Issue#566334: Skype - OpenSUSE 12.3 - Webcam works but not in Skype

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    #811 - 09-Dec-2016 16:13

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  • Issue#315607: Skype - Webcam issue

    The Tools/Options/Video settings option on my notebook is now set to "Webcam: HP Webcam Splitter" and no longer allows selection of the "Webcam" option... which activates the camera; I have tested this when allowed the option, and the camera works fine. So when I now click the "Webcam settings" button, nothing happens. How do I renew tha ability to turn on the Webcam? Unfortunately, Skype's help feature hasn't answered this satisfactorily. Thanks in advance for you help here.

  • Issue#640173: Skype - Webcam works fine in 1:1 calls, but not in group calls

    A few weeks ago, group video calls just stopped working for me in skype. I can see other people's cameras, but when I try to add mine, it shows for a few seconds then freezes. The other people in the call only see a loading screen. It works perfectly fine when I am just calling someone in a private call, but not when I'm in any sort of group call (even if its a group conversation but there's only me and 1 other person there) it doesn't work.

  • Issue#1033217: Skype - Skype knows about webcam but video not works

    Hello I tried my webcam on website and it works fine. Skype( on windows 7 sp1 - connects to camera (diode on cam turns on) but never shows video and rotating mark on black screen lasts forever. Here screenshot and dxdiag tool output ï»¿ Please help to make skype able to do video calls.

  • Issue#1037103: Skype - Webcam freezing, disable > enable and it works.

    Hi there. So as the topic says, whenever I start a video call the video works for a short while, usually 15-20 seconds. Then it freezes, both for me and my partner, and only my own camera, partner's is working fine. But here's the thing, if I turn off my video and then turn it on again, it's fine. For another few seconds. I just reinstalled Windows because this started happening (and I needed a fresh clean system) and it worked fine for that first day... But today it started happening again. So I'm turning to you all on here to see if you can help me. Thanks.

  • Issue#1127230: Skype - Skype crashing when webcam is plugged in, when cam is not plugged in, works fine, help!?

    Ok so as the topic says, skype crashes when the cam is plugged in, skype loads till the username and password screen then crashes.unplug the cam and skype loads, you can log in, type etc and works. plug the cam in and it crashes again! Please help! dxdiag file here 

  • Issue#10860: Skype - Link preview title issue

    So a friend just posted a link to an article titled "10 Signs You're [blah blah blah]" Skype Preview shows the title as "10 Signs You\'re [blah blah blah]" The apostrophe is "escaped". If you can't handle strings properly, how can you be trusted to handle our communcations?

  • Issue#11287: Skype - video message issue

    After recording a video message, I did a playback, to see how it sounds before I sent it and the playback  video, and sound had sped up where you couldn't understand it. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#12555: Skype - Skype Never Works.

    Never ever f**king works. And here is way Skype is so awful. Always terrible quality despite both parties having good/average speeds.Overheats computer.Can never clear notifcations.Terrible user interface now. All cluttered.Calls to actual phones get dropped for no reason, (or maybe so we have to spend extra money for a connection charge.)Always asking how I rate your service.Well I'll tell you how I rate your service f**king awful. 

  • Issue#12967: Skype - sign in issue.

    I have a sign in issue. My password is correct however the Skype app is telling me it cannot be opened because I am already signed in and is asking me to sign out and try again? I have no idea on how to sign out as there is no choice.  

  • Issue#13868: Skype - An ethical issue

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  • Issue#17396: Skype - Skype can't detect external webcam anymore.... Just stopped working!!!!!

    My external webcam which worked a week ago stopped working now, it works fine on other machine in skype , just it does not detect cam on skype in my machine. In device manager it shows the driver properly got installed, also window can detect it . I updated the driver, disabled and unabled it, nothing works. This external webcam has a built in mic which works fine in skype but no picture. My skype version is - My OS is win 7 ultimate and system type 32 bit OS. Attached a pdf file for diagnosis report, please see it.   Please advice  Thanks

  • Issue#18476: Skype - Skype group calling issue

    We already open case  case number is 1323339483 we are continously getting problem in skype group calling for last 10-15 days please look into this  Varen ChughIndus Valley Partners Noida, India  Email :- [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#25016: Skype - Current issue with chat, possible cause.

    I don't have a solution sadly, as I believe it's traced back to the recent Iphone/Ipad update. The contacts I can't chat with are using iphones/ipads.Anyone else using windows or a mac aren't affected.If anyone else having this issue could confirm that the people they're unable to chat with are on a iphone/ipad, will help with a solution sooner.

  • Issue#29493: Skype - group chat issue

    So this started yesteray.. I can't seem to get my group chats to work properly. I tried updating skype, reinstalling skype, and it's not working on either my iPhone or my desktop... This is really pissing me off right now. I have several group chats I'm in. I can seem to talk to people one on one, but no one can see what I post into my group chats nor can I see what they've said. I'm even the creator of one group, so I know it's not because of some permissions. I need to know what the heck is going on before I go crazy!

  • Issue#30502: Skype - Group Chat Issue - Messages Aren't Coming Through

    Yes yes, I'm highly aware that there's other threads like this but this one might be different from all the others. I do text role plays with one of my dearest friends and, to keep all our RPs sorted out so we're not scrolling through our own private chat for 10 (yes, 10!) different universes to pick up where we left off...none of my messages are going through. I've tested 7 out of the 10 and the only time that they DO go through is with our private conversation. I'm fully aware that my friend is online (he's trying to get help from a rep as we speak!) but he says that NOTHING is getting through! (If you really wanna be technical I've had a 70% failure rate of having my responses all within a matter of minutes!) Please help, we're at the ends of our respective ropes here...

