Issue#565: Playstation - BO3 code not working

  • I preordered the juggernog edition for my ps4 and all but the personalization pack code will work. I have tried it a few times and still not working. How do I resolve this? Thank you.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#107886: Playstation - Season pass code for bo3 is not working

    My season pass code is not working 

  • Issue#463422: Playstation - BO3 season pass code not working

    Hello my season pass code didt work and I don't know what to do I just lost 35 so please can you help me please . Thanks                    Mod Edit: Updated title to be as descriptive as possible. Check here for more information. Thread moved to Playstation Network support. Check here for more information. Thanks! - TwistedTarantula  

  • Issue#6536: Playstation - PS Plus code not working

    My code doesnt work i have not used the code but tried it like 20 times to redeem it and italways says to confirm then it says error. By the way its a1 month free trial for PS Plus.Atleast send me a code toreplace it please and thank you

  • Issue#19136: Playstation - 30 -Day trail code not working

    I'm getting an error on the 30-day trail ps plus code that i got from Destiny: Taken King edition. Can you help with it?

  • Issue#31050: Playstation - Redemption Code Issue

    Hi guys,I preordered my copy of COD: Black Ops III and didn't even realize I had the bonus NUK3TOWN map. I checked my copy of the game and inside the cover was a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem. I entered the code and it had a green tick saying it was valid but when I pressed enter it came up saying "This PlayStation Network card number has already been used". I have most certainly not used the code and I am unsure why it won't work, can someone please help.

  • Issue#50221: Playstation - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth DLC CODE NOT WORKING!!!

    So I just got my DLC code and game from Gamestop. The code they provided doesn't seem to be working on the PSN store. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  • Issue#60103: Playstation - Refreshing License Issue Still Not working

    To start I've1. Downloaded both the trailers that Dan _OMara suggested2. Playback both trailers3. Still half my video library isn't working Is there anything else I can do?

  • Issue#65994: Playstation - Black ops 3 DLC code not working

    I bought the Black Ops 3 season pass and entered the code into my console. Now it's saying there's "no content" found, and it will not even acknowledge that there is a season pass waiting to be downloaded. I try and enter the code again, and it tells me the code has already been used. Anyone else have this problem? I try and use the live chat but it gives me an error message.

  • Issue#73476: Playstation - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Redeem Code still not working?

    I typed the correct codeBut not working ._.WELP

  • Issue#77155: Playstation - BO3 In-game Store Issue.

    Well, Hi. I have the problem "No items available in the store" With the BO3 In game store, i know this problem comes because, I Buy the BO3 Disk in London, United Kingdom and my Account its from America and the region its the same. The Activision support says to contact PSN to assistance. Thanks by advance.          ( Sorry for my English It's not my primary language) 

  • Issue#82895: Playstation - Black Ops 3 discount code not working

    Hi,I received an email on Jan. 30th about a special offer to purchase either the standard or digital deluxe edition of Black Ops 3 at 25% off. Today when I went to go purchase the standard edition on the store and entered the discount code at the checkout, it said it had already expired. However, according to the email, it says that the offer is valid until "11:59 pm PT on Feb. 8th 2016."If someone could respond and clear this up that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#97862: Playstation - Black ops 3 season pass code not working

    Hi thereI went to GAME today and bought call of duty black ops 3 season pass digital code for 34.99 and later I went on my PlayStation to randeem code and applied the code but when I click on continue I keep on getting an message that says " an error has accured"I went back to GAME and explain them what happenedThey told me to contact PlayStation supportCan you please help meThanks

  • Issue#103565: Playstation - Black ops 3 Nuketown code not working.

    Hello. I am having trouble redeeming my nuk3town code for the ps4 on black ops three. Is there anyway that you can possibly help me?

  • Issue#104911: Playstation - Bo3 nuketown code...

    I recently got a ps4 bo3 edition and when i typed the redemption code for nuketown it said it was used....i had just bought it and the game wasnt even opened, is there anyway i could get a new code???

  • Issue#109007: Playstation - my redeem code isn't working: error (WC-40376-0)

    "content is not available for your account's country/region"somebody please help it would mean a lot, because i just buyed 12 months ps plus redeem code and it is not working, i made my account few years ago in croatia but I am now  in Belgium and buyed that code in Belgium, what should I do? 

