Issue#686: Sony - Why won't Sony mdr-zx770bn connect to windows 8.1?

  • I recently received a set of these headphones as a birthday present. The purpose was to replace various headsets that I use with my computer and cellphone with a single appliance that connects to all of them, and allows me to use voice recognition software.


    Whilst the audio quality of the headphones with my phone is stupendous the fact remains that I cannot connect to any of the computers that I use. They are all loaded with Windows 8.1, which prompts me to load the device drivers, without which the headphones not an available option for audio output/microphone input. Sony's support site lists no drivers whatsoever for download, and includes the disturbing message that the company does not warrant the compatibility of this product with Windows.


    Surely this should be made clear on the cover of the box so that people do not part with large sums of money for a product that is of no use to them. Or am I missing something? I believe this breaches my consumer rights under Australian law, and I will be seeking a full refund unless Sony provides a satisfactory solution. I look forward to any and all replies!

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  • Issue#64082: Sony - I can't connect my DCR-TRV80E to my Windows 10 computer. Is there any after market drivers or

    My DCR-TRV80E Camcorder is not recognised by my Windows 10 computer for lack of driver. Is there an after market driver or program that will recognise my camera? I want to download all my Mini DV tapes for editing.

  • Issue#383148: Sony - DCR-TRV18E cant connect to pc with windows 10

    hi guys, i have a problem with my old sony handycamera DCR-TRV18E. I want to transfer some tapes to my pc and my computer does not read my camera with OS windows 10.What must i do? Any drives out there, seems like they are working only in windows 7-8 or older.plz help ty in advance 

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    After upgrading to windows 10. I am unable to connect speeaker HT-Gt1 to my laptop via Bluetooth. I am able to see the my speaker but get a 'Driver Error' hwwne connecting . can anyhome help me ?

  • Issue#659605: Sony - Vaio PCG 7171L upgraded to Windows 10 on its own and now I can't connect to my WiFi network

    My Vaio PCG 7171L just upgraded to Windows 10 on its own. It prompted me to enter my WiFi network's security key when trying to connect my Internet, but every time I enter my security key, an error says that it cannot connect to the network. The password is definitley correct, and the WiFi is properly working, being that other devices in my home are connected to it without any issues. I have not recently changed the password or anything. I believe this is because the system upgraded to 10. How can I fix this network issue?

  • Issue#717540: Sony - I have problem to connect Sony vaio SVT1121B2EW with bluetooth keyboard VGP WKB16 in Windows

    I have problem to connect Sony vaio SVT1121B2EW with bluetooth keyboard VGP WKB16 in Windows 10. Other issue is in BIOS Tap name is as mentioned above but on the body of Tap it is printed as SVT112A2WM, which one is right. Please help for keyboard drivers for windows 10. Other bluetooth devices are paired successfully.

  • Issue#757592: i can not connect HP ENVY to Sony with windows 10 using wifi keeps asking for newtork securty key?

    i can not connect  HP ENVY to Sony with windows 10 using wifi keeps asking for newtork securty key?

  • Issue#985990: Sony - Windows 10 issue

    Hi AllI cant seem to be able to install win 10 onto my Vaio VPCEE3Z0E. Any idea's why????

  • Issue#164: Sony - HDMI and Virgin TiVO box how to connect them?

    Hi, i've recently purchased a S80C to, and I am using the Virgin Media service with a TiVO box. I've connected the TVs to the box using a HDMI cable. My issue is when I want to Chang channels I always have to use the box remote, which is very annoying and limits the app finctinaities. Also when I first setup the tv/box, the tv didn't found any services. Is there any way I can use the TV remote for changing channels on the box, while using HDMI connection, if so how do I do it? I would like to thank you in advance for you help thank Fil

  • Issue#798: Sony - got amazon prime stream have att wireless 6gb router to 40wkdl590b,need to connect to amazon

    got amazon prime stream have att wireless 6gb router conctd to 40wkdl590b,need to connect to amazon stream--help-step by step

  • Issue#1624: Sony - Fan continuously going after Windows 10 update

    Hi I recently updated my Sony Vaio laptop to Windows 10. Ever since the update my fan seems to be continously running and my computer feels very hot and sometimes freezes when I am trying to do a few things. I have tried to find driver updates but cannot find my Vaio model - SVE14AE11W. I have updated my graphics card. My CPU is only running at 6 - 10 % This was not an issue before.

  • Issue#2045: Sony - windows 10 update broke my computer

    sony vaio T seriesmodel: SVT151A11Lproduct name: SVT15115CXS It came with windows 8. I upgraded to 8.1 a couple years ago. I upgraded to 10 about 3/4 months ago. I had it connected to the internet recently and set automatic updates to operate around 2:30 am in the morning. I woke up and saw that an update was going through ( I don't have the update and forget how to look into the system files to find it but can if needed). I tried to use the laptop that night after work and it was frozen. Windows operating system would not work and I kept getting a critical process error. Restart would not work. none of sony's repair options would work. I tried going back to the previous version on the laptop and that did not work. I have the recovery disk but that also would not work. I performed a chkdsk /r on the harddrive and that recovered some bad sectors. I was able to get my files off the harddrive with another computer and am debating whether to go to windows 7 or how to go back

