Issue#984: iTunes Connection Problem

  • The core problem appears to be that I cannot log into my iTunes account, at least from one computer. I'm running iTunes 12.3.2 on Mavericks, both fully updated. I discovered the problem trying to update apps. I went to the "My Apps" tab and tried to download one (of serveral) apps needing updating. Up pops the window asking for my iTunes password, which I duly entered. No download, and about 2sec later up pops the window again. No statement about the Apple ID or password being bad,...

    iTunes Connection Problem

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  • Issue#800: Playstation - Wi-fi connection problem with the PS Vita??

    Hi customer support, I been having this problem with playstation store on PS Vita, I have been trying to download apps. themes, add-ons for the PS Vita but always get cut off, it made me very angry. When I check the connection on setting for PS Vita, it is working but the connection shows a slow down in internet speed test and sometimes a boost in the internet speed. Pls do something about it. Kindly resolve this issue. Is it the firmware problem or the PS Vita problem? Its a new PS Vita. your truly,David

  • Issue#967: Problem with subwoofer (minimal sound/analog connection)

    Hi, Items: Wharfedale Powercube SPC-10 subwoofer Wharfedale Receiver AV-5110 Source: HTPC connected via 3(3.5mm jacks to 2RCA) My problem is that I can't get the cross-frequency settings of the receiver to work via analog. I've checked the speaker settings (all are set to small) Did a sound test from realtek (all speakers work, even the subwoofer sounds good) Cross frequency setting at (80hz receiver / 80hz subwoofer knob) But when I try to play stereo music I do not get anything coming out of the sub at all. Same thing when I try to play 5.1 sound games, I can hear all speakers work. but from the sub none at tall. For movies, LFE channel works fine, but it seems kinda lacking as I suspect that the supposed crossover frequencies are not passed on to the subwoofer. I enabled bass management in realtek and got sound from the sub but output was not that good. Can you please help?

  • Issue#2146: I am an apple music member. Problem to sync music from my iTunes to my devices any more.

    I have music on my iTunes on my top-this is music from my own cds. This is not getting synced to my devices. As I subscribe to apple music this hastoppedpening.

  • Issue#5892: HP - Envy 5530 and Apple Airport Extreme connection issue

    We have a Envy 5530 and recently upgraded our router to an Apple Airport Extreme. At first everything was great, but about 1 week in, the printer kept appearing as printer not connected. Disabling wireless on the printer and re-enabling will allow for the queue to print, however after 5 or so minutes the printer is no longer connected. Checked the connection at the Airport Extreme and it shows that printer is connected and has excellent signal strength. This printer is shared by both Windows and Apple products, all have same issue. 

  • Issue#6254: Playstation - Wifi connection problem.

    My PS4 is not connecting since we upgraded our wifi. Xfinity told me to ge the TCP and UDP numbers. What are these? Where do I find them?

  • Issue#8070: [ubuntu] Internet connection problem under Ethernet-Lan

    On a newly installed Ubuntu 14.04 Machine which is connected to the LAN, I cannot connect to the internet and keep receiving the command: "Disconnected. You are now offline". This is a while on the same machine using Windows 10, I am connected to the internet so there should not be something wrong with my network card. I have tried this option: Code: sudo service network-manager restart However the problem persists and I cannot connect to the internet. How can I resolve this problem?

  • Issue#8417: Lenovo - K4 Note bluetooth connection issue

    Hi, I brought K4 Note fone from Amazon 2-3 days back. I am getting problem is while opening my bluetooth it is not detecting my jabra sports pulse wireless ear fone which is very depressing..Previously i have google nexus 4 with me and my jabra earfone works fine with that device and also with other fones as well but this K4 note not even detect it ..Please suggest me how to make feasible for my headset ... ThanksMithlesh Dwivedi

  • Issue#11481: Android - Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

  • Issue#15574: HP - wireless connection problem

    I cannot print wirelessly. I used to but it stopped working.

  • Issue#17478: Skype - sign in problem on windows xp 7.18 skype version show message connection problem.

    i have been face problem on windows xp skype version 7.18.when i am going to login or click for open skype show message connection problem but actually my wifi connection working properly.most of the time uninstall skype applecation and the downlode new but problem is still...Regard.Mian Mudassar Maqsood[e-mail removed for privacy and security]+923227771433

  • Issue#17747: Linux - Help debugging problem with my ISP connection

    Any help or suggestions on this issue are welcome. The problems originates quite far back and I've worker around issues in several ways so far but things seem to keep on changing on the ISP side. The first issue I started getting was that although pppd did not detect any particular issues my isp's DNS servers stopped. I worked around this firs issue by checking every 5 minutes if DNS was working, if not I'd have the router reinitiate ppp connection. After some time ISP must have changed something and the new issue seems to be that ppp connection broke unexpectedly. I changed the peers setup to use persistent connection so that it would reinitiate whenever it broke along with uncapping the maxfail option. This seems to work for a few days then another odd thing starts happening: although everything works fine from the router itself the lan masqueraded behind my router starts experiencing limited browsing capabilities. I'll explain that a little better because it's really odd: although

  • Issue#17956: Giffgaff - No 3G connection, is there a coverage issue?

