Issue#997: OS X El Capitan: Working & Not Working Apps

  • OS X El Capitan Beta: Working & Not Working Apps

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    1Password (has minor display glitches but functions fine)

    Ableton Live 9
    AVID Mbox2 mini
    Acrobat Pro X
    Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2015 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, etc.) (not Media Encoder)...

    OS X El Capitan: Working & Not Working Apps

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  • Issue#1556: Modded Continuity Activation Tool (BTLE cards) with El Capitan is working

    Edited to add: CAT is now working. The latest sysfloat CAT can be found here. If anyone has trouble getting CAT to work, (via error messages etc) please post your Mac model, model card or dongle. Make sure you have a recent backup before going through the process, just in case something untoward happens. Thanks to Scoobie for working to help debug the older CAT problem with Handoff, and to Sysfloat for keeping... Modded Continuity Activation Tool (BTLE cards) with El Capitan is working

  • Issue#3038: Unity - Object counter issue: not working

    I am trying to make a script that counts objects in a list that are already active, I want my activeAmount to increase by 1 whenever a gameobject in the array is set to false, however I seem unable to. So far it either increases by 1 and then doesn't change, or it continuously increases without stop, any help is appreciated. I couldn't find any other question posted that dealt with this. Code (CSharp):  using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using... Object counter issue: not working

  • Issue#11257: Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx: Replaced battery and now all apps have stopped working.

    I put a new battery in a Motorola Droid Maxx. It powers on and then starts going through a series of messages stating that different apps are not functional now and keeps going through all of them. I put it on the charger and the battery symbol came up with a question mark in the middle and will not charge. The battery I put in is an interstate battery is there any chance that this device is not compatible with this brand of battery? Or has anyone else run into this situation?

  • Issue#11433: Logitech - My G710G+ upper number one key is not working in all apps, also M keys seem to be stuck,

    Had the board maybe 6 months, the key was working earlyier, I used it. Never use the M keys or Gkeys so I have no idea why they seem to be not working and being stuck on M2. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advancenichog

  • Issue#16734: Car issue, spotify now working on bluetooth

    Hello there!I have a VW GOLF MK 7 (bluetooth) version and since my last update the spotify is not working anymore with my car. Even if I put the volume higher and higher and it continues mute with no sound. I can see the seconds of musics going on but NO sound!Can anyone help me with that?

  • Issue#25636: The Division PC Beta Uplay Issue (Play Button Not Working)

    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

  • Issue#29369: Issue with my account and customer support isnt working

    I signed up for the division beta using a pre order code never got the code for the beta. Came to realize that my account is linked to a old email that i can longer access and need it too change. I have tried to use the customer support to get it changed but a error happens every time i try to submit a question

  • Issue#34882: Playstation - ps4 apps not working

    My ps4 apps like Spotify and Netflix have not been working they download they don't work I first tryed Netflix but it took me into a black screen and when I went home the whole thing was laggy and I couldn't even click the Spotify app to download it so I restarted my ps4 and deleted Netflix and downloaded Spotify the first time it said could not install second time it did but when I clicked to start it it stayed on the start screen then I clicked the home screen this time not laggy at all and I have the up to date update games work well but apps having trouble

  • Issue#36521: Logitech - G933 Reconnect issue (+ G910 not working during reconnect)

    Hello, i have a problem with my G933 Headset.Every 2-3 minutes, the headset disconnect for a short time (ca. 1 sec.) and the LGS shows this screen:Then firstly the surround sound turns of and after ca. 2 second the surround sound works correctly again. During these ~4Seconds, my G910 isn't working or the input is delayed. That's a no-go thing if you want to play games.(WIndows 10 / LGS 8.78)

  • Issue#43455: Nexus 4: all are working through wifi but google apps cannot execpt chrome

    In my phone all apps are working but google apps are not working execpt chome what to do i already done factory reset and some boot functions are also not working

  • Issue#49555: Amazon - Apps not working on child profile

    Apps on kidle fire appear on child profile but are not loading. Previously worked. Books, videos all work. They load on my profile. Help. Reply to this post.

  • Issue#57511: iPhone 5c: Tough screen not working, possible motherboard issue

    I have replaced the lcd/screen on my iPhone 5c as the touch screen wasn't working. However the Screen still doesn't respond. I tried a second screen but still no luck. I am now wondering if the fault could lie with the motherboard and that the motherboard has failed? I'm hoping this is not the case but any ideas would be greatly received. ⟐ Answered February 3, 2016 at 11:16 am -0700

  • Issue#60103: Playstation - Refreshing License Issue Still Not working

    To start I've1. Downloaded both the trailers that Dan _OMara suggested2. Playback both trailers3. Still half my video library isn't working Is there anything else I can do?

