for the K450e. I have a Realtek 8821AE Wireless Lan 802.11ac PCI-E NIC adapter.

  • Issue#468513: HP - Realtek RTL8723BE and RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless Lan Driver Update on April April 6 Problem

    The update HP did on my computer - brand new HP with Windows 10 broke my wireless adapter. It intermittently disables it. Also makes internet slow at times before it all locks up (I am using the latest Chrome browser - same problem is in internet explorer and edge). A few minutes after it locks up, the wireless disconnects and will not reconnect without going to control panel and clicking the wireless adaper - disable - enable - repeatly until it goes back on. THIS HAPPENS EVERY DAY! I called with this and a support tech "fixed" it but it still does this. Clearly it was the update. The wireless worked perfectly BEFORE this update. HP PLEASE FIX THIS AND GIVE US A NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issue#550236: HP - Wireless LAN driver issue

    My wireless LAN not not working even not able to seen wifi networks. I install wireless LAN driver from hp support centre but the prolem remain the same. Previously it gone for some time yesterday but after a reboot its working fine then. But now it not seen, after many reboot the problem persists. I install driver then but no result.pls help me..

  • Issue#557936: Lenovo - new thinkpad P50s keyboard issue after Microsoft security update

    I have an issue with new thinkpad p50s. I see that once the microsoft security update is done and after the computer restarts, the keyboard/USB does not function and I can't input password on the windows 7 login page. What is the best way to solve this issue?Does anybody have similar issue with microsoft security update and keyboard/USb failure and if this issue was sorted out.Please let me knowThank you.  

  • Issue#591008: Lenovo - Update Retriever - Missing components

    Hello experts, I'm in the process of re-creating our LenovoRepository. Today I noticed, that there are a few missing (core) components, which aren't available in Update Retriever. These are the following: T450:Realtek Audio DriverIntel Technology Access DriverIntel Wireless LANIntel HD Graphics DriverEricsson N5321gw WWAN DriverT530:ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software All of the above components are available for manual download in the Lenovo Public Download Section and were available in Update Retriever a year ago Does anyone know why the componentes aren't there anymore? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#592996: Lenovo - A400 18382CG ThinkPad update issue

    When trying to update I constantly get an error saying:"Not connected to file transfer server" in the Check for Updates Menu. I am looking for the opportunity to upgrade Android version from 4.0 to 4.1