    Can't connect to 3G network since yesterday. Thought I had no more data left for the month but saw that I had 290mb left for 2 days. Tried restarting iphone 6 and checking network configurations but still not working. Anybody know why?

  • Issue#19547: Geforce - Driver/ Surround Problem/ Issue

    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

  • Issue#20123: Autodesk - Beam Splice Connection Problem

    Analysing the calculations of beam splice connections I've run into some issues I couldn't explain. Forces Acting on the beam: 1) Wrong Expression When assingnig the axial forces to the various plates, I believe the expression presented is not the correct as the areas in the table already correspond to 2 internal plates and 2 wab plates. This is only a problem of presentation, as the results appear to be correct. 2) Inconsistent checking of the bolts procedure I believe the procedure used to check the distribution of the forces on the various elements is not consistent through all the procedure. In fact, when assuming a distribution of forces porportional to the area of the plates (and therefore different forces acting on the internal and external plates), the bolt resistance should be calculated with the maximum value of the shear force and not with the mean value.The maximum shear force acting on a bolt should be considered as Maximum(Ned,pfue;Ned,pfui)x2, as

  • Issue#24581: Giffgaff - Internet connection issue

    Dear all, Currently using £15 goodybag. For several months, as I am out and about for work etc. the internet connection is intermittent at best. Yes i can connect via WiFi at tube stations, rail stations etc. However the fundamental problem is I do not have "consistent access" to the internet.  Phone is an LG G3 so no issues there. Done the turn on - turn off phone routine. Travelling on a bus in daytime; coming home from work on the overground train  - it's the same thing. So before leaving,  can someone convince me why I should remain with giffgaff (yes I already know it's cheaper etc) as opposed to going back to a contract with another provider who can offer what I want i.e. consistent access to the internet. 

  • Issue#27113: HP Officejet 4500 connection issue

    Hello, I have noticed that since the release of Windows 10 this has been a common problem, unfortunately I couldn't get any of the suggestions on other forums to work. I have an Acer Aspire E 15 running on Windows 10 64 bit OS and a hp Officejet 4500 all in one printer or G510n model. I lost the disc for installation some time ago during a move. As the printer is wireless I first tried to reset the network on the printer so that it would be recognized on my network and I could install it wirelessly. That didn't work as my laptop could not recognize the printer. Next, I used a USBB to connect it directly to my laptop and still the device could not be found. I tried installing the drivers manually through the Windows 10 drivers list, no dice. Then I went to the hp website for the drivers, installed them through the setup process, and everything was going smoothly until it got to the part where it needed to recognize the printer. I have the USBB connecting my laptop directly to the p

  • Issue#27500: Dominion-232 KVM Connection Issue

    I have a Dominion-232 KVM. I can log in from the console keyboard and use the KVM, but when I try to connect using the Multi Client, or web or SSH I keep getting Connection Refused. I did default the system. Anyone else using a Dominion-232?

  • Issue#28550: Adblock Problem: No network connection after lollipop update & factory reset

    This is both the question and answer actually.  I did a factory reset after installing the Lollipop update on the 1st Generation Moto X and then had some connection problems.   After the reset I got back on the WiFi but couldn't connect to

  • Issue#35307: Connection timeout issue

    So this morning I had to factory reset my router because the log in was failing. After doing so, all the static network IP addresses were still assigned as per before. Now, I'm running kodi on raspberry pi, and I have freenas running on a NAS with all my files. I can access all the different plug-ins, freenas and kodi from my pc. But when I try to access the files through kodi I have connect timeout errors. Are there ports I need to forward that I may have forgotten about in my router settings?

  • Issue#35674: Skype - Connection problem

    Okay so I've used Skype for about 2 years now without any real problems. About a week ago, however, it just stopped working. I accendently quit the app and when I tried to open it again, it said "Skype cannot connect". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it with no luck. I've restarted my computer about 3 times with no luck as well. I have a Windows 8.1 HP laptop. I have updated it, but that doesnt seem to be the problem considering I updated it well before it stopped working. It worked completely fine before I quit it. If anyone can help me, please help me. I've had to use my phone for the time being and I usually run it dead in only a few hours just from talking with friends on it. Thank you in advance.