  • Issue#65943: Autodesk - Maya Mac 2016 Startup issue as well as 2014 now not working -_-

    HI all'  I tried to load up my maya 2016 this morning and came across a wierd error I have never seen before?? I really need help and wish not to have to uninstall any of my maya's plug-ins as I also have the 2014 edition, I have a few plug-in's in the 2016 verstion that I feel will be tedious to re-Instal.. anyway im going to now post the error for all to see, fingers crossed someone can help me.    I get a Command window appear with the following errors: // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 4364: Could not find attribute named "defaultRenderLayer.precompTemplate" // // Error: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/ line 519: menu: Object 'mainRigDeformationsMenu' not found. // // BifrostMain plug-in loaded (built Aug 24 2015 23:02:39) // fracture: switching to legacy/default viewport // AbcExport v1.0 using Alembic 1.5.4 (

  • Issue#65976: using CS6, Mac OS X El Capitan, I just installed my cs6 indesign and as I am working on a file undo

    using CS6, Mac OS X El Capitan, I just installed my cs6 indesign and as I am working on a file undo function only works couple times and it stops. How can I fix this? is there a option?I talked to the supporting agent on the phone. He is telling me to use lower version of Mac OS X ( which will never work on my new computer).Is there any setting or patch that can fix this problem? thank you .

  • Issue#67872: Android - Multi touch not working on gaming apps is this happening to you?

    Wondering how many people this is affecting to see if its wide spread or not.wondering if i should exchange my device.Can this be fixed in an update? or is this hardware?:blink:

  • Issue#67973: Android - Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

    Hey fellas, so I recently got a used S6 Edge and there was a problem whenever I used headphones. The left earbud works fine but there is hardly any sound coming out of the right one(checked with several headphones, its a phone issue), really just minimal, very very quiet. I naturally figured... Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

  • Issue#71545: EA - [CURRENT ISSUE] Fifa 16 pro club mic not working

    I join a drop in lobby to speak to other players and i speak but it shows nothing but a little headset symbol next to my name. Usually when it workes a little volume symbol pops up when speaking. Anyone help?

  • Issue#80571: HP scanjet G4010 not working with El Capitan

    I upgraded to El Capitan and now my scanner is no recognized. It doesn't appear that HP has a driver available. Is one i the works? Any workarounds?  I know my scanner is an older model, but I haven't had an issue with it - until now. Thanks in advance. Donna 

  • Issue#87363: HP - P1606dn not working via usb in El Capitan.

    I recently upgraded to El Captitan.  Since then I have not been able to print.  I've tried deleting and adding but when I delete, it no longer shows up.  This is with the usb cable  plugged in.  I have traded out cables to no avail.  I have activated the App Store for updates, also to no avail.  I can't believe this printer is not supported by Apple any longer so I keep pushing, trying to get it to print.  I have zapped the memory on board which made it work once, then it quit.  Now, it doesn't even show up in my Printers and Scanners. Oh golly.  I love technology, when it works.

  • Issue#92007: Playstation - why are my apps and games not working?

    the other night I was wanting to play some 2K and I realized my controller wasn't working for it, but it would work for the main PS4 screen. I also tried Netflix and YouTube and they also won't work. Any ideas on to fix this or what is happening?

  • Issue#93131: Best iOS for maximum working Cydia apps.

    My 6S came with iOS 9.1 preloaded. So, in anticipation of a possible 9.3/9.2.1 jailbreak, now I'm wondering if I should stay on 9.1 to have the most possible working jailbreak apps or upgrade to 9.2.1? Aren't more apps still likely to be compatible with 9.1 for quite awhile? Opinions please?

  • Issue#95662: All of my cc apps not working - I have updated cc, redownloaded it, tried to uninstall it, emptied o

    Looking for help with Creative Cloud. Yesterday InDesign stopped working. When I tried to open it again, it said something about needing to use an app manager to do so. I have (had) cc installed, and it only shows a blank white screen. I can't even uninstall any programs because they need cc and/or can't uninstall cc because I have apps that need it to work. But nothing is working.....

  • Issue#97261: Sony - Apps not working- nsx-24GT1

    Hi thereAnyone else experience this?It started the past couple days. All of a sudden, the apps are not working (netflix and youtube) on our internet tv (NSX-32GT1).Our internet is working fine. I feel like I've tried everything. I've rebooted, restored to factory settings, etc.  When I choose netflix, it says "cannot connect to netflix".    And that's it. I was online with a Sony support rep and they took me through the whole process of rebooting and restoring settings, and then after that, they told me they could not help me. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.  thanks!

  • Issue#115050: I fixed my issue with cc not working, but my game is now REALLY laggy, help?

    I was given a solution to my Sims not interacting with objects from my expansion packs, which was very helpful! It fixed the issue but now my game is really laggy, I have turned all my graphics down,  but it is still really laggy. PLEASE HELP 

  • Issue#117787: After Effects - Is photoshop elements working under El Capitan

    Is photoshop elements 11 working properly under El Capitan ?

  • Issue#117831: Is photoshop elements working under El Capitan

    Is photoshop elements 11 working properly under El Capitan ?

  • Issue#118044: hp laptop 2000 windows7 32 bit keyboard and mouse not working. How to fix this issue

    HP Laptop 2000 windows 7 32 bit system keyboard and mouse not working. Both the USB mouse as well as the touchpad not working. How to fix this issue?

  • Issue#127243: HP 2545 stopped working with Mac El Capitan

    We got the printer a few months ago and it worked well for a while, both wired and wireless connections were good. All of a sudden, it just refused to work. I removed it from the printer list, re-installed the printer and it worked for a couple of times, but only with USB connection. Now, it doesn't work again. The message I get is "The printer is not connected." even if all the connections are in place. I tried to re-install, but the printer cannot be detected.  Printer: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545OS:  Mac OS X El Capitan v. 10.11.3