Issue#991: Networking problem iMac and Readynas

  • Hi Folks. Sorry if this is a bit long

    Firstly ill introduce myself. My name is Barry and I have worked in IT for too long really but my Mac skills have gone awry over the last few years mainly due to lack of customers that were using them.

    I work with a design company in the UK. Some time ago we installed a Netgear Readynas 102 6TB file server. The PC's on the network access the Readynas really quickly. The two Macs however are really really slow, often taking up to 3 minutes just to...

    Networking problem iMac and Readynas

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  • Issue#10553: Problem with mid-2011 iMac

    Hello all! I have a mid-2011, 21.5" iMac. If I turn it on it starts up to the screen with network, recovery and hard drive options. None of them work. If I click either of the drives it continues for a few moments, and then there is some 'static' in a band across the about an inch of the screen (logic board problem?), and then restarts, and then nothing, just grey. I can't start in safe mode. Resetting NVRAM does nothing. I have no peripherals connected and I removed the additional... Problem with mid-2011 iMac

  • Issue#11481: Android - Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

  • Issue#12017: [ubuntu] Ubuntu wifi problem (networking enabled, no networks showing)

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7559. I've installed Ubuntu on a partition on an external HDD, and boot from that. When I click on available networks, none show up despite Enable Networking being checked. On Windows 10 on my main partition it works fine. Connecting using an ethernet cable works too. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to hardware problems like this, so please be gentle :)

  • Issue#19547: Geforce - Driver/ Surround Problem/ Issue

    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

  • Issue#62615: HP - Printer 5520 border issue iMac PDF

    Good Afternoon,Im currently working on some projects which i need to print out in order to preview the look and feel. I have exported all documents to PDF at a correct size (including bleed settings) I have a blue border that goes up to the edge of the page and when I print it comes out with a white border around the page despite choosing to print borderless. Im working on an imac can someone please help thanks

  • Issue#77453: Philips - iMac issue with SHB3165 Headphones

    Hi - my first post on the forum. i have purchased the Philips SHB3165 Bluetooth Headphones and have a problem with them listening trough my iMac computer. Every 5-10 seconds the sound skips.this happens on all music and podcasts. This doesn't happen with my iPad or iPhone however. Thanks in advance for any help...

  • Issue#90560: New Top Spec iMac Graphics Card Issue

    Hi Guys Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the problem in the video, and whether they think it is hardware? I rung a senior technician at AppleCare and they have told me to book it in as it looks like a hardware issue with the graphics card. This will be my 4th Apple with a graphics card issue, I can't believe it. Please watch the video and let me know your thoughts and if you have experienced this issue. Thank you Roberto

  • Issue#96390: HP - problem printing PDF files with iMac

    I have an HP 8610 All-in-One powered by an iMac. I have a problem printing PDF files. When I print,  the page shifts about 1.5 inches down and doesnot print the page as seen on the screen. I checked with Apple and t's not a problem with the computer.  They say that there must be a setting that has to be corrected with the printer.

  • Issue#110970: Issue with iMac SSD upgrade

    I recently upgraded my mid-2010 27" iMac with a new Samsung 850-Evo SSD and am running into a weird problem. The install was easy with the adapter I used from OWC with the thermal sensor, nothing out of the ordinary occurred, no breaks, no broken display cable. SMC and PRAM all reset. When I went to install El Capitan was when I first ran into the issue. The install just would not happen, as in, it would get maybe halfway through the install and then the machine would just freeze and... Issue with iMac SSD upgrade

  • Issue#112120: iMac 5K Retina Screen issue -

    Hello my first screen got some black/grey marks in the display and it was changed by apple. The second screen too has his issue now after 3 months... its crazy . I have 2 more years of warranty on the iMac but what if it happens after that? Does anyone have this ?

  • Issue#132808: problem on Linux ubuntu installation for iMac

    Hello .. I have problem on Linux ubuntu installation which appears on the first screen after booting from USB . My desktop computer is : apple imac 21.5-inch, Late 2009 Processor 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB W801537HB9U Software OS X 10.9.5 (13F1507) See the attachment . Thank you in advanced . Attached Images IMG_2595-1.jpg (34.3 KB)

  • Issue#141162: Unity - Problem while following networking manual tutorial

    I've been following the networking tutorial in the manual pages, but despite following the instructions I seem to be having issues. I'm currently at the part of the manual that tells me to add the isLocalPlayer check in order to make the cube movement only apply to the local object. However, on the host side, whether or not a client has connected, there is always an extra cube at the start position while the local player cube moves around. On the client side, I cannot see the hosts's player... Problem while following networking manual tutorial

  • Issue#150994: Opening crate issue & a Camera problem

    Going up to a box to loot it and I get stuck in a twitchy state as my character tries and tries again to center himself before going through the animation. It also did this in the closed beta as well, its done it to me with my stash, its also done it to me with the computer keyboard you activate for Faye Lau in the first medical mission. Here's a clip of it I've found that if I let up on square and push and hold it again, it normally corrects itself. But why should I have to do this just to open something? It should be seamless. The second issue i'm not sure if its a bug, but I do find it extremely annoying. When there's an object behind you (for example a taxi) and I am aiming down the sights of a weapon. If I back up against the taxi, it swaps which shoulder I'm looking over automatically. Why? it's done it to me several times. I understand the times I back up and my character vanishes as the camera is going through me. But why does

  • Issue#154405: iMac 20' early 2008 - HDD problem?