  • Issue#38763: Problem- I can import itunes playlists but not songs into spotify WTF?

    This is obviously a huge issue based on google entries but I don't see any step by step solutionsplease help I've been trying for hours to make this workI have the new premium version of Spotify and I'm using a windows computer

  • Issue#42832: Issue while connection SSAS Tabular cube

    Hi All, Earlier I was facing issue while connectiong SSAS tabular cube which was not on windows domain. Now, I have windows domain setup and everything is in place. But still getting some issue below are details 1) While connecting through SSAS connector getting below mentioned error from Where we enter friendly name and description 'The data at the root level is invalid. Line 1 , position 1' So once I close that window and again tried to open SSAS connector, Message shows it is connected. But I have 1 more issue after that. When I try to login on I get connection error occurs and doesn't allow me to navigate, below is full error.'Connection ErrorYour connection has been lost. Please check your network connection settings. As soon as your connection is restored, you can continue using Power BI.' Please advice, if anyone has an idea. ThanksNitin Saluja

  • Issue#44187: Blackberry - BB Link Connection Problem

    My PP developed an issue where it wouldn't recognize the security password so I used Link to back up the device and then reload the OS. I was going through the device's setup process and aborted out of it somehow, and now Link is telling me that "Device not connected: Please complete the setup process on your device. Connect to a network and open the Setup app." The PP is connected to my home network, and I open the setup app. Once in the app, it shows me a bunch of options, and I've gone into a few of them with no success in terms of getting BB Link to recognize the device.  The OS is fully upgraded, and w/o BB Link working I can't do another OS reload - so I'm stuck wondering where do I go from here to get my backup restored to my PP and get back to business? I've gotten BB Blend to connect and work properly, so it's just BB Link that's the issue right now.

  • Issue#49882: EA - [PC] Connection issue

    Hello, since some hours ago I can no longer connect to any BF4 server. When I try to join a server, the game launches, Battlelog displays "Logging in" at the bottom, and after ~10sec I get the message:"ERRORYou were disconnected from EA Online. Please check your internet connection or try again later. "and the game then closes again. My setup:MSI GeForce GTX 97016GB DDR4i7 6700 @ 3.4GHzW10 64bit1000mb/1000mb-connectionI have tried the following:Port forwarding, including Smart Port ForwardReinstalling Punkbuster and running it's testsSeveral web browsersMade sure gfx drivers are up to dateVerified game files in OriginRan Origin as AdminAdded BF4 and Origin to the firewall, and even turned off the firewall shortlyRestarted and updated firmware on routerRestarted my PCCan ping without any problemsRan "netsh winsock reset catalog" command in CMDAny suggestions? Worked fine until some hours ago, so doesn't seem to be a problem on my end, but I dont see any r

  • Issue#50492: Ea server connection issue

    Hello! I cant connect to ea servers in dead space 3. Probably because my ports are blocked, but I can play Titanfall.I live in a dorm so I asked  the admin to open ports for me which they did.(At home It connected and I was able to play ccop.)Did I missed some ports or something else is the issue? Opened port list:Origin    TCP: 80 ,443, 8080    UDP: 443TitanFall    TCP/HTTP: 443; 25000-25099; 30000 – 30099    UDP: 8125; 25000-25099; 30000 – 30099Dead Space 3    TCP: 80, 3074, 53, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127    UDP: 88; 3074; 53, 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300    TCP: 1024-1124, 9960-9969, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900    UDP: 1024-1124, 18000, 29900

  • Issue#50721: Ultimate Team Connection Problem

    I can't get onto my ultimate team... How can this be fixed? It says there was an error connecting to fifa 16 ultimate team and it returns me back to the main menu.

  • Issue#51252: Lenovo - K4 Note: Bluetooth connection problem

    So my k4 note when first Connecting to my sony HT-IV 300 home theater via BLUETOOTH pairs and stays connected for sometime. Suddenly after a few minutes (1mins/ 2mins) it disconnects. Now gain when i try to connect it connects and instantly disconnects. I have tried clearing bluetooth cache.. Apps cache nothing seems to work. Hope its a sotware bug and support staff out here can sort it out.

  • Issue#53399: Autodesk - PANEL ISSUE ON 120/208 wye with 230V lighting fitting connection

    The following issue was encountered. 1. Image 1: Panel Selection: Done.2. Downloaded Light fitting with 230V3. Image 2 : shows revit warning when i was trying to connect to the panel.4. Please what can be done to resolve this. Thank you   

  • Issue#54280: HP - Wireless network connection problem

    My HP 15-1039am won't connect to wireless network. When I troubleshoot, it says "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you need to reinstall the driver." I don't know what this means. I need help - unemployed and have to get laptop working to search for a job. Thank you so much!