  • Issue#2171: Sony - unable to upgrade to windows 10 by any needed

    HI..I cannot upgrade to windows 10.... everytime i try doing something unknown error comes and it gets aborted.For the first time when the upgrade came.. i updated the my vaio SVE14A390X to windows 10 from windows 8.1. I got updated but finally crashed  within an hour giving blue screen of death. I had not made any backup but had old system backup. After lot of trouble i restored to old windows 8.1 but lost all refresh and reinstall feature of windows 8.1. I no longer can refresh windows 8.1 or do any fresh installation of windows 8.1. I waited long for proper update and drivers. Now i have prepared as per the instructions provided but still everytime after the complete windows update happend it restarts back in windows 8.1. Have tried almost 10 times but it fails everytime. I have tried to install windows 10 via media creation tool provided by windows as well.. after an hour wait it says something went wrong and windows 10 cannot be installed. Can anyone advice me how t

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    How do I connect my BDP-S5200 to SIRRIUS?LNR

  • Issue#2614: Sony - Connect to Bose Soundtouch 120?

    I have sony headphones MDR-RF970RK ... How do I connect them to Bose Soundtouch 120? All of the system settings are double-checked and as they should be, but still no sound through the wireless headphones.

  • Issue#3062: Sony - Upgrading SVF15N2A4E to Windows 10?

    Hello everyone, I have a SVF15N2A4E, am I amble to upgrade it to Windows 10 yet?

  • Issue#3875: Sony - My KDL-60NX801 connects wirelessly to my router, but will not connect to the internet

    Connection to router is fine, but TV will not connect.  No issues with my internal network.

  • Issue#4179: Sony - using Windows 10 on VPCF23JFX

    Loss of special fn keys after installing windows 10.  Has anyone been able to restore these functions?

  • Issue#4651: Sony - Can I connect a keyboard/mouse to a KDL-32W705C?

    As in the subject line, I'm hoping there's some keyboard I can connect to the TV. I tried a standard wired PC keyboard the other day but the screen showed the device isn't supported. Is there any type of keyboard, wired or wireless, that is compatible? Many thanks for any help, John   

  • Issue#4971: Sony - I upgrade wo windows 10 from 7 in sony vaio SVE1511MFXS but wifi cease to work. I am unable t

    I upgraded my Sony Vaio SVE1511MFXS to windows 10 from 7 and wifi ceases to work. Now I am unable to retrieve windows. What to do?



  • Issue#6376: My Hp Laptop won't connect to SONY BRAVIA Tv via HDMI cable

    my laptop wont connect to Sony tv and its shows Unsupported signal please check your output device is there any solution please, NB, the hdmi cable is working perfectly with all other devices 

  • Issue#6471: Sony - I updated to Windows 10 and now I have no WiFi capabilities, please help (Sony Vaio, S Series

    Greetings!  I updated to Windows 10 and now I have no WiFi capabilities.  I have a Sony Vaio, S Series SVS13112FXW  (this is my second Sony Vaio); I purchased it at the late middle of 2012 for my new business.  It has been a wonderful laptop and I love using it. I do need to be able to use it WiFi as I do consulting work and need to take it with me to various locations. Does anyone have any ideas how to make the WiFi work with Windows 10?  The "soft-key" in the Settings, WiFi window won't go to the "on position".     Help, please, surely there is a way to fix this; if not, please tell me how to go back to Windows 7 (its been about 60 days since I installed Win 10).  I would rather go back to Windows 7 than get a new computer. Signed, Desperately Vaio 

  • Issue#6938: Sony - BDP-S1100 will not connect to the internet

    Hi, My Blue-Ray player is hardwired to the internet, and when I try to use Netflix I get, "Connection status cannot be confirmed.  A network error has occurred".  Then when I go to internet settings and try and reconnect it says "Internet settings complete, Physical connection: OK and Internet Access: OK.  But still no dice.  I've dont this over and over and no change.  I checked the internet and I have a good connection, that is how I'm connected right now.  Please help!  Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#7980: Sony - Operating System Not Found when in Windows 10

    I get a "Operating System Not Found" message intermittently when in Windows 10. The issue is resolved by shutting down and removing the battery. After reboot it works fine until the message comes up again. It doesn't happen often but I am concerned that one day I will not be able to reboot. I have a Vaio model VGN NW240F. Help!

  • Issue#8375: Sony - Dav-tz140 USB issue

    Hi, I just bought DAV-TZ140 sound system, when i plug any usb containing movies, video it says no usb data. Kindly advise. Regards Murtaza

  • Issue#10712: Need helps with Sony Reciever str-dh550 humming sound issue!

    Heya..i have here a brand new Sony Reciever str-dh550 and is making a disturbing humming sound in standby mode. Is position exactly where the prior sony reciever was which wasnt making any noise. I already tested the power cable, all A/V cables are fixed and again, is located exactly where the old reciever was. I'm wondering if any of you having this receiver or familiar with recievers are having issues like this, and if I have to change it while on warranty or can fix it without or i'll be stucked with a bugging device?

  • Issue#11469: Sony - Does the scroll with two fingers gesture work on touchpad in Windows 10 VAIO model SVF14N13CX

    I need to know this before upgrading to windows 10. According to sony esupport, the click pad multi-touch gesture function is not supported in Windows 10. The multi-touch gesture function setting will be disabled and removed from VAIO Control Center during the upgrade process. Has Vaio released any new driver or software support this issue for this specific vaio model yet?

  • Issue#11576: Sony - Windows Defender error

    I recently upgraded to W10.  Since then, when updating, I get the following error:Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.213.4543.0) - Error 0x80070643 Can someone assist, please?