    Hi, guys! I have an issue with my oldest Apple Machine. About a week ago a few apps wont start. Also the booting time was about 3 to 5 minutes. And it had a noise, like something was forcing hardware up to the limit. Although Activity Monitor said that the Processor was at least 50% free and the RAM had at least 1 GB free. I test the HDD with Disk Utility but i got no errors. Then i test with Apple Hardware test (normal test) and everything looked good. The i thought that it was full of dust... iMac 20' early 2008 - HDD problem?

  • Issue#163962: Premiere Pro - Weird issue: Color adjustment problem ...

    Dear all, Please refer to the following images. Every time i applied the 'color edit' (3 ways color corrector) to the adjustment layer on my full video clip, something like this happened.... The color in the whole video clip is ''bouncing'' and i couldnt fix it... Then i have to '1by1' apply the color corrector to each footage .... Any idea what is going wrong ? 

  • Issue#166460: [ubuntu] Bridge networking problem

    Hi all, VirtualBox 5.0.14 Host - Ubuntu 14.04 desktop 64bit VM - Ubuntu 14.04. desktop 64 bit Following entries works on all running VMs Code: ⟫ cat /etc/network/interfaces # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet manual # add bridge ports auto br0 iface br0 inet static         address         dns-nameservers         network         netmask         broadcast         gateway         bridge_ports    eth0         bridge_fd      9         bridge_hello 

  • Issue#168708: anyone with trust issue problem?

    how do you cope with it? always giving me anxiety over small things.

  • Issue#169596: Problem with NetworkManager in Photon Unity Networking Script

    So this is my first time trying out networking, and I found a tutorial for How to Create an Online Multiplayer Game with Photon Unity Networking and gave it a try (Link to the page: I copied the network connecting code seemingly exactly with the tutorial, but whenever I get back into my scene, I get the error of "Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, and new... Problem with NetworkManager in Photon Unity Networking Script

  • Issue#175645: Issue with 5K iMac and LG 65EF6500

    (Apparently new accounts can't post URLs, so I'm screwed. Sorry. I was as specific as I could be with the products I'm using, so a Google search should bring you to them.) Hey all! I purchased LG's sweet new OLED TV recently, and I've been overall very satisfied with it. I also recently purchased a fully-loaded late-2015 27" 5K iMac. After a lot of research, I concluded that yes, my iMac can output at least one [email protected] signal from the Mini DisplayPort. Apple officially states this on their support site: Quote: With OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 and later, most single-stream 4K (3840x2160 and 4096x2160) displays are supported at 60Hz on the following Mac computers: ... iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014 and later) ... However, when I got everything set up, it randomly flickers the TV from displaying my iMac's output to a completely black screen. There's no set pattern to it, and occasionally, sound will pop on the TV. It's as if it can't keep th

  • Issue#186397: Unity - networking for servers... problem

    So the problem is Direct connect it wont let connect my friends to the server.. maybe its LAN ? how can i make a public server that anyone see if they press Direct Connect they connect random to a server .. thanks in advance ~Sorry Bad English CODE: Code (CSharp):   void OnGUI()     {         if (!Network.isServer && !Network.isClient)         {             GUI.Box(new Rect(20 * dif, 20 * dif, 200 * dif, 200 * dif), "");             GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(25 * dif, 25 * dif, 190 *... networking for servers... problem

  • Issue#195160: Aspire E3-111 With intermitent touchpad issue. Does Acer fix this problem for free?

    I have read thread upon thread about the problems with the precision touchpad on Acer computers. It seems that for most users, no change in drivers, BIOS, system resets/restores, settings or software changes fixes the problem permenantly. The only people who seem to have had this fixed for good have sent their computer in to have hardware replaced. Has Acer ever publicically recognized the issue? Are they repairing this issue under some sort of recall?I have gone from Windows 8, to 8.1 and now to 10 with no change in touchpad behavior. I have updated BIOS, updated/changed drivers, reinstalled ALL drivers starting with Intel IO, chipset, etc... I have changed touchpad settings as well, all with no change. The touchpad is pretty much unusable so I have resorted to an external mouse but I bough the computer to be ultra-portable, carrying and using a mouse works against that goal.Is there any help at all from Acer?