  • Issue#35297: Skype - Skype number issue

    I am not receiving calls to my skype number.Am using skype on Windows , MAC, iphone 5, And MOTO E mobile.Kindly help me . I tried the steps given in the below link. Thanks

  • Issue#36852: Skype - Caller Id ISSUE

    Hi,   I want to set this no 16504884899 as my Caller Id number, this is also bought from skype so it is not a cell phone number and I am not able to receive SMS confirmation Code to activate this number on my caller ID. Kindly let me know what should i do ?   Thanks  

  • Issue#37722: Skype - Subscription Renewal Issue

    My phone number renewal payment from Skype credit failed.  I received an email stating that my phone number will be cancelled tomorrow.   Yesterday added Skype credit to cover the $30 renewal. My Skype account says the next attempt to get payment is 4 days in the past.  I need to force the renewal, so my phone number can be retained. How do I force the renewal before my number is cancelled?  Alternatively, when is the next type Skype will attempt payment for this feature? Regards...  -Pete

  • Issue#40247: Skype - Headset only works on left side for skype

    About 2 hours ago my headset just stopped playing audio on the right side in skype. Headset works fine seeing as games, youtube, and groove music all play sound as normal. Had a skype tech check and he could not find what is wrong.Found 1 other situation had same problem. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • Issue#43666: Skype - File name issue in Google chrome extension for Skype Web

    Hello!Linux is case-sensitive, working with file names, so, when I trying to install this: app, installation crashes with message about missing icon file. When i've downloaded ext and manually edited icon name, all seems to be ok, but i'm not shure, 'cause homebrew extension has different id, so skype web doesn't see it.

  • Issue#46616: Skype - Subscription Issue with changing credit cards

    I entered a new credit card after the old one expired. The new credit card was accepted and charged successfully for one year. I then tried to delete the old credit card, and was informed that it was still used for my current subscription, and that I would have to cancel my sucscription, which I am loath to do because I need to make Skype calls for my online medical practice, and have not idea how to remake a new subscription with the same telephone number. I am currently unable to make Skype telephone calls. The process of changing credit cards should be made to be really simple, but isn't.  The link to "Change credit card" never appeared during this process. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

  • Issue#47304: Skype - Subscription Issue

    Hello, I purchased an order (8042000000350690915) on 29th Jan and the status showing as delivered, but in the susbcription left , it is not showing any free minutes. Ideally it should give 800 minutes of India calling. then thereafter i have done skype credit. Can you check the same and revert.... Thank you

  • Issue#48669: Skype - Skype does not recognise my built-in webcam after Windows 10 installation

    I seem to have now a problem as Skype does not recognise my built-in webcam, now that I have installed Windows 10 on my Viao Notebook. My Viao is System model VPCSE2C5E. I never had a problem with Skype video calling before that, but now it seems I cannot use video calling at all.  Can you help please?

  • Issue#49272: Skype - Webcam Blackmail Report

    hello guys ahm just want to ask how do we report the account that is permanently gone the she cannot use it anymore? pls help me guys

  • Issue#51104: Skype - Xubuntu Webcam not detected by Skype

    Hi, My netbooks intergrated webcam is not detected by Skype and hoping someone can guide me through how to resolve. I've tried my best to resolve by searching around but as I am still relatively new to Linux and it is proving difficult.  My netbook is a hp elitebook 2560p and I am running Xubuntu;lsb_release -aDistributor ID: UbuntuDescription: Ubuntu 15.10Release: 15.10Codename: wily uname -aLinux Nanoha 4.2.0-25-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 18 12:31:50 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I have managed to install cheese via the terminal and can confirm that the webcam does work so it is only skype which is not recognising it. What do I have to do to resolve?

  • Issue#63973: Skype - Video Call Issue

    I have been skyping with my girlfriend for the past few days now and she has told me that my camera quility keeps going bad. I have looked into this when she has told me, but I have found no problems with my connection with doing speed tests and so on. Does anyone know if their could be another reason behind my issue? I have tried port forwarding aswell, but this hasn't solved the issue. Thanks Ryan

  • Issue#64936: Skype - Front camera issue lenovo thinkpad

    Hi, i recently got a lenovo thinkpad, the type you can remove the display and use it as a tablet, innstaled skype and can not get the front camera to work, the back camera works fine,i hav tried to denie access to a program (tpknrres.exe) it will not work, i have uninstalled drivers and uppdated them, and uppdated to the latest skype, lenovo support takes forever to answer, pleace help, PS: sorry for bad English typing.

  • Issue#65493: Skype - Screen sharing no longer works

    I updated to Windows 10, and have lost the ability to share my screen. I'm using the desktop version, with the most recent update (  On a normal skype to skype call, i try to share one of my screens, and skype does not indicate that anything is wrong.  I get a red border around my screen as per usual, and the floating window indicating that i can stop sharing, etc.  But the person on the other side never gets an indication that i'm sharing. This is true with any of my contacts - not an isolated individual. If i push the "Stop Sharing" button, the red border around the screen is not removed.  It only goes away when the call is terminated. I've also noted that skype is leaving dead icons in my system tray.  Not sure if that is related. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as checking for driver updates and windows updates - all to no avail. Am i missing something?

  • Issue#66168: Skype - Skype Call Issue (loses audio during call)

    For the past two nights my friend and I can't hear each other anymore in the middle of our call. Are mics are fine and we didn't mute each other. So when we try to restart the call sometimes it won't connect. If it does connect the audio problem happens. Our skypes are up to date and our computers are as well.