  • Issue#114160: Playstation - cod bo3 nuktown code

    icant reedem my code beacuse my region????? what to do??       Mod Edit: Thread moved from PlayStationâ„¢Now - GalacticFrost

  • Issue#122139: Playstation - Redeem Code not working

    hello !!!!!     i buy a new call of duty adwance warfare gold edition but the redemee code is not working plz plz plz tell me what  i do now ....??????

  • Issue#123175: Playstation - Sold PS4 COD BO3 bundle with Nuketown code. Please help!

    I sold my limited edition bundle. I used it and the Nuketown code. The buyer can't get the Nuketown code to work. What is going on and What can I do? I still use my PSN account with my Sony BD player to watch movies I have bought on the PSN Store. I also have COD Ghost digital copy, since I'll never usecan I get a refund for that purchase? 

  • Issue#128695: Playstation - Nuketown code not working

    I bought the back ops 3 ps4 bundle. And with the game came the nuketown code, so I entered it in as the instructions said, but it said the code was already used even though it was a brand new game. What is the problem here?

  • Issue#144888: Playstation - Redem code not working

    I just bought a ultimate entertainment Card and when trying to use it showing the below errorwC-40376-0 

  • Issue#160283: Playstation - 20$ PSN Code Not Working

    I recently just bought a 20$ psn card at a walmart out in Brea, CA. I try to use it once I get back to my home but it tells me it is invalid

  • Issue#160439: Playstation - PS4 Call of Duty BO3 controller issue

    After playing for a for about 7-8 rounds the controller starts lagging very badly in response to in buttons and triggers and gets stuck where the character is just spinning around or mostly unresponsive. I have reset the controller, tried different controllers and rebooted the PlayStation.

  • Issue#187238: Playstation - Nuketown COD BO3 Not Working

    Yesterday I bought PS4 COD BO3 bundle from a store and the nuketown code in it is not working, please help Sony .

  • Issue#187965: Playstation - PS Store Free Movie Download email code sent on 2/26/2016 not working

    Hello, I received an email from the Playstation Store on 2/26/2016 that had a code to redeem a free movie (Interstellar, TF4, TMNT, Anchorman 2 and Project Almanac were the choices), but the process got hung up after I selected a movie (Interstellar). After waiting over 5 minutes, I went back to start the process over and now after entering the code again, the process hangs up immediately after inputting the code. Some help with this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#196341: Playstation - Black Ops 3 Code Not Working

    I purchased the Jeggernog Edition for Black Ops 3 which was released on 11/6/15.  Once I received it in the mail the next day or so I tried activiating my codes for maps and various things and discovered I had an invalid code.  Didnt think much about it at th time because the Giant map I was able to get but now I realize that I was never able to get the personalization packs.  The problem I have with this is the code says it expired on 11/6, the day the game was released.  How am I supposed to activate a code that has already expired once I received the game?  Someone told me to contact you for assistance so I am.  

  • Issue#197302: Playstation - Broadcasting live on BO3 = Serious Lag Issue

    It's been a few weeks of dealing with this issue and I've searched high and low everywhere for a solution. My connection is wired, I have no issues with it playing BO3 or any other game/app/movie. It is literally only giving me issues the instant I start streaming.Pleeeease. Help.Thank you.

  • Issue#212148: Playstation - Newly bought PS+ code not working!

    Pleas help!!I ordered a psn year renewal at midnight yesterday (3/1) trough GameStop and I understand that it had to process the code/my order and that it wouldn't have came instantly. I want to bed and woke up to the download code, sceen capped a picture of it and went to work. Thinking I could download the renewal later. Once I got home I tried the code and it's telling me it's been used already. I definely haven't used the code being it was my first time trying it out. Is there a time limit to use the code or it'll expire? Please tell me there's somethig that can be done about this.Thank you for your time!

  • Issue#220976: Playstation - COD BO3 Nuk3town code

    Hi, so i bought a code for Nuk3town and ive tried to enter it multiple times and it seems to not work. Can i please get some help. 

  • Issue#229891: Playstation - Movie voucher code not working

    I input the code for the movie which I received the email for today and after I chose my movie it wouldn't stop loading and eventually stopped only to not work. So now I don't have a valid code that works anymore.