    hey sup, yo im playing this game for like 2 weeks and since i start im having issues with miss contents it happens all the time sometimes u win a game and it didnt score at gauntlet so i need to play againsome of those games also didnt give me the prize rewards it happened with 1 pack and more than 5 times with goldim wodering is it fair ? i know i get this game for "FREE", but i pay EA ACESS on my xbox one im having many and many problems contracts run out gold isnt commingis it really a game to play? or just a way to make people buy bundles? im really really upset and if i dont get a call of costumers support or get my account reviwed i will start to blast off this game i have videos of touchdowns and scores that didnt came to my account so its about you now IM PRETY SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINNING CUZ I SAW OTHER PPL AT TWITER AND THEY GET NO ANSWEARS hope this costumer's support work cuz this game wasnt free at all im paying for this i just dint buy ur packs but i w

  • Issue#214956: Kodi 16.0 AirPlay problem anyone having this issue??

    Freezes all the time

  • Issue#216257: Convergence issue in natural convection problem

    Hi everybody, I know there are several posts on convergence problems in this forum and I checked a great number of them but nothing helped me solving my problems. My issue is that the residuals (especially those of continuity and x velocity) have a short diverging trend and then "stuck" on a level. I have attached a figure of it. In the image it might look like that they would come down again, but they won't. I have ran a lot of simulations for much more iterations and they stay at this level. However heat transfer and mass balance is achieved after certain iterations. Also monitored quantities of interest (surface temp., mass flow rates, velocity) seem to be flat after some iterations. brief overview of my setup: I try to predict air flow and heat transfer through a Double Scin Facade (DSF). Air flow occurs through the increase of temperature inside the cavity because incident solar radiation. 1) Geometry and B.C. (overview) see attachment 2) k-e RNG turbulence modell 3)

  • Issue#237646: Yamaha RX-A740 - Odd Wired Networking Problem

    Good morning. I purchased the receiver (Yamaha factory refurbished) to replace a Denon that had a failed HDMI board. I'm able to connect to the WiFi network just fine - I upgraded the firmware successfully via WiFi, and I've been able to stream Pandora, Airplay, etc. Wireless isn't very reliable in my house, and I have ethernet available in the audio cabinet. When I plug a network cable into the receiver, it totally blows away all network devices on the network, wired or WiFi. I've tried two different routers with the same result. I've been able to recreate the problem and isolate the receiver as the problem - plug in the receiver, the network goes down. Unplug it, and everything comes back up. I have the receiver set as a DHCP client, as are all of my other devices on the network. I've read that devices can cause an ethernet "storm" if repeatedly hitting the DHCP server for an address. In fact, and this is really crazy, when the receiver is plugged in and I try one of

  • Issue#276932: Radio Control - FPV Freerider, Taranis, iMac weird calibration issue

    On my MacBook Air, the Taranis and the FPV demo work perfectly. This evening I decided to purchase the full application and install it on my 2012 iMac. The Taranis is recognized by the system, but the calibration is WAY off. As you can see in the attached screenshot, my sticks are centered as instructed, but the circles are way above the midline. I've created a new model and set the weight and offset to 50 as instructed in the Taranis setup guide. I've deleted FPV Freerider prefs, restarted computer, no dice. -charles Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#279915: iMac FW 800 issue with Time Machine drive

    I have my inlaws set up with an old iMac of mine (2007 24" model running Mountain Lion). For their Time Machine backups, I had a 500 gb OWC On-the-Go external drive plugged into the Mac's FW 800 port. Things were fine for a number of months until suddenly I was told they had a weird message on the screen that the drive had been ejected improperly. I assumed one of them had unplugged the drive or done something to prompt the message, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I tried shutting down... iMac FW 800 issue with Time Machine drive

  • Issue#286110: [XB360] Multiplayers Issue - Matchmaking Problem

    Hi, I can't play online since one week. No players were found and nobody hack me anymore. When i tried to play, the matchmaking star but finaly failed after 5 min. Everything was working fine untile one week. NAT ok / Ticket to Ubisoft support done but it still doens't work. I don't see any mayor in all City Hotspot since one week too. All others multiplayers games are working fine. Please do something Ubisoft !! Fix ur servers, fix ur marchtmaking system.

  • Issue#303266: Anoying Problem with Dell U2715H and iMac Mid 2010. Incompatibles?

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a Dell U2715H monitor that I'm trying to use with my iMac 27" Mid 2010 and I'm getting a very annoying problem: the monitor starts to lost signal intermittently with its screen going black every few seconds, exactly as this video describes: The monitor seems to work perfectly with a PS4 connected through HDMI, but not with the Mac and its Mini DisplayPort. I've also tried different resolutions and sometimes this seems to... Anoying Problem with Dell U2715H and iMac Mid 2010. Incompatibles?